Switching it up from the indie picks lately and going back to my electronic music picks! Today I'd like to introduce you to Madeon, whom if you haven't heard yet, you're going to love for a Monday pick-me-up! Hugo Pierre Leclercq (yeah, he's French) is only 20, and gained instant popularity thanks to his video "Pop Culture" in 2011. Since then, he released an EP in 2012, performed at several major music festivals, and just recently, put out a full album.

If you're in need of some beat-filled electronic music, look no further!

Also, I'm massively fan-girling over his collaboration with Dan Smith (from Bastille)! I could recognize that man's beautiful voice anywhere...sigh.

Hope you enjoyed today's artist! Have you heard of Madeon before? Let me know in the comments!


Anonymous said...

I've never heard of them before but NOW I HAVE AN I LOVE THEM.

You are my music soulmate.


katie said...

Yay, more music! I hadn't heard of madeon before but i checked out that collab with dan and oooooooh, thats good stuff! I'll have to buy the album next time i'm in town. :)

Kati said...

Listening to this in the morning - hell yeah!!


Kat said...

youre always introducing me to awesome new artists! haha always look forward to mondays just to see your post ;D

Elizabeth said...

I had not heard of Madeon, but now I have time. Time to zone out!

Toks said...

Great way to start the week. xoxoxo

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