Feeling Fresh


Well, here it is! I'm finally debuting my new haircut on the blog. And I have to admit, I feel revitalized with this new do. My hair had become a wild mane with dead, frizzy ends and a tired, worn out red hue. There are moments I miss my long hair (such as trying to pull off a decent looking ponytail or wanting to do a fishtail braid), but overall, I really enjoy this switch. I'm so happy I went through with it! In fact, I'm entertaining the thought of snipping off another inch or two...after all, it's not really that short. Though a good 7 inches was chopped off, it's still at a medium length. Also, what do you think of the black hair? I love how they match my eyebrows so perfectly.

These photos were taken in the kitchen of my new place. So that should tell you how well scouting for photo locations has gone for me...haha! I've spent the first week of school figuring out campus, getting used to university level classes, and trying to find a f#/!*ng parking spot, that I haven't had much time to devote to this blog. With College Fashion posts to prepare for as well, I will probably be reducing the amount of time I spend on The Dragonfruit Diaries, and blogging in general. I'll still be on here for a fairly good amount though, just not quite as consistent as I used to be.

Oh, and some happy news - I found a barista job at the Moxie Java here! I'm extremely grateful, because it looks like they'll be working around my school schedule and still give me the hours I need. Plus, I don't have to worry about how I'm going to feed my coffee addiction now! ;)

I've been inspired by Lauren's idea of setting up an indoor photo section on the wall - it would make taking outfit photos so much easier and less of a process. I'd prefer to take artistic and well thought out photos...but it's too time-consuming right now. So it'll be either quantity over quality or the other way around! What would you prefer?

I'll still be doing Music Monday posts though! Those are always easy to organize and prep, so I have no excuse for not posting that. I'll try and get creative with outfit photos, but I'm not sure how I'll do.

 I'd like to hear back from you though - what topics would you like me to cover? Anything other than daily outfits? Boise is a bigger city, so maybe I could take my camera to new eateries and boutiques to review them? Interested in seeing haul-styled posts? What are you interested in reading?


Unknown said...

omg love your hair! it looks so good wow!

Samantha said...

Don't you look pretty! I absolutely love your new haircut and colour, I really do. It makes you look rather mature and sophisticated.

And I wish I had enough light to do indoor shots - so if you can, go for it!

Jen Hsieh said...

I love how fresh your new look is! It's always nice just to have a change, which is why I chopped off my hair just two days ago. Always refreshing. :)

And I would love to see photos from around the city, for sure!

Veronika Novotny said...

Your hair is absolutely sensational - love, love it!! And yay for your new gig & place!! xo

katie said...

Wow - the black looks incredible on you! The shorter hair looks really healthy and super cute on you - it's very sassy with the new color! (And the black seems to work really well with your style right now, with the high waisted jeans and stripe top it's a very cohesive look!)
Congrats on the new place, I'm so excited for you and so happy that you found another job that'll work so perfectly for you! That's really wonderful that everything is working out so well. And certainly, take advantage of having an indoor space too take pictures, that's pretty awesome to have with it being winter outside and all. (I would so do this but only one wall gets really great light and I'd have to move the couch everyday. Too lazy for that!)

Stevia said...

yeay for new hair!
I am always petrified everytime I'm going to cut my hair (especially my bangs)

yes cafes review please!
I always love food posts


The Sweetest Escape 

Rachelle Pinksole said...

you look fresh indeed, love this do.


Unknown said...

Oh man let's not even talk about dead ends and dried hair and the need for hair cuts D: But yours looks great!! I think I prefer the colour you have now to your older photo :)


Unknown said...

Oh man let's not even talk about dead ends and dried hair and the need for hair cuts D: But yours looks great!! I think I prefer the colour you have now to your older photo :)


Shopaholic said...

och, perfect photos!

Prarthana said...

Love your boots!

With Love,
Anna || Curly Scribbles

NotJessFashion said...

Hi, sassy! You look so cute. Those shoes are adorable. It looks good on you.

Jessica |

nancy @ adore to adorn said...

aww so much newness in this cut, new space and new job!! hehe Congrats on it all!

Unknown said...

It looks amazing!! Nothing like a great haircut! :)

Toks said...

Love the hair, it looks great!!! So glad you're settling in so well and congrats on your job. I know what you mean about the outfit photos, sometimes it's so difficult to get really artistic photos just through lack of time. I'm happy to real whatever you post. I really enjoy your blog. xoxoxo

Hanna Lei said...

The new hair looks great! And I love the hat -Hanna Lei

Kati said...

I like this new cut and colour on you, you are right, it does match your eyebrows perfectly! :-)


Unknown said...

I like taking outfit posts outside too, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Congrats on the new job and new cut! The darker color looks gorgeous on you :)


Mary said...

The combination of hat and sweatshirt is perfect ♥

Unknown said...

You look amazing, I love the new shorter 'do - isn't it just such a nice feeling when your hair feels much lighter and you've gotten rid of all the split ends!

I recently got several inches chopped off my hair too - it's now a sort of longish bob and I'm finding myself making more of an effort with it now.

Sarah xo | PolkaDotLemon

Charlotte said...

cute pictures, love your hair :)

A Very Sweet Blog said...

Linda, your hair cut and color looks amazing! Gorgeous on you! I love your striped top and jeans! Congratulations on the new job! Spend your time adjusting to college, meeting new people and having fun on your job. The blog will always be here. Pop in when you can.

Lily Fang said...

Glad you're settling in all right! I totally feel you on the general pains of a new semester and especially a new university! You're definitely not alone in having less time. Studies are important, after all. We all support you :)

Congrats on your new job! Also, your hair is stunning--the darker tone really does add to your edgy style and I do agree that they match your eyebrows so well.

As for me, I really do love your artsy shoots and would be perfectly fine seeing fewer as long as I can still see them! But it's a very personal decision, and I trust you'll make the best one for you. I would love to see more of what environment you're in, from cute places on campus to the city.

Best of luck with adjusting to the new environment and keep being rockin you!

Oh, and I also totally loved your previous outfit post. The outfit was coordinated so well with the reds, and I appreciated the story. You definitely handled the situation gracefully and I agree that that sort of boldness is admirable.

thehonorableMissDecaf said...

1) Black is one of the hardest hair colors to pull off but it looks perfectly natural on you and yes, it does match your eyebrows! XD If you go shorter I'm excited to see what you decide to try -- you're making me want to cut my hair right now.

2) yay for jobs and yay for not finding good places to shoot! I know that struggle. At this point, my photoshoots are when J and I have to go out and do something. I'm terrible at taking initiative to do things otherwise.

3) I have, and will, always love your fashion posts but you do whatever you want, girly. I'll read however. :D


Carla said...

i love love love your new hair, Linda darling.. you look absolutely edgier. this looks really great on you!

xo, Carla

Kat said...

ahhhhh omggggg your hair looks amazinggggg!!!! wow you look awesome with dark hair! love it! :D

czarianonuevo said...

love the new hair!!! i prefer quality over quantity :) i'm glad you found a job and you're kinda settled in your new environment! so excited to see the new city you're living in through your blog!


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