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I've been blessed with fairly straight teeth (no braces, woot woot!), but as far as white teeth, I haven't been so lucky. In fact, I was debating on whether I should invest in some whitening strips when Smile Brilliant got in touch with me. What perfect timing!

My coffee addiction started way back in seventh grade, where I got into the routine of having that sweet nectar in the early mornings before school. It was a pleasant way to start the day and give me a bit of a pick-me-up too. However, as we all know, coffee stains the teeth, and since becoming a barista, I've had even easier access to my addiction...

Thankfully, Smile Brilliant came to the rescue, and after researching their at-home procedure (check out these other testimonials), I decided to give them a go! A box soon arrived with all of the required tools and I started it right away.
Smile Brilliant is an at-home whitening service that removes the need to go to a dentist to do the same service - which costs almost three times as much! What sets them apart is the fact that they make custom fit trays, which would normally cost you $500 alone at the dentist! 
Have I mentioned this entire kit comes at $180? Pretty good savings if you ask me.

They include a very helpful and straightforward pamphlet that has visuals to show you exactly what you need to do. However, before we can start with the whitening process, it's necessary to get your personalized, teeth-whitening trays made! 
In order to do that, you just mix the Base and Catalyst Pastes together and fit them into the blue trays that are provided. I set a timer and started mixing the pastes, which were very easy to mash together and felt like extra soft play dough! As you can see below, I was easily able to bite into them and form the necessary molds that Smile Brilliant would use to create my trays. 
Once the molds were completely dry, I put them into the package that was included with the kit to mail back to the lab. It was a Thursday when I sent them off, and I received my perfectly shaped trays exactly one week later. They fit snug as a bug on both my top and bottom row of teeth!

Now for the moment of truth. As for the actual whitening process, I slowly worked up to an hour of the whitening gel, but it says you can go up to 3 hours if you choose to. However, I'm showing what five days of application can do for your teeth, with each process having 15 minutes added to it. The first time I tried it, my teeth were too sensitive to go longer than the minimum 20 minutes. Followed by the desensitizing gel, it felt quite comfortable though! I believe this system helped build up my teeth's strength so that I could whiten for a full hour before having to take it out. The desensitizing gel helps restore lost minerals that get zapped out of your teeth during the whitening process, so that really helped.
As you can see, it's definitely working!
I intend to continue this process and will share any improvements (or any other news) in a follow-up post. But so far, I'm very happy with Smile Brilliant and their teeth whitening service. I'm excited to see how it goes!

Have you ever tried a teeth whitening product? What was your experience?
Let me know what you think in the comments below!


Pam Scalfi said...

oh wow, so much whiter! Im always scared of doing this to be honest as I have extremely sensitive teeth!

Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

Color Me Kiki said...

I have really sensitive teeth, so I'm wary of these types of things, but it seems like you really had some great results! Great review!
xo Kiki

Kati said...

I haven't tried those things yet as I'm too scared of them. Your result is great though!

Have a great day,

Keit said...

Hot damn, look at those pearly whities! :D My sis used whitening strips and was very pleased, I think she had to stay whole night with them though. Think these things are awesome and high tech, anything that helps me do stuff at home and prevent me from going to the dreadful dentist is in the top ten for me :D
Can't wait to see the updates in the future!

Sybil said...

that's awesome! i've tried whitening strips before but it seems like i get a lot of sensitivity with them..

Animated Confessions

A Very Sweet Blog said...

Oh wow! I can see the difference! Awesome results Linda!


wow this sounds awesome, might have to try it out myself :D

♥ Ellen #NZblogger
Facebook + Instagram

Veronika, By The Shore said...

What fantastic results. I'm in desperate need over here... yup, way too much coffee in my life! ;) Wishing you an awesome day, girly!! xo

Paulina said...

Thank You for sharing, love! I'll give a try! :)


Mica said...

Glad that it's working for you! :)

I've often thought about doing something like this (I had a terrible cola addiction when I was younger and that isn't kind to teeth!!!) but my teeth are so sensitive (probably from all the cola!) so I'm worried about reacting badly. Great that you're seeing such positive results though! :)

Away From The Blue Blog

Diana Vilic said...

Great in detail review!

Bennie Chandler said...

What a difference in the way that your teeth look! I, too, have had pretty yellow teeth most of my life due to smoking and a coffee addiction. I have been trying to find a product that works well but have not had much success, so thanks for posting about the product that you have been using to whiten your smile!

Bennie Chandler @ Pine Creek Dental

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