MUSIC MONDAY // The Struts

Today I'm sharing a new band I stumbled across called The Struts, and I'm digging their "retro-fetishist, classic rock style" (description courtesy of Spotify). This English band has a sound that's addictive and will have you singing along for sure! Take a listen below and let me know what you think.

Also, if you could check out my new video that's up, that'd be awesome!

This time I went a route more familiar to me, and that's fashion. I put together a little lookbook inspired by my thrifting habit. While the Linda from high school was more self-conscious about what others thought about her secondhand fashion, I want to make it up to her by putting together this video. Sorry for the super long intro (you can skip it by going to 2:33) but I felt it was important to share the backstory. There's a reasoning to my frivolous side! ;)

Anyway, hope you like it, and if you do, please give it a thumbs up, visit my channel (HERE), and subscribe! 


Alexandra Zakharova said...

More than those tracks of I enjoyed your video, Linda:) The intro isn't super long, it was great to see you and listen what you have to say:) I must say on video you look even more pretty than on photographs:)! You've got a charming smile and original personal style:) Each of those outfits are so special! Especially I like that chiffon dress with watercolor flower print, it's so feminine!


Aw, this video is lovely, you look so cute too. I also like The Struts! <3 /Madison
Sport Casual

Unknown said...

Love the look!

xx Falasha
Bite My Fashion ll Instagram ll Bloglovin'

Kat said...

totally digging could have been! great song! :D loved your summer lookbook! your videos are so great linda, love your past one and im excited to see what you have to come for your youtube channel :D

Unknown said...

Always so happy to discover new music! Loving your blog:)

Wishes & Reality

Kati said...

You did such a great job again with that video. Congratulations!


Unknown said...

I'm glad you're no longer self conscious about thrifting :) I'm jealous of your thrifting abilities! I usually get overwhelmed by the amount of clothes and leave empty handed. Love the button up chambray dress, and that floral printed dress is so pretty! It would be perfect for a summer party :)


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