REVIEW // Ugly People, Beautiful Hearts

Have you ever read someone's words and were instantly delighted by the way they'd magically strung them together? That happened from the first moment I read Marlen's blog, Messages On A Napkin

Well, it shouldn't be surprising that she's a writer. From descriptions about a simple breeze to the sensations of heartbreak, she can tickle your mind into pleasure, make you laugh out loud, or reach out, grab your heart, and squeeze it until it hurts and you're moved to tears. Such is the power of language, and Marlen demonstrates a lovely mastery over it.  

All this to say that you really need to read her e-book, Ugly People Beautiful Hearts
I recently purchased it and have been enjoying reading it on my Kindle app on my phone. For those days when school is wearing me down and I really need a mental break, I like to open it up and swipe through the pages. In a world saturated with constant explosions imagery, it has become a rare thing to be able to close your eyes and picture something that isn't being projected straight onto your eyeballs.

Yet, in this book, all you have to do is read a sentence or two and you not only see it, you feel it. You can hear the moment that's being described. I don't know why, but I find this extremely soothing. It's calming, relaxing, and beautiful.

Dreamy and poignant, I highly recommend looking into this book and downloading it next chance you get! Trust me, you won't regret it.

Here is a sample of one of my favorite passages, because it's one that rings so true for me. Every time I read it, I have to smile despite the slight ache it stirs in my heart. I'm certain you'll find multiple writings in this book that can hit you the same way this does for me.

If you've read it, or eventually do, please leave a comment below telling me what your favorite writing was! I'd love to know your opinions.


Alexandra Zakharova said...

Thank you for the recommendation, Linda. I haven't read this book, but after your review I would try to find it somewhere in book stores. When I read anything, I also underline those sentences or paragraphs which appeals to my heart most.

Sybil said...

i follow her IG and I can attest to her talent in writing!! great words!! :D

Animated Confessions

Dyn said...

Nice! xx


Unknown said...

I love reading Marlen's blog and IG. I can only imagine how beautiful her book is. Thanks for the rec :)


Sandra Leiva said...

Thx for sharing, hun!


Mica said...

She is a beautiful writer! I am jealous of people like her who can convey their message so well through words. I love reading (not that I have time now with baby!) but I've never been very good at speaking my mind. I tend to go on and on and on hoping my point comes across that way, as I can never find just the right words. It's a rare talent to have, and she's so lucky she's been able to turn it into a book! Wish her lots of success :)

Away From The Blue

Keit said...

I love her writings! Every time I read something hers I have an itch to steal and quote it everywhere, it's just so beautiful the world must see it! :D
I even subscribed to the thingy she does when she sends poems on your e-mail, so much awesomeness!

renae said...

Yes, very nicely worded indeed.

dd = darling daughter.



nancy @ adore to adorn said...

this is great. I agree, I adore her writing. =)


It's nice to see when blogger's expand to to other avenues-- I have not visited her blog in a while. So glad to hear she has a book of poetry.
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A Very Sweet Blog said...

I will definitely check her site out Linda! Love this.

Ivana Petrovic said...

I need more books to read so I'll see if my library has this one - it sounds interesting! xx


Anonymous said...

I've recently discovered your blog and I really like it! I'm following you now
Hope you'll like mine too!


Unknown said...

ahhh you're so so wonderful! and your words about my writing had me grinning ear to ear. i'm so happy that my words were able to touch you in some way or other. when i was younger i would always put a book down after something hit me and think about how beautiful it is that people can affect each other- or bring up feelings out of no where- with words. hearing that that's what they did to you really makes me feel like i came full circle :) thank you for the beautiful recommendation girlie :)

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