What Does It Matter?

music moves me
the emotion, beat, and drums
it pounds through my soul
and in it, i've never felt so free.
Rhythm is a dancer,
and i am her partner.
she leads, and i follow.
not everyone sees her
but what does it matter if i do?

(she is still skinnier than me)

color splashes through my veins
and winds its way
into visions i see in simple things.
sparks. words. abstract.
the idea melds into a project
and when i open my eyes
there is something new on the canvas.
but what does it matter if this is what i see?

(she still has perfect vision over four-eyed me)

the waves in my mind leap and connect
in electric flashes, 
connecting and fluidly lighting the way
to a solution.
its elasticity has saved my life
time and time again.
but what does it matter how i think?

(her viewpoints are seen with more value over mine)

words have always been powerful
they can strike or stroke your heart into 
a fiery furnace of emotion.
they leave my fingertips,
spiraling into thought-laced bubbles
that pop and spew my thoughts
into your consciousness.
but what does it matter how i write?

(she even has prettier hands than me)


my waistline sags past the number

proclaimed to be appealing.
my hair lies dull and dark
a direct contrast to the world's desired shade.
the eyes that see art in everyday life
lie hidden behind a boring shade of dirt.

my physical features are explicitly
but what does it matter how i look?

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Laura Mitbrodt said...

This pretty I love that photo, Have a great weekend

Lisa said...

That poem was beautiful, Linda! You are extraordinary!

The Lovely Memoir

A Very Sweet Blog said...

it's our own uniqueness that makes us beautiful. music always has subliminal messages for me.

Mica said...

I agree with Kim (she is always wise!) our uniqueness is what makes us beautiful.

I think comparing ourselves to others is just part of being human, but we need to remember those we are comparing ourselves too are just as worried and comparing themselves too! Nobody wins that way.

Away From The Blue

thehonorableMissDecaf said...



Unknown said...

Everyone is exceptionally extraordinary in his/ her own special way :)


Sybil said...

so meaningful. i love your words, linda!! :D

Animated Confessions

Melanie Pangilinan said...

Did you make this? Its beautiful and seems personal but thank you for sharing. =) Though if I could just say that instead of comparing, perhaps we should think about how we can make ourselves better because negative thoughts leads to negative feelings.

- Aetherlily

Sandra Leiva said...

So nice!


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