Concert Review: ODESZA

Interrupting today's regularly scheduled Music Monday to recap my most recent concert escapade, which occurred on Valentines Day. That's right, I took myself out and went solo to a concert that featured Big Wild, Little People, and ODESZA (whom I've featured in a previous Music Monday post here if you want to check out their electronic musical sound)!

What an amazing show. Plus, an overall entertaining concert. Not only because of the phenomenal musicians, but the, I've never had so many crazies around me all at once. 
So to start, I got there an hour early and breezed through the relatively short line to find a good spot on the floor. For once, I decided I didn't want to be smashed in the crowd and found a small ledge in the back that would allow me to comfortably view the stage, dance, and avoid being blocked by all the tall people in front of me. It was a smart decision, because I had a fantastic view of everything, and the removed spot led to some interesting people watching.
Before the concert even got started, a guy was being a bit rowdy and leaped from the division between one ledge and the next and landed on the two girls sitting below him. Um, yeah, they weren't too happy. Luckily, no one was hurt too badly, but that incident kick started what was an interesting night. At one point, I simultaneously had a couple arguing loudly behind me throughout one set and a couple forming in front of me! What a contrast...haha, as for the fighting pair, me and a fellow, single girl nearby bonded thanks to them. After sharing a look of disgust, we agreed that flying solo was best. Haha, then a cool couple joined me on the ledge I was perched on and we became instant concert buddies, looking out for each other, making sure the other wasn't pushed around too much, and sharing hair ties and water.  

At one point, the security guard came to stand next to us, and eyeballed the group of teenagers in front of us. They'd been grinding rather disgustingly close, and the two girls and one guy were alternatively making out, girl on girl, guy on girl, switching it up whenever one got bored with the other...bleh. It was rather nauseating, but I'd been ignoring them most of the night. However, the security guard suddenly whipped out his flashlight, shined it on the guy's wrist, and then moved forward with purpose. I then beheld a dramatic confrontation in which I feared for the security guard's looked like the minor was about to throw a punch! But after a bit of a hissy fit, he pushed his way angrily through the crowd and left as he'd been asked to do. Apparently, he'd been caught drinking alcohol and didn't have the required wrist band that allowed him to do so. 
ANYWAY. That was the crazy crowd that surrounded me. I'm glad I was able to find some sane people to bond with though, because we danced the night away, happily caught up in the energy that fills the air when attending a live music performance. ODESZA put on a fantastic show, and the buildup before their drops were epic. I didn't have a sip of alcohol that night, but I felt buzzed the whole time they were on the stage.

What is it about concerts that totally enraptures you? I can't quite put it into words. Each one is always an experience, and one in which I feel more alive than ever. There's a power in live music that changes the way you hear your favorite song. You finally experience the music the way the artist intended it. 

If you've been lucky enough to attend a good concert, you know what I mean! 
These type of experiences are always going to be something I don't regret spending money on, and I've just gotten a couple more concerts lined up for later this year that I absolutely cannot wait for! 

Also, can I just say that learning to go solo to things is such an empowering thing? Everyone always feels like they need to go in groups or pairs to events, but by making myself go out alone, I've been learning to feel more secure and confident in me and my own company. 

To finish off this post, allow me to share a song that should tip you off to who I'm going to be seeing later in June! ;)


Sybil said...

woah!! i've seen this in your IG and it sounds so cool and fun!!! :D thanks for sharing amazing shots!

have a great week!
Animated Confessions said...

These are stunning photos..

Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

nancy @ adore to adorn said...

oh how fun. Yes, something about concerts really does enrapture you! It's definitely an experience!

Carmen Varner said...

The crowd can totally make or break a concert experience. Glad you found some solace in others there. Sharing hair ties is such a blessing.

:] // ▲ ▲

katie said...

I'm so happy you got to ad another concert, it sounds like it was quite the experience! ( one likes being around those couples that just...can't...stop...making...out) I'm glad that the night ended without too much craziness- I really love the photos you take of the concerts, they always look so vivid and exciting!

Love and Ace said...

Everytime I visit your blog there is new music to be discovered! Sounds like a great concert - despite the rowdy guy in the beginning. I love how the music gets you so pumped up! xx Kat

Love and Ace

mela said...

Great post <3 Have nice day <3 :* <3
Follow to follow ?
Starts ! <3

Rakel said...


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