Mooning Over Maroon

Sweater: Forever 21   Jeans: Aeropostale   Plaid & Boots: thrifted   Glasses: c/o Polette
So I managed to snag dad and wrangle him into taking a few more outfit photos before I left for Boise. Ain't he swell? Three cheers for awesome parents! Anyway, here's a little tale from a few weeks ago when I was still working:

"Excuse me, but how old are you?"
The young, tan-skinned man sitting at my table asked me, as I whisked by to pick up their dishes.
"Um, 20. Why?" 
"No reason, just wondering," he replied.

I shrugged and kept my waitress smile pasted on. Pushing my wooden glasses back into place, I carried on busing tables, refilling drinks, and taking care of my section. It was Friday, and my last waitress shift before I moved to Boise. 
Later, as I checked on that table again, his interest in my age was revealed.
"Hey Linda, do you have a boyfriend?"
My brain skidded to a stall as it tried to process the intrusive question.
*insert stuttering car engine noises here*
"OH...uhm..aha,'s possible I don't." I awkwardly answered.
"Could I get your number?" he asked hopefully.

By then, my brain finally started up again and I was able to smoothly deter the young man's interest by informing him I was moving soon and wasn't interested in starting anything.
"I'm flattered though!" I added, trying to smooth any ruffled feathers.

I felt bad since he was with his friend too, so I can just imagine the razz he got after that. Ah well, at least he found the guts to ask me that. I find that more and more men are less initiative when it comes to pursuing women today. Perhaps my fellow females prefer that, but I've always appreciated someone who's had more assertiveness and boldness. It may be because I'm the exact opposite, and you know how that saying goes!
Anyway, that feels so long ago - as of now, I have just finished my first week attending BSU. Can I just say that I basically feel invisible here? While my classes are great, I know absolutely no one on campus. No one. No smiling face, no cheery "hello's", nothing. I never realized just how well established my presence was at my previous community college till now. However, I'm trying to fix that by finding out when certain clubs are meeting, and going to the free workout classes at the rec center. Plus, I did run into an old classmate from my old community college, so I guess that's one person I know! Now if only we ran into each other on campus more often...because he's experiencing the same loneliness as I am. Sigh.

Ah well, it's only been one week - it takes time for these sorts of things, and I know that!

PS: So I decided to share these older photos of when I had long, reddish-brown hair. I want to make a clean break once I start posting my shorter, black mane so I wouldn't be reverting back and forth from new to old. Next post should feature my new do! And if you're curious, you can follow me on Instagram (@dragonfruit_diaries)  and see the new look now ;)

Yet you do not know what tomorrow will bring. What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes.
James 4:14


Keit said...

Men are so less initiative and so scared of females I sometimes even feel bad about them. I know it sucks for a guy to be rejected so I get his frustration but damn it, pull yourself together man! I once had a crush on one idiot, who I liked very much and went and said it straight to his face and he behaved like a rock. And then later, I found out he told his friends he actually liked me but was too scared to do anything...well screw you too for breaking my heart with your dumb fear!
Any who, I love the outfit here, you look dashing and the beanie and braid go so well together ^_^

Alexis Crawford said...

You're just the cutest!

Kati said...

What a sweet story! I'm always flattered when someone starts talking to me!
Also love your title!

Have the best day,

Unknown said...

very nice outfit dear! ;) you look great
Kiss from Italy
Check it out my new post :

Midwest Muse said...

I love this color and I love how it works with your dark complexion. On me, it makes me look like a vampy ghost. On you, you look like a mood princess. It's pretty much the best color.

Sampada said...

Love the maroon in this post! The boots and flannel are perfect! Also, I agree that it's better when people make the move and show some assertiveness in those matters -- only because I am horrible at judging signs and I need to know things in plain words haha.

Sandra Leiva said...

So cute! I love your pants <3


Megan Butcher said...

Love everything about this outfit! The lighting is magical in some of these, and I just love how the location complements what you're wearing perfectly. Cute title too :)

<3 Megan

A Very Sweet Blog said...

I can't wait to see your new hair Linda. It looked fabulous here! Love the side braid. Your father is so awesome. He took really good pics! I love that you added plaid to the burgundy. I have jeans and a top in that color. I thought about adding a little leopard. I like that the guy asked. That's the only way one will know...if you ask! So I give him thumbs up for that. Give yourself some time. You'll be running that University in no time! It's only been one week.

Samantha said...

Man, I do not miss the whole dating thing! It's so nerve racking to do what that guy did, haha. I'm getting sweaty palms just thinking about it! :P

And beautiful look, Linda! Maroon is a really great colour on you and I love this 90's vibe you got going on. I've had the Pixies 'Where is my Mind' on repeat lately!

thehonorableMissDecaf said...

I think the idea of boldness preference depends on the person. J and I are sort of matched in our willingness to stick our necks out, depending on the situation. I know that when we were dating, I didn't mind when he made the first moves. And look at you! Just being your regular beautiful self and getting guys to moon over you and whatnot. ;)

Yay for maroon! It's a great color on you. I love how you used the shirt-around-waist thing; sometimes it can be overdone, but it fits into this outfit very well.

Also, I did have a moment of confusion about your hair. I was like, NO INSTAGRAM SAID -- oh, okay. XD


katie said...

Hahha, you say you like an assertive man and then I get flashbacks to the cowboy! :) I do think that was pretty brave of him to ask, but at least he was sweet about the whole thing! (Heh, you'll have to watch out at your new coffee shop, with the black hair you'll probably have to beat the guys off with a stick!)
I love your style, you've been wearing the cutest outfits and you seem really at ease and secure in what your style is - you pull off these cute layered looks so well!

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