OOTD REVIEW // Past Spring Favorites

You know what I've realized?
I need to work on my locations for photos more. Because not one single "spring" post from the past features a flowery background! What the heck?
I'll work on it, I promise. For now, does this look count? It's more recent, I'm wearing far too much black for a stereotypical pretty spring look, and my makeup resembles that of a raccoon. But hey! There are blooming flowers in the background, by golly!

Idaho, where are your flower fields that I can go frolic in freely?

What's spring like in your area? Have your outfits been lightening up color-wise (or maybe fabric-wise?). Let me know in the comments below which look was your favorite!


Toks said...

Nice post. There are a couple of looks that jump right out at me, the second one and the fifth one with the mustard yellow top. I wouldn't worry too much about flowery locations, especially when you're running around crazy with no spare time. Searching for amazing locations is great if you have nothing else to do hahahaha. I've also put the black aside a little now that the days are getting warmer, although I can't drop it completely hahaha. xoxoxo

Jen Hsieh said...

Love all these fun spring looks, especially the last one even though there's so much black. Who says spring can't be edgy? ;)

There are so many cherry blossoms in my area too and I can't get enough of them. Although my eyes disagree since allergies are killing them. Wah!


Hoda Katebi said...

The fourth and last look are easily my favorites, although you look so fabulous in all of the photos! You really can rock your florals and brights, girl!

<(') hoda | joojoo azad

Carmen Varner said...

All of your looks count. I don't think you need a flowery background; that's so obvious! I love the outfit with the tiger t-shirt. So cute. :]

// ▲ ▲

Danny said...

your outfits are getting better and better! The 3rd one, the 5th and the last one are my favorites!

Unknown said...

I love bringing out old favorites from spring's past!


Alexandra Zakharova said...

You are so pretty and attractive:) Each of those outfits is really original and eye-catching, Linda! I don't think you should look more on locations for photos, because each of your photo shooting is already quite original and unique.
Wish you a wonderful day ahead!

katie said...

Haha, we have no flowers up here so that's out of the running. (Although we do have lots of mud and dead grass - very striking with a side order of muck on the shoes for visual interest!) I love your last spring outfit, those sandals are so killer and black can totally be the new florals for spring. :)

megcasson said...

Such cute outfits.

Sandra Leiva said...

Great outfits, dear!
Love that blue klein skirt <3


A Very Sweet Blog said...

i love that red and white dress. the weather has been playing tricks on everyone.

NotJessFashion said...

I love your outfit in the 4th photo. The combination of color looks very pretty on you.

Jessica |

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