OOTD // In the Foothills

Dress & Bag: H&M   Plaid & Boots: thrifted   Hat: JcPenney
It was a balmy 70 degrees, I'd shaved my legs the night before, and I had no work or class for four hours. So I decided to slip on a dress, take my camera, and go searching for some sunshine and nature. I found it closer than I thought I'd have to go, in the foothills near Boise, right outside the downtown area. Hiking down a ways, I found a nice, hidden side of the hill where I set up my tripod and captured some outfit photos from a different angle than I'm used to. I think they turned out well considering the harsh sunlight, new location, and uphill vantage point. What can I say? I felt like experimenting.

This past weekend, my friend Corina came to visit me! We had a great series of days together, despite having to maneuver around my work and school schedule...
We got to see our favorite comedian (Christopher Titus) live on Friday, and it was fantastic. We had VIP seats and it's a good thing we didn't roll right off the balcony - from how hard we were laughing, it wouldn't have been out of the realms of possibility. By the end, my stomach felt like it had just gone through a severe ab workout. We waited in line afterwards and even got a photo with him and chat a bit. Check it out!

For the rest of the time she was here, Corina showed me some cute places around the city that I'm eager to return to. She grew up in the area and we took a mini trip down her memory lane and visited old favorites. There's a really adorable retro candy shop in the downtown area that I'd love to visit again. Afterwards, we walked around a lot, before she directed us to "the fish park!" that she'd loved as a child. It was quite lovely, and I'm impressed by the wildlife that's preserved in the area. We took a few outfit photos while we were there too, so I'll be sharing those soon.

Anyway, not much else to share as I am currently about to pull all my hair out - that, or it's just going to fall out on it's own due to stress. These art projects are demanding and time consuming, and I'll undoubtedly be spending most of my spring break locked in the Printmaking lab.

Hopefully I'll be able to go outside and enjoy a little sunshine between lab hours though. We'll see! 


Rebecca said...

Cute gingham & plaid mix with a hint of 90s vibe!!!


Lily Fang said...

Ah, these photos really are stunning. The vibrant blue sky and grassy hills are a perfect backdrop to your carefree spring look--I love the printmixing and your wide-brimmed hat!

So glad you got to spend some quality time with your old roommate and friend. A comedy show sounds fabulous, and I love the analogy of the ab workout haha. I'm also hitting a stressful patch in my schedule soon, so I know exactly how you feel. Keeping you in my prayers as always! We'll push through, girl!

imperfect idealist

Alexandra Zakharova said...

Hi, Linda! I've got to say I love to see you wearing dresses, this one is very pretty as well. It's rather plain, but It was ingenious of you to add a shady hat to the outfit.
Hopefully, you will manage all your tasks and enjoy this beautiful weather more often:)
Take care!

Sandy Joe said...

Digging your power clashing vibes!

x The Pretty Secrets

Toks said...

Nice touch of grunge in this outfit. If you hadn't said you'd taken these photos with tripod I promise you I would never have guessed. Great!!!

Mica said...

You will need to share your secrets of how you take such good photos in harsh sunlight! I always have to hunt for a place that's shaded for photos, ha! :)

Your dress is really cute, and I like the print mixing with the shirt.

Glad you had fun with your friend - at least you have the memories of that happy time to keep you going through the stressful school work!

Away From The Blue

Sybil said...

i totally feel you with the tripod adventures! i've been lucky this winter that i got to ask friends to take my ootd shots for me but now that it's getting warmer here, i can start venturing out in my neighbourhood again!! :D

Animated Confessions

A Very Sweet Blog said...

haha! i love it linda! it feels so good to get out into the fresh air and take everything in. it exudes in your photos. very pretty!

Unknown said...

Really loving this outfit - I love the combination of the checkered dress and plaid. This is definitely a look I would wear myself too. And it sounds like you and Corina had a great weekend! It is always so great when you have a friend to show you around to their favorite spots because there is a 99% likelihood that you will love those places too and now you have a few new local places to add to your usual stomping grounds :)

Rae | love from berlin

Veronika Novotny said...

All the best on your art projects. I can relate, so much on my plate and trying to stay calm has been a challenge. But we're making it through. Haha! ;) And you look gorgeous against that blue & sunny sky. Love this look on you and your hair looks extra pretty too! xo

Unknown said...

Good luck with your art projects, I hope that you get to enjoy at least some of your spring break. Love your outfit btw, the pattern mixing is fab :).

Sarah xo | PolkaDotLemon

Kati said...

I like how they turned out, I think the new angles make it very exciting!

Also, I think I once heard laughing is the best workout, so here you go! :-)


Elizabeth said...

I love everything about this! The 90s inspo, the gingham, the BOOTS. I can't help it. Boots and dresses are a match made in heaven. Furthermore, I am glad to see a new angle. Experimenting with photography is fun!

Chezka Cenon Li said...

I love this mix of prints dear! That backdrop is breathtaking :)

- Che

Michelle said...

Great photos! I always love to see outdoor style pictures. That sky is SO blue. Loving your rings too!

xo, Michelle
Neon Rattail

Megan Butcher said...

These photos are awesome! Some of my favorites to date :D! Love the dress and how you styled it - such good vibes in these pics! :)


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