Bastille Concert: "Dan is BAE!"

 If any of you follow me on Instagram (@dragonfruit_diaries), you would have noticed my explosion of updates about my Bastille concert experience. That's right. I got to see Dan Smith perform live and in the flesh, and oh so very close. Can I just say that a band has to have some genuine, true talent if they play 19 songs during their set and sound flawless all the way through?  
Anyway, let's back things up a bit. My friend Ruth and I had to do a bit of driving to get to Utah. It was a fairly quick 3 1/2 hours on the road, and we walked around the mall until we could check into our hotel (thanks to that trip to the mall, I'll be having some new goodies to show off here too).
Then we went to the hotel room, got all dolled up, and went to the event center 2 hours before doors opened. It's a good thing we did too, because by the time we were finally allowed through, the lines were down past the parking lot and wrapping off into the distance further than the eye could see.
Bastille has quite the fan base in Utah!
So after 2 hours of waiting outside in the cold, we spent an hour waiting inside. It's all a huge waiting game if you're a competitive concert goer! I've only ever been to one concert where I wasn't on the ground floor, and I hope to never have to do that again. My personal opinion is when you pay to see an artist/band live, you are paying for the experience. And the best and most impressive experience is when you're squished in the crowd that's towards the front of the stage, a few feet away from that mic stand. The people surrounding you can instantly become new friends simply because you are all bonded together by a common love of the music that's about to be played. So even though this concert turned out to be the most claustrophobic one I've been too yet, it wasn't so bad.
Ella Eyre came out to open, and I hadn't been expecting her at all - there had been no advertisement to let us know who was the opening act! Let me tell you, to have her perform right when the previous week I had just discovered her and fallen in love with her music, was one of the best surprises ever! However, the majority of the crowd didn't seem as familiar with her music as I was, so I was the lone fangirl who was bobbing along and singing the words with Ella.

Oh well. Made it a more special moment for me!

Anyway, the title of this post is a direct quote from the Tyler Oakley look-a-like who stood by me during a portion of the night. Haha, I had to laugh and agree. Dan really is a spectacular singer, and I was impressed by just how masterful he is over his voice. He goes from high falsetto notes to deep, growling ones in moments. No matter how much dancing around he did (which was a lot) or running through the crowd, his voice sounded perfect and just like it does on the album. 
Towards the end, he told us (in his freaking adorable British accent, may I add) that he may be a horrible dancer, but there was a move he'd like us to join him on.
"It's called the pogo," he announced bashfully. "It goes like this."
With a sheepish grin, he proceeded to demonstrate the move I'd copied with him all night. Jumping up and down in place. 
So our part as the crowd was to crouch down right before the chorus began, and as the tension and notes increased, we'd release into a giant, hopping, pogo-ing mass. 

It was rather epic, let me tell you. 

Also, Dan's stage presence was endearing as newborn puppies and kittens. Seriously, this guy is just too cute for words. A quote I found from an interview done with him over a year ago, and it's still applicable to how he performs today:
"While Dan isn’t your confident-to-the-core frontman – jumping about gawkily like another member of the crowd, eyes down, all in black with a wolf emblazoned on his chest – when they swung into hit single Pompeii the crowd screamed every single word back at him adoringly; it was just a solid wall of noise."
Overall, it was another massively positive experience I can add to my list of concerts!
I can't wait until they go on tour again - because Bastille is definitely worth the time and money to see again and again and again!
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The Elle Diaries said...

What fun you had, singing away, and knowing all of the lyrics! The pogo, will have to remember that.
fabulous photos of the music, i could almost see the rhythm, and you look fabulous all dolled up!
XX, Elle

Sybil said...

omg!! this must have been epic!!! fun times for sure!!

Animated Confessions

Carla said...

oh my gosh I'm uber jealous!!! that sounds like an amazing trip and concert!

oh and i love your lipstick Linda dear!

xo, Carla

Jyoti said...

Wow! you had great fun at the event :) Lovely post..Keep In touch dear..hugs
rampdiary / My art Blog / Beauty and fashion Blog

Unknown said...

Hey it must be a great concert, i do not so much about this brand but i have listened to the song " bad blood" it is fantastic. I am Royal, a writer, blogger, i invite you to follow my blog and i will do the same

Sandra Leiva said...



Chloë, Wardrobe Quarry said...

You sure do love your music, don't you? Looks like you had a blast.

Wardrobe Quarry said...




Margaret Dallospedale said...

So cool
Maggie Dallospedale Fashion diary - Fashion blog said...

Looks like u had an amazing time!!! I'm glad I came across your blog :) love for u to check out my blog if you have a chance!!

-Roxanne Carmen

Mica said...

Sounds like such a fun concert, glad you enjoyed it! :)

I do like getting all up close and near the front, such fun that way, you're right :)

Away From The Blue

Eda G said...

I'm glad to read that you enjoyed your time there, concerts can really turn out great if you have the right company and enough space to breath during it :D I like Bastille's music as well, but I know only a couple of songs :)
I have to add that I have the same top you wear on your photos, it's so lovely isn't it?! :) | Room 95

Kristina said...

Wow, I'm glad you had an amazing time! Great pictures :)
Love your blog, hope to see you soon on my blog or Bloglovin or Facebook :)
Kisses from Zurich,

Kati said...

Great to hear you had a good time - I'd love to see Bastille life one day!


Chezka Cenon Li said...

Girl, you are so lucky to be able to go to all those concerts! Looks fantastic! =)

- Che

czarianonuevo said...

your recent posts on fb about this experience made me watch a video of Dan Smith and his band doing a cover of We Can't Stop (Miley Cyrus) in BBC live lounge ;p

czarina :)

Life's a shoe said...

wow you got to see them live! this looks amazing!


Veronika Novotny said...

Ah, this concert sounds absolutely amazing and it sounds like you had the best time!! <3 I love, love live music the energy is always so inspiring to me and I leave feeling so pumped and excited!! xo

katie said...

I think thats really awesome that you've been taking advantage of all the concerts down there, they all sound like so much fun! I really like this band so thats great that they're good live, its so disopointing to be really excited about a group and then you find out they're awful live. (linkin park, i'm looking at you, serious let down!) you seem like youre really getting into the concert scene, you look like youre getting really brave and confident in yourself and thats awesome, I'm glad you had so much fun! (and wow does the red lipstick look good on you)

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