Sorry I missed the usual Music Monday post, but this past Monday night, I was busy with school work before jetting downtown to excitedly catch Zella Day's performance at the Neurolux!

In case you missed it, I featured the lovely Miss Day in last weeks' Music Monday post (HERE), so today I have the pleasure of sharing her opening band's music (plus, photos from the spectacular night!).

 I don't know how she found them, but HAWAI was the opening band for Zella, and I was pleasantly surprised. When tickets for the show went for sale, they hadn't even printed who the opening band was, so it was only through social media stalking that I got a name. HAWAI. With one "i" less than the state. As their catchy slogan goes, "HAWAI is a band, not a state."

The name fits their music, as it's an upbeat, indie-pop sound that's very pleasant to the ears. They started up the show, and I was hooked. It's no wonder I couldn't find anything on them either - they haven't released an EP yet and as of now, only have two songs available on Soundcloud! Seriously, how did Zella even find them? Either way, she's got good taste.

I briefly chatted with the guys afterwards and bought a CD from them - which they all signed for me! They're a personable group and were incredibly friendly. I shared a laugh with one, because when he asked what my name was, he commented: "Linda? You've got to be the youngest Linda I've ever met!"

Which is the joke my parents and I have always shared over my uniquely plain name.
Hehe, so check them out, I promise you won't regret it! If you want to know about a band before they make it big, I bet you anything this is a group to keep your eye on. I'll link their social media for you below.

HAWAI: (Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter)

 Alright, alright, time for the main attraction - Zella Day!
Or as the one girl next to me excitedly screamed in my ear: "F*cking Zella f*cking Day!"
Haha, she may or may not have been two beers ahead of me by then.

I cannot believe the spot I nabbed for this show. I've never been to a concert at the Neurolux, but it's a really small venue that often features groups and bands I've never heard of - so yeah, they're that hip. Once HAWAI started playing, only six or eight people were standing around in the floor area. The rest were still seated at the surrounding tables and booths. I'd been sitting with a couple of kids from Ogden, Utah who'd made the drive to see Zella, and it was cool to hear their perspective on Boise. They were saying how they wanted to move here!

Anyway, I got a good spot in the very front for HAWAI's set, and remained rooted to the floor through set change.
As you can see, it was well worth it too. I was right up front and close enough to touch Zella as she performed. She's definitely got her 70's boho look nailed. With what looked like a vintage kimono, crop top, and velvet pants, she was as hypnotic to look at as she was to hear! An absolute dream to see live. My favorite shot has to be the one above where she's wearing her tambourine on her head.

Next week I have another concert, and I'll be seeing Purity Ring!
I'm seriously addicted, guys. There's nothing quite like watching your favorite artist (and perhaps new favorites!) perform. 


Pam Scalfi said...

sounds like you had a blast! And how nice of those guys top sign the cd, maybe they will be really famous one day :D

have fun at the next concert!

Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

Kati said...

You are my inspiration - I really need to go to more gigs!

Have a great day,

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