SHOES IN REVIEW // The Black Boots Edition

 I believe it is time. Time to review what shoes I have in my closet. After all, I only own about...well, far too many pairs than a sole girl should probably be in possession of. When I dug out all the black boots that I'd brought with me, I was a bit mortified by the pile that formed on my floor. However, each pair has proven to be an indispensable asset to my wardrobe, and I couldn't bear to part with a single one. Without further ado, let's get into this post, featuring all 13 pairs of my black boots (and this doesn't count the pairs that are still in storage back home...).
from left to right: thrifted, Just Fab, Just Fab, and My Hot Shoes
First up, let's cover my "everyday" pairs. These are the easy to slip on boots that go with basically everything, are comfortable enough for lots of walking, but still add that cool-girl edge I like to a basic outfit. Perhaps my most beloved pair are the gold studded, pointy-toed boots from Just Fab that I wear to almost every concert I attend. They're the perfect rocker boots! While they look kickass, they're comfortably flat for a night of dancing on your feet all night at the rock show. 
The next most used pair of boots would have to be my combat boots from My Hot Shoes. When I work an early morning shift, these are the first pair of shoes I'll slip my feet into before stumbling out the door. They're practical, comfy, and have been thoroughly stained by espresso grind and milk.

You can check out how I've worn each pair (in order as displayed): here, here, here, and here.
These are another basic pair that have been a fairly recent addition to my collection, but I absolutely love them. I couldn't believe it when I spotted them sitting on a thrift store shelf. They reminded me of a similar pair that I'd seen a vlogger talking about (I believe it was a Jeffrey Campbell pair she was referring to, but I'm not sure). However, for a measly $6, I took home these practical replicas.
You can see how I've worn them here.
from left to right: Just Fab, Just Fab, Payless
These are similar to the everyday pairs, only with taller heels. They definitely make it look like you put more effort into an outfit! Though stacked with a couple more inches, each of these pairs are still comfortable to walk in, though I rarely wear any of these on campus. I'd just feel a bit too conspicuous clicking around in these gorgeous boots. I prefer to save them for a day out and about town.
You can see how I've worn each pair: here, here, and here
Sorel, Just Fab
Next up, my casual but tall boots! I only have two pairs with me that fall into this category, but they each have been extremely practical. The Sorel boots on the left are a fairly new addition to my collection, as I've just won them from a campus style competition they'd put on! Needless to say, they're a high quality pair of boots, and I'm thrilled to have won them!

You can see how I've worn these boots here and here.
from left to right: Just Fab, Just Fab, ILoveSexy
Ah yes, and to finish off, what girl doesn't have a pair or two of hooker boots sitting in her closet? I'm dying to find an event/excuse to wear those killer thigh high, fringed boots to. I'd originally planned to wear them for my 21st birthday, but I'm glad I decided to go for more practical wedges that night. Haha, these would've had me sprawled on the floor for sure! 

Sadly, I still haven't debuted them on the blog yet, but you can see how I've worn the other two pairs here and here.
So what I've realized from making this post is that Just Fab is taking over my shoe closet. Out of 13 pairs, 7 of them are from the fabulous online retailer. Seriously, why do they have to offer the best selection of shoes every month!? I skip often enough, but since signing up for their VIP membership, I've certainly invested in quite a few pair of shoes.

Just wait till you see last month's selection. *shiver* They're beautiful.

Haha, what did you think of this post? (I think I have a problem is what I've concluded).
Any favorite pairs you spotted? Tell me in the comments below!


nancy @ adore to adorn said...

fun post! I don't have nearly as many as you when it comes to black boots! great options you have!

Sadie said...

As far as I'm concerned you can never have too many black boots! I love boots, they're one of my favourites to shop for. I love the studded ones and the heeled ones with the fringing on the back :) xx

Toks said...

I think we have the same problem hahaha. I am a total shoe freak and we have the same taste in many pairs. xoxoxo

Mica said...

ha, I've been thinking this winter is the time I invest in a new pair of black ankle boots....this was not a good post for me to read, now I'm thinking I need multiple pairs, haha!

I am more of a bag person than a shoe person, but even I agree with how you've classified your boots, not every pair can be perfect for every occasion :)

Away From The Blue

Hoda Katebi said...

Oh. My. Goodness. Girl! You have so many shoes! I think I have a maximum of 10 pairs of shoes, flats, heels, sneakers. But to be fair, I'm a big fan of black boots and your collection is quite beautiful! I love the cut outs!

<(') Hoda | JooJoo Azad

Tijana said...

great boots :) Yes, I follow you on gfc #1196, follow back?

Love and Ace said...

HAHA good to know I'm not the only girl with a crazy black boot fetish. I'm obsessed with all your beautiful shoes :) xx Kat

Love and Ace

Unknown said...

