The Librarian Look

Glasses: c/o Firmoo
Shirt: Forever 21   Skirt: H&M   Cardigan: Target   Boots: Just Fab
I've always been a sucker for bold glasses, and I've found that Firmoo has some of the best selections around. For example, these horn-rimmed, tortoiseshell print ones! They're rather obnoxious and hipster in nature, which is why I absolutely love them. They fit comfortably, give me a different look, and they don't just help me see, they accessorize my outfits!

Such as visiting the library - this look felt too appropriate for browsing the stacks of books. The majority of my outfit consist of new purchases as well. Like this wrap, zip-up skirt from H&M! I absolutely love it. For only $10, I couldn't resist. I'm certain I'll be getting plenty of wear from it during the winter. All you need is a good pair of fleece-lined tights and knee high socks to make it appropriate for the weather!

Speaking of weather, it has officially snowed where I live.
Fluffy flakes peppered me in the face the day these photos were taken. While the initial wonder and excitement over snow still gets to me (Californian forever at heart), I quickly remember why I hate it when I get behind the wheel. Good Lord, everyone forgets how to drive when the temperature drops below 32 degrees. Apparently, their common sense line gets frozen and is incapable of starting up. I'll be grandma'ing it along (because I want to live), and some asshat goes speeding and sliding down the road alongside me.

Anyway. Rant over.

If you like switching things up and get tired of stabbing your eyes in the morning with contacts, check out Firmoo for your glasses needs! Even if you're blessed with perfect vision (I hate you), they have some cool sunglasses that are worth taking a look at!

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Unknown said...

Awesome style!!! Very comfy chic xo

katie said...

Oh yeah, isn't winter driving just the best? I think it's pretty common in every cold state for people to just competely forget how ro drive on ice, you can totally go 80 around the curves. (i grandma it as well and i have never slid into the ditch but that black ice scares the living daylights right out of me.). Good luck with your winter driving!
I think this is my very favorite of your outfits, the syriped top with the leather-ish skirt is awesome!

The Elle Diaries said...

I love these glasses, and I adore your skirt and fringed bag. the whole outfit is perfect, and the pattern mixing is wonderful.
Love that you are in the library, perfect setting to feature those glasses!
sending hugs.
XX, elle

Samantha said...

Ah, I just love the look of brown with stripes! And those glasses are awesome! I've been on the hunt for a good pair of round specs, I really like the ones you picked.

Toks said...

This is a great combination. Love the skirt. xoxoxo

Sybil said...

omg!! i love the vibe of this look! i lil bit hipster, i lil bit country and all over chic!!! :D

btw, it started snowing here in my city too!

Animated Confessions

Mica said...

haha, I was all jealous of your snow until you made that point about driving in it! I go grandma speed most of the time, I'd probably go so slow in snow I'd go backwards! :P I have precious cargo, that's my excuse!!!!

Your outfit is so cute - love all the pieces together, especially the tartan scarf and striped top! : Makes me wish the cooler weather had stuck around a little longer! But does not make me want snow, now I've realised what a pain it would be to drive in :P

Away From The Blue

Jyoti said...

Such a comfortable look <3 Keep In touch dear..hugs
rampdiary / My art Blog / Beauty and fashion Blog

Kat said...

ooh linda you look so cute in those glasses!!!! love them on you! and that skirt is absolutely fabulous :) haha I'm definitely not jealous that it has snowed for you already :P i'm definitely not ready for it to arrive anytime soon in nyc!

FelyM said...

cool outfit..and nice glasses

Rebecca said...

Perfect mix of preppy and grunge - love this ensem!!


Veronika Novotny said...

Hey there cutie, oh my gosh, I LOVE this look on you. The hat, stripes, plaid and SKIRT - are all just stunning together. And yay for snow!! Luckily, I don't commute so I'm lucky that way! As for drivers?! Mostly, I see people going super slow... but I would lose it if someone was driving like a maniac. So scary, stay safe!! xoxo

Unknown said...

I see you got the Target hat! Love it! The glasses and the whole look are too cute. :)

thehonorableMissDecaf said...

Ggaaahahhh! You look so adorable! I love the pattern mixing that is happening here. So classy and comfortable. :D


Megan Butcher said...

This set of photos is so awesome! The books make the coziest backdrop, I think :) Love the outfit too of course, omg what a steal that skirt was. It goes so nicely with the b & w stripes & buffalo plaid!


Ceciliette said...

I love that skirt. The eathery overworned look of it, just a perfect piece <3

czarianonuevo said...

i love this sweet librarian look!! the skirt is amazing, the color and fit is perfect!!

czarina :)

Christine said...

HAHAH- this is so cute! My fav pic is the one of you peaking from behind the books. I have similar tortoise glasses from firmoo! :D

I hope you can come visit my bloggie now too. Let me know what you think- I just interviewed Elegantees (so exciting)! I look forward to your visit!


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