While looking up the opener for Purity Ring (I'll be seeing them live in a couple months!), I discovered Hana. Take a listen below and you'll see what I mean when I say her music is captivating. Dreamy, electro-pop is a whimsical combination that I'm in love with!

The school semester officially starts today, and while I don't have any in-classes today (just an online one I need to start), I can already feel the busy-excited-stressful buzz in the air.
It's too soon to say, but I'm quite hopeful for this semester. I'm feeling much happier already, as I've found a wonderful new apartment with an old friend and roommate. 

Plus, we have friendly neighbors! While unloading our trailer, our neighbor from upstairs saw and offered to help, and he was such a blessing in disguise. Just the night before I'd been talking to my parents, who were planning to bring the trailer the next day. Apparently, they'd had an exhausting day and I've become much more aware of their age as of recently. It's difficult having older parents and worrying that they're doing okay...anyway, from the sounds of it, I was bracing myself to do most of the heavy lifting and work. 

Thankfully, Dylan from upstairs came to the rescue and helped move almost all of the heavier pieces! 

Cheers to a new semester and new beginnings, friends. 

Happy Monday!


Harija said...

Great post and hope you had an amazing weekend!!

Carla said...

awww.. well good luck with the new semester, Linda!
have a great one!

xo, Carla

Kati said...

It's so good to have friendly and helpful neighbours, I'm also lucky enough ti have them!


Sybil said...

wooahh.. can't believe you're bak to school already! time flies fast!

Have a great week!
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Ali Hval said...

Her music would always pop up on my Pandora when I was listening to Glitch Mob and ODESZA, so heck yes to them. They rock. You rock. You got great taste. I LOVE YOU.

Also, so pumped to see Purity Ring as well--I see them on the 9th! EEK!

Kat said...

oh my gosh im so jealous you'll be seeing purity ring!! cant wait to see all the pics you get when you go to the concert! :) hana sounds like she might be my new jam this month! ah school just started for me yesterday too. glad youre feeling enthusiastic about this semester :)

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