So on Wednesday, I traveled to Boise to see one of my favorite bands, Halestorm, perform live at the Revolution Center. Along the way, I convinced my friend Corina to join me, discovered a new favorite band, hung out with a roller derby gang, dealt with annoying drunk people, and rocked out to an amazing show!

First up, there were two opening acts. Royal Thunder took the stage, and Corina and I were a bit bewildered by their lead singer's antics. This girl spat all over the stage! Literally, she would hock loogies several times through each song. There was one moment where she did a very impressive job of leaning back, really feeling the guitar riff, and simultaneously spitting up into the air and having her own spittle land on her. We referred to her as "the alpaca" girl afterwards. They were okay, albeit not great. There was only one song by them that I really loved. 
Next up, Rival Sons - and boy, were they impressive! I had never heard of them before, but they're definitely a new favorite. Their lead singer, Jay Buchanan, has an amazing stage presence which, when combined with his killer vocals, creates a fantastic concert experience. The whole band had a tight sound and cool look - all the makings of a successful group!

Finally, after 9 o'clock, the main act appeared. Halestorm bounced onto the stage and the crowd exploded. Lzzy was rocking a leather jacket and pleated leather skirt, and I had to get excited when I noticed she was wearing Jeffrey Campbell booties. #ShoeSoulmates
With a rousing voice that switches between screaming, crooning, and just plain ole awesome singing, Lzzy stormed through heavy hitters such as "Mayhem", "Scream", and "Its Not You." They also slowed it down for a short moment when she kicked the boys off the stage and sang "Dear Daughter." 
The fiery haired drummer (coincidentally Lzzy's brother), Arejay Hale, had an amazing drum solo in between songs. Let me tell you, that boy has got to be doing cardio every single day to have as much energy as he does. His performance was top notch, and there was one moment where he busted out these massive drum sticks (seriously, they were each the size of his full length arm!) and in between beating the drums, he'd literally leap up in the air into an air squat, land back in his seat, continue his drum solo, then do it again seconds later! It was insane and definitely got the crowd roaring in admiration. 
As for the audience itself, Corina and I were lucky enough to get there early and nab a spot that was practically in the front row. However, in front of us was an obnoxious drunk couple. The guy was swaying along and grinding on his girl throughout half the concert and would alternately scream, "You guys fucking rock!" and wolf whistling at ear blasting decibels at the performing band. At one point, he whipped out a lighter and I mumbled into Corina's ear: "Do you think he has enough alcohol in his system that if he dropped it he'd light himself on fire?"

Anyway, they weren't all that bad, and halfway through the show, they stumbled off and we immediately whisked into their spot. I couldn't believe it! It was my very first time being front row for a show! I stood right in front of Josh Smith (the bass player), who happened to throw Corina and I a pick towards the end of the show. 
Another fun moment was when a pair of teen punks tried to shove their way obnoxiously towards the front. Luckily, we were near a gang of roller derby chicks, and a very heavy set woman immediately reacted. 

"Oh hell no! Who do you think you are? You guys are like 12. You're moving back right now. These people have been standing here for hours in this spot, you're not just swooping in like you own the place!"

Cowed and embarrassed, the red faced boy and girl shuffled back into their row, properly admonished. Young whippersnappers nowadays...we high fived our new friend and proceeded to rock out to the rest of the show. 
It was a good one, let me tell you! If you ever need a good head banging show, I highly recommend Halestorm. Also, look up Rival Sons! They definitely don't disappoint.


Kati said...

Sounds like a fantastic concert! But the alpaca thing...urgh...


Keit said...

Maaaan, concerts are the best, especially front row ones! :D Rofl, the spitting vocal sure sounds like a sight to behold! Aaaand yay for bikers! On one of the concerts of Rammstein, we were squashed between some rocker bikers and boyfriend had to go and pee and when he returned there were too many people and we were separated and the bikers shoved him slowly towards me and we were reuniated thanks to them! :D

Mica said...

Glad you had a good time and got some nice pictures :)

That drummer sounds so crazy and energetic though - would have been a fun show to see! :)

Away From The Blue

Toks said...

Great review and nice pics. Glad you had a nice time. xoxoxo

Unknown said...

Music is one of my favorite things to invest time and money into. Looks like a great one to have gone to!


Sybil said...

it's great that you got good spots!!! and thank goodness for that other woman who made sure no one can cut through the front row!

looks like you had a great time there! :D

Have a great week!
Animated Confessions

Alexandra Zakharova said...

Well, I have never been to such concerts of any rock bands, I must confess, I'm feeling panic in a big crowd, especially when the music is so loud. But I do enjoyed to see it all with your eyes:) I'm even a bit sorry for those embarrassed kids, but they gain this fairly, indeed:)
All the best, Linda!

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