The Dragonfruit Joins YouTube!

Hello everyone!
So on yesterday's post, I included a video at the end of my first ever vlog. I've been meaning to start making videos for the longest time, as I had a feeling I would enjoy it, and boy was I right. I've taken to it immediately. Hopefully the new-found inspiration will last!

I'm planning on including a variety of topics on my channel, of which will include fashion (of course), some makeup, barista/coffee related topics, and more vlogs! I'm really interested in introducing Idaho to you and letting others know we have more than just potatoes here. Oh, and that we're not Iowa (a common mistake). 

Anyway, the video displayed above is my second attempt at vlogging, and I think it went much more smoothly. Did you know that Idaho is home to the largest single sand dune in North America? Who would've known! I'm trying to stay conscious of the fact that most people's attention spans are not that long either, so my goal is to keep all videos under 10 minutes, preferably around the 5-minute range. We'll see how I do. 

My friend Saff and I took some photos while we were there as well, so I've included a few snapshots from our mini shoot!

If you're on Youtube, please visit my channel HERE. Don't forget to like up my videos and hit subscribe! 

You know you want to ;)

15 comments said...

Yes are such stunning photos!

Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

Kati said...

Oh, you did such a good job with the video. Well done! And those photos are also pretty cool...


Toks said...

Another great job with the video. Where do you find the time???? Thanks for putting a direct link to your channel, much easier hahaha. Bice pics btw. xoxoxo

MILEX said...

vivi said...

great photos Honey! :) keep on blogging and vlogging :) soon also i'll put my frist vlog ever :D
Vivienne Night Blog


Midwest Muse said...

Such great photos! I look forward to seeing your videos!

Lily Fang said...

Ooh, so exciting! I admire you for tackling this new pursuit--I've found making videos so time-consuming, so I'm lucky to post one a year haha. The background music is so fitting to the carefree vibe of the dunes and I love those rocking sunglasses of yours! I almost got a similar pair in China. It's also great to hear your voice--it adds dimension to the person we've gotten to know through your blog :) The photos are also stunning--the peach top is such a pretty complement to the blue and tan of the scenery.

Also, your floral romper a few posts back is simply stunning! And Yellowstone is gorgeous. I'm sorry to hear about how commercialized it's gotten--my best friend also was there a week ago and she reported the same thing. It's a shame because I've fallen in love with the landscape and free vibe of the West from the books I've read lately. But I guess looking in conventional spots is the way to go!

Much love always!

imperfect idealist

A Very Sweet Blog said...

It's absolutely gorgeous there Linda! Thanks for taking us with you. I think video's add something extra, that's why I started doing them. Love yours! Keep it up!

Unknown said...

Good for you on exploring a new social outlet! I need to get more adventurous as well!


katie said...

I'm on my phone right now so I cant veiw youtube but when I go to town I will check it out, I'm curious to hear what you sound like! Its always fun to watch people when you've only read before. I didn't know you had sand dunes down there, thats kinda crazy about the largest one being there. I love the set of photos - you seriously have leeeegs for daaays!

Unknown said...

Congrats on launching the channel! I watched it on my phone this morning from when you posted it on insta and really enjoyed it :) Your friend's parents' place was so pretty! I admit, all I really know about Idaho are its potatoes. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your home state :)


Laviña Jampit said...

welcome to the youtube world dear :)

Alexandra Zakharova said...

It was really cool to see you on video:) I didn't think that you've got such a high pitched voice, I used to think that your voice is rather deep. Well, appearances are often deceptive:) Was really interesting to watch your adventures, Linda!
Keep it up:)

Mica said...

Hope that you have lots of fun with your youtube channel! :)

I haven't been updating mine much - I need to get back into it!

Away From The Blue

Sybil said...

this is exciting! Looking forward to your next videos!

Animated Confessions

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