OOTD // Boise's Freak Alley

Shorts: H&M // Bag: thrifted // Flats: Target // Necklace: c/o CN Direct

Hey guys, welcome back to a good ole OOTD post! I'm quite pleased with how these photos turned out, because I managed to snag a few shots posing in front of a fun mural in downtown Boise. I've referred to this amazing place before (HERE), but if you don't know, Boise has this rad spot called Freak Alley. It's located behind some of the hippest eateries downtown and are building sized murals by varying artists. This particular one I'm posed in front of was done by Dane Goodwin and his colorful monstrosity is so much fun!
My parents were visiting for the weekend and brought me my mattress (I'd been sleeping on a flimsy little foam thing that was giving me back problems). Thanks mom and dad! As a treat, I coaxed them into exploring downtown with me and we ended up getting a few photos at Freak Alley. 

For a day of stuffing your face and walking it off afterwards, you want to be fairly comfy. I've decided that this grid-locked top (found HERE) is a good go-to piece for such occasions, as it's simultaneously chic and stylish but leaves plenty of room for bloated stomachs! It really is becoming a new favorite, as I've been reaching for it on days when I don't really want to work to create a good outfit. It's black and white, a bold, simple pattern, and easily fits in with the rest of my wardrobe.
So yup, I think I'll be keeping it! 

Along with the top, CN Direct let me pick out this cool, asymmetrical necklace (HERE). I swear I feel like I'm Pocahontas when I wear it - so naturally, I wear it all the time now. If Pocahontas was roaming the streets of downtown today, I'm positive this would be her new, updated necklace. I've been adding it to my rotation of basic tops, and it instantly jazzes it up! I know it's kind of difficult to see in these photos, but no worries - you'll definitely be seeing it again.
Oh Boise, you make me so happy.

I've seriously been loving my time in the city this go around. If any of you remember my honest Life Lately post from before (HERE) on my last time in Boise, you'd know it wasn't the most positive experience. However, it's amazing what a new living situation can do on your perspective!

I'll share more in another Life Lately post soon, but for now, let's just agree that CN Direct makes cool things and Pocahontas would shop there too.

xo, Linda


Pam Scalfi said...

you look lovely! and yay for the new mattress :D
Pam to/ Pam Scalfi♥

Ali Hval said...

A day of stuffing yourself and walking it off afterwards... ahahahah yep, we've all been there! Sometimes you've just gotta do it. And a comfy outfit is definitely the way to go. I adore the combination you're wearing here of those shorts and that top! And you always look so cute in glasses. SO SO CUTE.

What an awesome wall to take pictures against! These photos are so vibrant. I'm glad that your perspective has changed and that life is being much more awesome for you lately. It's all about how you look at things! You're rad, Linda! <3

A Very Sweet Blog said...

That mural is SO COOL! What FUN! Linda, these pics are fab girl. I love the artwork and your outfit looks awesome. :D Great shots!

Mica said...

That looks like a wonderful mural! :0

I really like your grid print shirt too! I can see why you wear it a lot - it will go with everything! :)

Away From The Blue Blog

Chezka Cenon Li said...

Love that backdrop! You look so cool Linda! :)

- Che

Lily Fang said...
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Lily Fang said...

Oh, how lovely of your parents to stop by with a mattress! I love seeing my family at school because college and home feel like entirely separate spheres.

I totally love this sleek black and white look against the loud, almost garish colors. Those glasses are so fabulously versatile, and your flats so chic.

I'm really happy to hear that you're feeling at home in Boise--it's tough to go far away from home to a place with different standards. From this post and your previous on life in Boise, I can tell you've grown a lot. After all, we learn the most about ourselves through struggle in unfamiliar environments.

Sending much love!

imperfect idealist

Sybil said...

funky quirky cool!!! love it!! :D

Have a great week!
Animated Confessions

Unknown said...

What a cool spot! I love when cities have street art places like that- it's so cool to see how all the different pieces and ideas come together. And dem colors, mmm.

Also, love your outfit, I'm really digging the black and white vibes. And I'm always a sucker for windowpane print. And yaaay for parents! A good, squishy mattress is priceless :)

Sandra Leiva said...

Hello, doll!

Love your shorts <333


Kati said...

If that is not the perfect background for shooting outfits, than I don't know what is!!


Midwest Muse said...

I love this outfit and that background! They pair so beautifully together.

PS are you an art student? Those fun images you create with the multiple yous/words gave me that vibe. Also I love that image!

Unknown said...

I am so in love with the artwork on this wall! The colors are so fun as are the illustrations. Love your outfit as well! That shirt is so pretty. Hope you had fun with your family and exploring downtown and congrats on the mattress! I am sure that sleeping will be much more comfortable from now on!

Rae | Love from Berlin

Unknown said...

Whoa the murals are all so cool to look at! There's something so entrancing about street murals :) Also, your black and white outfit goes perfect with the vibrant walls! A day of stuffing your face sounds like my kind of day ;)


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