I love your black boots collection! Especially love the bad girl boots section haha. I have one pair of high heeled BCBG boots that I call my bad girl boots and im always looking for an opportunity to wear them!

Check out my latest post! This Is Yna | Shoe Game

A Very Sweet Blog said...

Linda, you've got some bad boots girl! I love them, because each has it's own "personality'. They rock!

Unknown said...

Wow you're black boot collection is amazing and large and I love them! They make me want to go out and buy many many boots! Thanks for sharing and inducing me into a boot-craving-shopping-spree :P
Olivia | Her Name Was Celebration

Lily Fang said...

Seeing your collection makes me feel much better about mine haha! That's an impressive ensemble of fierce black boots :)

Thank you so much for your encouragement! You're always the sweetest. I just caught up on your previous posts and I think you really handled the tough coworker situation very maturely and graciously. I really admire you for keeping your cool and talking it out. It's also a great reminder not to judge immediately because we have no idea what people are going through. Hoping things get better from here on out!

Also, I completely resonate with the taking photos struggles haha. it's the unanswerable conundrum of blogging. If people walk by, I usually busy myself with pretending to fix settings. Hopefully we both become bolder--there's nothing wrong with blogging! Also HUGE congrats on winning those boots--you go, girl!

Praying this semester is a wonderful time of growth for you! Keep being fabulous you :)

Ivana Petrovic said...

Can never have too many black boots ;-) I followed you on bloglovin!


Unknown said...

Absolutely loved your black boots edition ! I can see how much time you spent creating this post is really does look amazing ! Xxx loving those bad gal boots too ;) xx Check out my new blog post! I'm in need of some followers, thank you! X

Unknown said...

Love boots!!! ;)
Kisses from Spain.
Xoxo, P.

My Showroom

Mrs. L said...

Such pretty boots, awesome collection!

The Flower Duet

thehonorableMissDecaf said...

Your shoe collection is like a religion to me at this point. You have so many beautiful shoes and they all look delicious with your outfits. :D

Don't worry, you'll get to wear your hooker boots! And you'll rock them.


Danny said...

you have quite a collection!
I love black boots, probably my favorite type of shoes! And you have nice pairs there!

Lyosha Varezhkina said...

stunning boots! so edgy!

Inside and Outside Blog

Sybil said...

totally jealous!!! love the variation of design and style with your boots!!! the heeled ones probably are my favourite!!

have a great week, dear!
Animated Confessions

Kati said...

I have two pairs of black boots...and I only wear them in winter.
Looking at yours, I get quite jealous!


Magda Carvalho said...

wow love the collection :)
*new follower in the log.

Kat said...

a girl can never have too many shoes ;) you certainly have amassed a really nice collection of black boots! i am so in love of your thigh high fringe ones! those are some fierce boots! :D

erica marie said...

I guess it's no surprise that my favorite are the heel up pairs...but in all seriousness your shoes are always killer.

xo erica

Sabrina said...

I was starting to feel bad that I keep buying black ankle boots, but I think you've changed my mind on that. :)


Leigh Cee said...

You have great pairs of boots, love it :)

Leigh Cee | Ich Liebe Dich Sky

Sandra Leiva said...

Yay for black boots! Love them <3


Jen Hsieh said...

Um, PLEASE SHARE YOUR SHOE COLLECTION WITH ME? I'm always holding myself back from buying more black boots (especially since Jeremy claims I have too many shoes already that they should start paying rent), ha.

Izzy said...

what an envious collection of boots! loving the bad girl ones haha, I should invest in some for winter! :)

Metallic Paws

Unknown said...

what a lovely collection !!! <3

katie said...

Yeah, I think we need to see blog pics of those tall, fringe boots!
I think I have just as many black boots- its just that they're so awesome and uh, useful.(yeah, thats it) stacked heels are so fabulous, Jeffery Campbell actually does a great job with making the 2-3 inch stacked boots really comfortable for all day useage. How are the just fab boots for you? I know you get a lot of wear out of them, do they seem like they're holding up pretty well? They always have SUCH cute boots but I keep worring that the soles will come un-glued or something. This was a really fun post, I always luv seeing what other people have in their closets!
I'mm also really sorry about being such an epic grump(well, jerk) in my last post. I know you're a total sweetheart, you're always so sweet and polite!(even when I'm not) and that really shows what an amazing women you are. I hope everythings going well with the co worker and the situations gotten better.

Alexandra Zakharova said...

13 pairs?! Oh my God! You are right, though. It's never enough;)
You have a very substantial collection, Linda. I must confess, I'm not the biggest fan of rough boots, but some of those pairs are really great. I can understand why you couldn't stop yourself from buying them:)
Have a great week!

Veronika Novotny said...

Well, it's official, I'm completely and utterly obsessed with your shoes. WOW, ALL SO GORGEOUS! I'm really digging the bad girl pairs... and yup, I'll have to agree a girl can never have enough shoes!! ;)

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