OOTD // Rose Garden Romper

You know, this summer was a season of growth.
For example, I went from owning zero rompers to owning at least five. If that's not a significant amount of growth in a short amount of time, I don't know what is!
My latest addition to the toddler-clothes-crew is this gorgeous floral print romper from CN Direct (found HERE).

I got it in Large, and thank God for small mercies such as elastic waistbands - cause this baby's got 'em! I was able to easily slide my trunk-sized waist in and comfortably zip up the back.
The only problem now is the length...because without tights, I think the only place I'd feel comfortable wearing this out to would be Coachella or another music festival of some kind.
Seriously. There's definitely a hint of butt cheek showing without the opaque tights, that I'm just not comfortable putting out on display. 
Jacket: thrifted // Boots: Just Fab // Hat: Target 
However! With tights, all problems can be solved. This is why we all love autumn fashion - you can layer your problems away! To transition this romper into cooler weather, all I had to do was add the tights, throw on my trusty military-style jacket, and top it off with a hat. Oh, and knee high boots. Can't forget how excited I am to be breaking those out again! 
Linda when fall weather finally arrives: "I CAN WEAR ALL MY BOOTS AGAIN WITHOUT SWEATING MY TOES OFF!!" 
(Because you know I still wear boots in the heat of summer, it's just now I can do so comfortably).
Explanation for the edit above would be that while I was fixing up the photos for this post (you know, working those Curves, Levels, and other Photoshop jazzy things), I was listening to Zella Day and was seriously jamming out to her song, "Compass." Go take a listen to it if you haven't yet! Anyway, these particular lyrics appealed to me especially, so I had to incorporate it into a design.

Forgive me for the subpar work (I promise I can do better), but it was a quick little edit that I couldn't resist sharing. So check out her song, tell me what you think about this romper, and have an awesome day!

xo, Linda


Pam Scalfi said...

haha the edit is fun! Glad you shared it ;)

loving the romper, still have zero in my wardrobe!

Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

Carina G. said...

You look so pretty ! Love the romper !

Ali Hval said...

hahahah I'm glad you're having fun editing pics! I know that Zella Day concert just changed you. Ah, how I love living vicariously through your snaps of concerts... :)

Dude, five rompers! I'm seriously impressed. You definitely grew. ;) And I'm happy that you can finally wear boots without sweating. It's starting to get to that point for me, too, and it's exciiiiiiiiting... FALL!

PS) your hair is constantly flawless. You're a fairy princess, of this I am sure!

Jodie said...

You look amazing- I personally would welcome a little hit of bum cheek 😉 (FYI- honestly I would wear thick tights too as I don't think I would enjoy a breeze in that area)
You look awesome can't wait to see your romper collection styled into autumn with so cool layers.

Dianne Tho said...

what a babe, i love this look :D

Amanda said...

Oh you look stunning! I think you did a great job transitioning the romper is to a more fall piece =)

Sandra Leiva said...

So beautiful!

Love that romper and hat <3


Eva Redson said...

I love everything, your outfit, the photos, the setting! amazing!

Check out my latest home decor related post: "Minimalist Workspace"

Jessica said...

Even though the romper is a little scandalous, it looks fabulous with tights, so it's still a win!

Elizabeth said...

Ha, there are zero rompers in my wardrobe Because I think they are super cute on everyone but me lol. I def have the problem of butt cheek showing so... no thank you. I do like how you stopped that little problem with tights though. I'm not sure I would have thought to do that!

Veronika, By The Shore said...

LOVE, the romper and you transitioned it beautifully! Plus yes, to tights!! I can finally wear all my too short dresses. Very excited about that!! Happiest week ahead, lovey! xo

Toks said...

Great jumpsuit and yes, that is a small problem with some of the brands online, length... in both jumpsuits and dresses. You've solved the problem perfectly and come up with a great combo. BTW. Love the edit on the last photo. xoxoxo

A Very Sweet Blog said...

That's where rompers and jumpsuits have a problem, especially on taller girls. It's a beautiful dark floral and looks great on you Linda.

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