LIFE LATELY // Nick Jonas and his objectification of women reaches new "Levels"...

Hello all, and welcome back to a Life Lately post! You're probably wondering what on earth I could be talking about today, what with the...interesting screenshot from above, huh?

Today I would like to share a little commentary that went down on YouTube (I know, never a good place to express an opinion!). 

I have a confession - I sometimes listen to the top hits on the pop charts, just to stay relevant on what the cool kids are listening to. Have you heard the new song by Nick Jonas called "Levels"? If so, you'll know it's a ridiculously catchy pop tune that I've been enjoying lately. I also watched a Kyle Hanagami choreography to it (seriously, check it out before delving into this post further, because it's awesome!) that made me like it even more!

Now that I found to be an inspiring video and it helps motivate me to improve my own dance moves (haha, like they'll ever match that, but I'll never stop trying!).

When I saw there was an official music video for the song, of course I clicked on it, my curiosity piqued. I had a pretty good idea of what style of video it would be (I'm sure we all do by now), but I hoped it would at least be a little creative.
I think her face says it all...
Nope. About ten seconds in I saw that Nick was still busily promoting his new image as a sex icon, and to do this, he was surrounded by half naked girls throughout the whole video - all the while remaining fully clothed himself. Stunning women, dressed in barely there outfits, alternately straddled chairs (or Nick), lounged on tires, and suggestive closeups of their lips, eyes, and other body parts were flashed across the screen. All the while, Nick sang his song while posing as the stereotypical, "All-American male" in front of muscle cars, motorcycles, and a garage-like setting. How masculine.
 It wasn't creative at all, the imagery wasn't interesting, and honestly, I felt a few brain cells die throughout the whole thing. 

Really? Normally I'll just shake my head and move on, but this time, I couldn't keep my opinion to myself. I had to leave a little comment - one I thought would get buried under the hundreds others. However, since I expressed an opinion, it came under attack by others and gained some attention. Now there's debating going on by other users on the site, sparked by my comment!

Honestly, I think it's impossible to have a proper debate online. When you're hiding behind screens, you miss so much of the message that's trying to be sent. Facial expressions, intonations, and thoughts can't be fully expressed. 

Of course, I see other's points as well, but I'm not going to bother trying to explain my side (not in such a format at least - that's why I made this blog post!), so I've stayed out of it since my initial comment. I just think it's amazing how quickly people reacted and that some told me to "stop bitching." Or, a recent threat, telling me to "kill yourself." I had that one flagged and removed ASAP.

Um, really? Just because I have an opinion and I express it, I'm told to stop "bitching" and to "kill yourself." Typical reaction to a female who has an opinion I suppose. (And I checked, both derogatory comments came from males).

Well here I go again, bitching on the internet. Sorry trolls!

To be clear, this was what I'd commented:
Also, just so we're on the same page, I encourage you to watch the video yourself and tell me if this is not the message that's being sent. As much as I hate that it gets more views, it's only fair to see the other side and see if maybe my perception is skewed in some way.

Now I'm not delusional and I realize that sex sells. I'm just sick of the objectification of women that's never ending. Have you seen the Buzzfeed videos showing males modeling the way females do (check out this one if you haven't)? It's ridiculous and clearly shows just how much sexism is still going on in the world, especially in the advertising corner.
Mmmm...because rope in my mouth is just so tasty. I like putting things in my mouth...
A few responses to my YouTube comment sarcastically asked if I knew the women wanted those roles. 
Well, I certainly hope they did! Because if they didn't and those clips were used without their consent, that would be a violation of their rights and what I find to be a form of sex slavery!

So yes, internet troll, I am not a stupid female just shooting her mouth off. I realize those women auditioned for those roles and willingly participated. They certainly are not helping with the current objectification women face today - however, I am still accusing Nick Jonas as the main culprit in this because he knows his celebrity status and influence. He knows the audience he pulls and the views this video will get. He may not have directed it, but he was still in it. His presence and participation in the music video shows he condones the message it sends.

And I don't find it a very appealing one.
Also, I know he's not the only one. I don't live under a rock. I'm just using this particular example because it's a recent hit that I happened to like...until I watched the music video.

Now you may think I'm prude and some will say: "Oh get over yourself, those women are sexy and they know it! Why NOT flaunt it?"
I hear this message all the time. As a woman myself, I am barraged with the message that I should show off my body in a sexy manner and own it.  

But isn't anyone else sick of the ridiculous, over-the-top sex that oozes out of ads, movies, and music videos today? You can't escape it. 

However, the use of nudity and sex is just not creative anymore - it can be, but not in the shiny, plastic world of Hollywood. It's fake, cheap, and empty. I don't feel inspired by it. Instead, I feel depressed. 

All I'm saying is, let's reclaim creativity, shall we? 

Aaaaand, bitching over! Carry on everyone, and if you feel so inclined, I welcome your commentary here as long as it's done in a non-hateful manner and actually contributes to the discussion! :)

PS: I knew as soon as I left that YouTube comment it would come under attack, and I'm not creating this post to bitch about that. I don't care if people disagree with my opinion (everyone is entitled to their opinion, same as I am!), it's just a topic that's been boiling in my mind for a while, and this helped introduce the subject for a blog post. :)


Pam Scalfi said...

I agree with you! The video is so boring and I thought Nick was better than this :p

Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

Maiken said...

well, I don't usually watch many music videos (or actually watch them only when I'm searching for a particular song) but now I opened that one and it looks exactly like hundreds of others I've seen during years and years. it's boring. I watched it like for a minute and that's it. like you said it does look fake to me and I only enjoy videos that have an actual meaning, are funny or just special. but the boring ones with almost naked girls who look all the same? no, thanks. I love it when a video has a story to tell and admire people who create such music videos. sex or not but a video should have a point I think. and that one certainly didn't have it.

Maiken - Part of me

Mica said...

It's an interesting post Linda! :)

I find most music videos are like that. I don't make a habit of watching them, but you see clips now and then. Like you said, there's nothing wrong with ladies (or guys!) wanting to show off what they are proud of - if they are happy and confident doing so, all power to them :) It's not my style (my face when a friend described a particularly 'barely there' dress to me and complained that she didn't have the body for it while I did and I should wear it!)....not my style at all, and there was no reason she shouldn't wear it if it would make her happy :)

It's sad that the video objectifies women, but it's great that it gets debate going and hopefully people see it for what it is and makes them start thinking too. It's great that there is the opportunity for dancers to show off their skills and there bodies in whatever outfits they choose, but it's sad that it's expected as part of a music video, and that's the point you're making I think. It doesn't create the perception of choice when the only opportunities that seem to be offered are roles like that.

Away From The Blue Blog

Sybil said...

you go girl!!! i share the same sentiments with how media is depicting women in the entertainment industry.. it's a shame really.. and the thing is, it's a valid opinion at the end of the day so i think you have all the right to state that!

Have a great day!
Animated Confessions

Jodie said...

I agree with you- I couldn't even get through the whole video my eye-rolls got a little much.
totally support you in posting your comments.

Unknown said...

Totally agree with you! Great post!
Mademoiselle Coconath

A Very Sweet Blog said...

Good for you in taking a stand Linda! I've been seeing this in videos and have since stopped following music recently. There's a difference between sexy and vulgarity. This trend seems to continue! It's demeaning to women. So I wholeheartedly agree with you. But some will do anything for money.

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