EXPLORE // Yellowstone Day 2

 I previously wrote about an excursion I took to Yellowstone a few weeks ago (read more on Day 1 here), and I'm back to recap Day 2! We spent the night at an affordable but pleasant motel and woke up early to grab breakfast before heading back into the park.

For the second day, we headed the opposite direction and ended up hiking Bunsen Peak. Poor Ruth...I'm the one who pretty much dragged us up the mountain, although I'm about 90% sure she ended up appreciating the achievement at the end. The other 10% probably wants to kill me, but ya know, you live and learn! Haha, at least the views along the way were spectacular. Repeated promises of "We're almost there, I'm sure of it," kept us climbing up the 8,000+ elevation until she finally shook her head and admitted it was closer to just climb to the top than go back.
 Now, the snow ridden photos above deserve some explanation, because this is probably my favorite memory from the trip. The trail had been covered by snow and piles of rocks ready to slide away. However, we nit picked our way to the top, all the while wondering: How the hell are we going to get back? The answer, my friends, is to plop down on your butt and slide down. There was a good sized hill where a mixture of euphoria and panic intermingled as I raced down, losing a touch of control and feeling uncertain as to whether I'd stop or not. I dug my elbows and heels in, however, and was able to come to as graceful a stop as possible under the circumstances.
Lesson learned? Bring snow shoes next time.
 Once we dragged our sweaty bodies back to the parked car, we slumped into our seats and drove the rest of the way to check out Mammoth Springs. Sadly, the springs weren't in full force, and we were met with a less than impressive trickle. Ah well, it was still a fascinating sight!

Our two day trip to Yellowstone was a fun time, and I'm glad we managed to make the drive! Sadly, since then, Ruth has moved and I already miss having a fellow adventurous soul to go exploring with. However, I'm planning on visiting her at the end of summer (which I'll definitely create an "Explore" post for if it happens), and until then, there's plenty more to discover on my own!

What did you think of this post? Have you been to Yellowstone?


Unknown said...

That view is definitely worth the possible bear attack!



Sybil said...

that view is spectacular!!! :D

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A Very Sweet Blog said...

Wow, it is breathtaking just through your pictures Linda! Captivating. I'm so glad you posted on your trip.

Melissa Ortiz said...

what a beautiful view. You took such gorgeous photos! <3


woah what a beautiful place and stunning photos! hahaha omg had a good chuckle reading about you and your friends sliding down in the snow, how funny ;D

♥ Ellen #NZblogger
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Izabella said...

Im in love with your photos! Keep going! :)


Unknown said...

I have never been to Yellowstone but it sure looks amazing! I can't believe you two made such an incredible hike up that mountain! What an fantastic achievement! Your pictures are gorgeous! Even though the springs weren't in full force that view is still unbelievably incredible! Ruth and yourself make a great team!


Keit said...

Hahahaha, butt sliding is so my thing! :D We have a very steep waterfall trail which we frequently visit and climb on top on four paws. Getting back is always an issue and you see people falling down on their butts constantly, it's like raining people, literally!
I loved your Yellowstone post, seems like such a magical place, I'd love to visit someday!

Ali Hval said...

Hahaha, you damn tree hugger! Lol I love that picture of you hugging the tree. Yellowstone is the BOMB. It's so beautiful and the air is so fresh. The pics of those hot springs bring back so many memories... you captured them so well!

I love your answer to that question being butt sliding. You are so practical and hilarious and I love you. Hope you have a fabulous weekend, love!

czarianonuevo said...

i love the photos and the view is indeed amazing!!! hope i can go to a summer road trip like this someday :)

czarina :)

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