I Am Heavy

Of course I'm heavy.
My stride is weighted by heavily heeled boots.
They hear me before they see me.
Because I am heavy.

Of course I'm heavy.
My mind is weighted down by the thousands of pages I have turned
and the thousands more I anticipate to learn.
For this, I am heavy.

Of course I'm heavy.
My heart is full of experiences and emotions 
that I never thought I'd live or feel before.
But now I have, and it is heavier for it.

Of course I'm heavy.
My body has endured trials my mind never though I could endure.
Muscle entwined with fat to form strength.
For that, I am heavy.

Of course I'm heavy.
I am a woman who lives fully
and restraint is not in my practice.
For this, I am heavy.

I am heavy
Weighted down with outlandish shoes
weighted down with stories
weighted down with memories
weighted down with experiences
weighted down with confidence
weighted down with joy in simple pleasures,

and for all of this,
I have never felt lighter.

-Linda Greaves

(PS: On a lighter note, how many of you thought this would reference all the turkey, stuffing, and pie I'd eaten yesterday?)

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i love this

czarianonuevo said...

i enjoyed reading this and i feel so great reading this aloud. Thanks for creating and sharing such a collection of words that we know truly means to you. what a very good poem to start my weekend.

czarina :)

Toks said...

Lovely words Linda xoxoxo

Mica said...

Lovely post!

And I had a bit of a giggle at the end when you mentioned it wasn't food related, haha! I hear the Americans love their thanksgiving feasts! :)

Away From The Blue

A Very Sweet Blog said...

i LOVED this! linda, you write beautiful poetry!

thehonorableMissDecaf said...

Goodness gracious, how I love your writing. Have you ever thought about publishing some of your poetry? I think you would do marvelously well. Or try your hand at songwriting, maybe? :D


Ayantika said...

amazing words Linda!


Bong's Belleza

Unknown said...

Beautiful words, especially in combination with this picture!

Sybil said...


Animated Confessions

Unknown said...

obsessed with this poem!
well done doll...

Rebecca said...

I could see you had a wonderful Thanksgiving !!!


Tanja Jojic said...

Wow this is beautiful. Im speechless *.*

Unknown said...

Beautiful poem wow!

joy said...

Ahh Linda! This poem is beautiful. I especially love the last two stanzas :)

erica marie said...

I just had dinner so I'll be honest, I just thought "me too" when I saw the title. I just ate way too much lol. Thanks for sharing your poem...such good words.

xo erica

Kati said...

Lovely - and I think that photo is just fantastic!

Have a great week,

Veronika Novotny said...

That photo and your words are just beautiful, Linda! Couldn't agree more - there is a lightness and freedom in all that we experience!! Hope you're having a fab start to your week! xo V

PS - Yay, for posting "We Are Twin," love em'!

Unknown said...

What a beautiful read and a beautiful photo!

be the plebeian

Unknown said...

Ok seriously, I got teary-eyed at those last two lines. Lol.. I'm not kidding! This was so beautiful, Linda. Well done!

Unknown said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing darling :)

katie said...

You're quite a good writer, that flowed really freely! (And you used images from one of my very favorite posts too!) I did laugh about over the crack about thanksgiving, still feel heavy from all of that eating. (so good, no regrets!)

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