Fallen For You

I've been having quite a rough time with technology lately.
 On the plus side, my laptop is back and running, so hallelujah! No more late night blogging, awkwardly hiding in the library and avoiding the library creeper. Have I told you all about this guy? He's a campus lurker who hit on me my very first year at college, and to this day still texts me (occasionally leaves voicemails too) inviting me to events and asking what's up. Oh Freshman Linda, I could smack you for your stupid, nice naivety in giving him your number when he asked for it.

He spotted me in the library last week and tapped me on the shoulder. I glanced up, and had to refrain from grimacing when I saw who it was.
I've always maintained a veil of courteousness (albeit a very thin one) with him, but that night I was in no mood for it. He struck up a conversation as usual, leaning in far too close for my comfort, practically positioning his crotch in my face as he leaned over the computer divider.

"Yeah, anyway, don't you have work to do?" I asked, the tinge of annoyance no longer masked.
"Oh wow, you trying to get rid of me?" he feigned shock. "Fine, I know when I'm not wanted."
No you don't, because you've been hitting on me for three years now and still haven't gotten the hint.
Then he walked off, finally giving me the space I wanted.

What amused me the most was that I watched him sidle over to another girl a couple desks over and tap her on the shoulder as well.
She made the same exact face that I did when she looked up.
Anywhoo, no more hiding in the library to do bloggy stuff!

So, let's talk about these photos, yes?
The leaves are falling. They're forming piles. Naturally, that means you go drown yourself in them.

Hope you don't mind the excessive amount of selfies taken! I had a lot of fun throwing leaves around, including onto myself.
Then people walked past, looked at me funny, and the moment was over.
I awkwardly packed up my tripod and left.

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Toks said...

Hahahaha. I know the feeling and how annoying it can be. I now let my annoyance show a bit more than I used to. Love the photos Linda and it's true how people turn to stare when they see photos being taken, it's like they've just seen something from outta space. Weird!!! xoxoxoxo


These are such fun photos, and makes you feel autumn happily. Great to hear that your laptop is back! :) /Madison
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Unknown said...

I love your photo sense

Love and Ace said...

Ok, A. You need to stay away from this creeper! How did he get your number?! and B. these photos are SO Cute I love the close ups of you and the leaves. xx Kat

p.s Thanks for the comment on my blog - my husband actually uses a lightbox (he's crazy with all his camera accessories!)

Carla said...

LOL to the library creep. But yes, let's talk about the photos. these look so much fun! I love the leaves and of course your make up! you look like you really enjoyed this shoot! love it!

xo, Carla

Unknown said...

Impressive pics!
Victoria | GlamFizz
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Chezka Cenon Li said...

Ooh, pretty pictures! I truly wish autumn here was that picturesque :) Dang about the library creepy guy, maybe change your number soon?

- Che

Samantha said...

Nothing beats jumping in a pile of leaves! That and the crunching of leaves beneath your feet - the joys of autumn. I love the '70's feel to this look and that vest looks incredibly warm!

Sybil said...

this is beautiful!!!!

and i totally feel you and your bloggerproblem. i tend to shoot with my tripod too and it can get awkward at times, hahaha!

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Mica said...

haha oh yes it's crazy taking photos with a tripod when people wander can feel them wondering what you're up to and they don't say anything, but you start thinking of how you would explain yourself if they asked.....awkward all round haha!

Fun photos though! I like the flared jeans on you too :)

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Elana said...

Ugh. Creepy college guys are the worst. So sorry you have to deal with that! On the bright side, these pictures are the best. They're the very definition of fall! I'm so, so jealous.

Unknown said...

Well that's awkward :( Some people should really take a hint. Anyways, I think your outfit totally matches the whole fall vibes you've got going on in this shoot :)


Kym said...

You are getting so creative with your photos! I'm simply falling for these ones. Plus I love the super casual, and super cozy autumn look!

czarianonuevo said...

i love your different kind (from the usual) of here! the pants go well with the sweater and the dried leaves make a perfect accessory for the photos :)

your new posts do not appear on my bloglovin acct :( i wonder why,,

czarina :)

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