Out of the Woods

Top: Aeropostale   Shorts: Macys   Jacket: Target   
I got to visit my old roommate, Corina, last week! It was an overdue trip, especially since she's just an hour's drive away. But with school and work consuming my life, I've barely had the energy to leave town on my days off. However, I finally made my way up where she lives to spend a night and day exploring the town, catching up on Supernatural together, chatting about silly things, making her kittens dance to Taylor Swift, and getting photos in the natural beauty of the Sun Valley area. My poor camera had quite the difficult time of focusing though - it was too cold!

This outfit could sum up the extent of what my closet has turned into - black, white, and splashes of varying shades of red. It's basically all I wear now. Nothing exciting, but I'm rather pleased with this aesthetic and how versatile my wardrobe has become - basically, it's never been so easy to just toss something together and make an outfit!

The days are ticking down to when I'll finally be moving and living in a new city with new people, and no familiar faces around. It's absolutely nerve-wracking!

I'm actually in Boise today checking things out, meeting the landlord, moving a few things in, and heading to orientation to add my new classes. Wish me luck!

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Imke said...

Wow, amazing photos! You look great!


Imke said...

Wow, amazing photos! You look great!


Samantha said...

Oh, look at all that snow! I never imagine I'd be wishing for some, but the holidays just don't feel the same without it. You look absolutely fabulous too! You've been rocking the black and white like no other lately. I love the pops of red as well, you can never go wrong with red!

Toks said...

What lovely photos Linda. My wardrobe has also basically turned into black and white with a splash of colour, I just feel so comfortable with that mix. This outfit looks so cool with the touch of red. Best of luck on your move, it must be pretty nerve racking but you'll be making new friends in no time at all. xoxoxo

thehonorableMissDecaf said...

Adorable! I love the tights under shorts look, and the fact that they're in red just makes it better. :D

The days are going! You'll be there soon enough and you'll be great. Changes is always hard - especially for the control freak over here -- but I feel like you're very good with adapting. :D


Kati said...

Good you finally got to meet each other again! I bet you had a lovely time and these photos turned out so well!

Have a great day,

Laura Mitbrodt said...

These photos look so festive, I love the snow!

Rin Handika said...

Soo in love with the look dear! i love the whole outfit!

czarianonuevo said...

the photos are great and i really like your outfit here!

I'm so excited for your new adventure!!! Uni life, at first, is a bit frightening yet so many surprises and learning ahead!!!

czarina :)

Unknown said...

I love your red tights and really want a pair! Black & white with splashes of color also seems to describe my own current clothing situation. Good luck with the move + new school :)


A Very Sweet Blog said...

Linda, the pictures you took were brilliant! Gorgeous color! Glad you two got together and had a great time. Nothing like good friends.

Chloë, Wardrobe Quarry said...

You are like a sweet candy cane out in the forest. I've never seen snow before but you sure make it look ever so exciting!

Wardrobe Quarry

Unknown said...

lovely post - i love the winter theme here and the first outfit is cute and chrsitmasy. I bed you are really looking forward to your move to NYC!

rae of love from berlin

Unknown said...

Omgosh those tights! I feel like I need some in that color, now. :D Beautiful pop of brightness.

Good luck with the move! I know it can feel scary, but just try to look at it like it's an adventure. Adventurers delve into the unknown with the hopes of emerging with great stories to tell (and awesome stuff heh). Think of the new stories you will make and the cool treasures you will find! :D

Thanks for the wonderful comment you left on my blog, too! I really appreciated it! <3

- Anna

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