YOUTUBE // 3 Ways to Rock A Sports Bra

It's summer. It's hot. I'm wearing a sports bra as a top - would you?
Haha, I put together a short little video showing 3 different ways I'd wear a sports bra out. From dressy to casual, I've got you covered. Please give it a view, visit my channel (HERE), and give it a big thumbs up!

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Also, are there any types of videos you'd be interested in seeing? What would you like me to make next? Let me know in the comments!

PS: Have you heard about the Eddie Borgo collaboration with Target? You can read more about it here, but just take a peek at a couple of the pieces below. I'm so eager to get my hands on some of these bags and charms! 


Rory said...

yay for vlogs! You're too cool Linda. Also DROOL over that target line 😍

Julie O said...

OMG this is so perfect :P I probably have more sports bras than ordinary bras and underwear lmao and who can blame a girl with all the amazing lines coming out?
Great blog btw :) xx
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Keit said...

Hahah, so happy you are making videos now, your voice is so prettttyyy, not like mine all weird accent and all :D Totally subscribed!

Toks said...

Where do you find the time to make so many videos and edit them???? Tell me the secret please hahaha. Great video. xoxoxo

Mica said...

You are doing great with the videos! :) I wish I could upload more videos to my youtube, but it's so hard to find time :(

I like that little circular clutch with the gem charms - very cute!

Away From The Blue

Kat said...

omgggg i loveeeeee all the looks! ive never thought about incorporating a sports bra into an everyday outfit. loved the video linda! im so hooked on your youtube channel ;)

Rumela said...

wow loved it u absolutely rocked it. Thanks for sharing .
My blog: RumelaTheShopaholic

Izzy said...

you're rocking the sports crop Linda! your bod <3

Metallic Paws

Sandra Leiva said...

Wow!! Very nice!!


A Very Sweet Blog said...

Those are some great options! Linda, your youtube videos are amazing! You are so talented! You've got style. You take great photos. You do spectacular videos! You go girl!

Midwest Muse said...

I've never owned a sports bra let alone never thought to wear it outside of the house. This is awesome!

Unknown said...

Work that sports bra! Personally, I like watching style videos instead of vlogs in general :) And wow, those marble looking pieces are gorgeous


Anonymous said...

Amazing post,my dear!
Antonella xoxo

Alexandra Zakharova said...

I'm never wearing a sports bra because I'm not so confident about myself, as you are, Linda. Besides, I love wearing romantic dresses much more:) Anyway, I do love the way you've style your sport bra, each of those outfits is so special and chic!
Regarding your question, I must say I like watching style videos too, and it would be also great to see where you live, because the nature there is really beautiful if I can judge according to your pictures, would be quite interesting to see your favourite places too;)
Keep in touch!

Ali Hval said...

Look at you, Linda, delving into all sorts of different media! You've got music mondays, advice posts, videos... is there anything you can't do? (Answer: no. Linda is fabulous and awesome and can do anything.)

Shyscout said...

You are brave and adorable. I don't ever really wear sports bras, and would be terrified to wear one outside of my clothes, but you pull it off.


ahhh i just love your style linda! and this video was fab, great editing :D

♥ Ellen #NZblogger
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czarianonuevo said...

i've been loving your youtube videos and i just hit the 'subrscribe' button!!!


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