MUSIC MONDAY // Milo Greene

Hello everyone, sorry for the delayed post!

But hey, it's still Monday, and here's a new artist I'd love for you to check out. Last night I went to a Foster the People concert (oh my word, I'm going to have to do a concert review soon, because it was AMAZING!) and I was impressed with their opening act. When I'd listened to them on Spotify, Milo Greene didn't stand out too much to me. However, hearing them live changed my perspective.

They're a very talented group, with each member contributing to vocals and switching off between different instruments. It helps that they also have an awesome stage presence. In fact, I prefer their more acoustic sound live than I do in their recordings!

Give them a listen and let me know what you think! And stay tuned for a concert review over Foster the People! 


nancy @ adore to adorn said...

acoustic is often the best compared to a recording. fun that you heard in person!

Sybil said...

can't wait for your concert review since seeing it on your IG! :D

Have a wonderful day!
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Carla said...

huwaaat?? you went to see foster the people?? i am so jealous!! i'll definitely wait for that review. ugh, you've been seeing so many cool artists, Linda. it's amazing!

xo, Carla

katie said...

Oh wow, now I have allll the jealous feelings, I love Foster the People! Please tell me they're as good live! (This is also funny because I've been playing their new cd in the car non stop. They're just awesome.) I'm so happy you've been going to all of these concerts, it seems like you're in a sweet spot for being within decent driving distances for seeing some really cool groups. :)

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