My Top 3 Layering Tricks

Hello everyone, and welcome to October!
(say whaaaaaaaa??)
I know, I think it's insane how suddenly it jumped from July to October. However, there is one perk to the cooling months - layering! As a young individual invested in personal style, I view layering as one of the best tricks to producing a creative and fun outfit.

I've been attempting to make more useful lists like this for my blog, as I always appreciate seeing such posts on other sites. For today, I'm sharing three simple ways I've used layering to come up with a fresh and more interesting look over the years. However, I feel like I have to put a disclaimer up right now and inform you that if you're searching for a layering guru, check out Marlen's blog, Messages on a Napkin. Girl's a master at coming up with fresh ideas for layering.

As for me, these are my three, simple tricks you can incorporate in an everyday look:
1. a) Layer a skirt over a short dress


   b) Layer a skirt under a short dress
These are handy tricks to use when you've got a mini dress that you want to transition to day or just make more comfortable in general. It's a quick and easy way to fix a hemline problem. Depending on the fit of your dress, decide whether a skirt on top or beneath would make for a more streamlined fit.
My recommendation? Invest in a simple, black circle skirt. I'm using the same one in both of these photos, and have found it to be a staple piece for many outfits.
2. Layer two tops into one
See how perfectly that leopard print goes with the tan sweater? There are so many combinations you can make with your tops! For a more colorful punch, try combining two bold shades. It's all about the fit of your material - it's best to wear the looser piece on top, as this will best prevent the most amount of awkward lumpiness.
3. Layer a top over a dress
It's pretty obvious which one's my favorite layering trick, right?
Haha, it's too easy to transform a dress into a skirt simply by throwing a top over it!
You can add a new color, incorporate print mixing, or just tone down a busy dress by carefully choosing a complementary top. 

Layering is all about being creative with your clothes and going at it with a thought of 'But how can I make this better?'

Hope this short little list helped and inspired!
What are some of your favorite layering tricks?

Also, since we skipped Music Monday this week (dropped the ball on that one folks, sorry!), enjoy this new tune by Lorde. It's going to be a track from the upcoming Hunger Games movie, Mockingjay (SQUEEE!!)

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Sandra Leiva said...

Nice, thanks for sharing, hun!


Carly said...

Great tips! They will help us all transition into the colder weather.

Carmen Varner said...

Yippee. These are extraordinarily relevant for fall. Perfect tips. I love sporting a shirt over a dress. I need to rock the skirt under a dress; that'd be fun. :] // ☼ ☯

Aux Caprices de Flore said...

Nice tips for fall, and especially with winter coming!!! you look good in those outfits.

Elana said...

These are such great tips! I always see posts like this, but they never have anything new. I like that these are things I actually haven't tried yet, and I really want to! Especially the long skirt under a short skirt. Genius!

Sybil said...

love the top over the dress! i actually even do this in the summer time!! :)

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Laura Mitbrodt said...

Great layering tips!
I love the leopard one

dgfdg said...

These are all such great advice! I definitely will be layering a lot this Fall!

Maggie S.

Alexandra Zakharova said...

oh, time is running like an express train and it's a bit terrifying! I even can't believe the summer is over, it has gone by so fast and it's October already.
That idea to layer a skirt under a short dress is awesome, I would try to try this out for sure. All your outfits are great! Besides, those snapshots are so lovely) Thanks for such an interesting post, Linda. I enjoyed a lot!
Have a fabulous time!

Carla said...

totally agree! i love layering. sadly it's still too hot here to layer. but these are great tips, - layer tops over dresses too. love!

xo, Carla

renae said...

Oh yes my Sweet Linda B.,

So thankful for you and your loyalty. I loved reading those nice comments you left on two of my "welcome back" posts. I am so raring to go now cuz I feel so great FINALLY!

Your layering has inspired me more than you know. I am always thinking of "what can I layer this with?" YOU were my mentor for thus!

♥, Renae

Unknown said...

Amazing tips! You look gorgeous in all your outfits, especially the second one!


xo Jess

Toks said...

I am sooo jealous that you can even think about layering right now. You may have jumped from July to October but here in the south of Spain the temperatures are still around 30ºC(86ºF) and I really am getting fed up with not being able to wear any of my new autumn outfits. Oh for a cold cloudy day, hahaha. Great looks Linda. xoxoxoxo

Kati said...

Thanks so much for your sweet words, they made my day!
I love wearing tops and jumpers over dresses, my favourite kind of layering!

Have a great weekend,

Kat said...

great tips linda! love layering up in the fall! theres something so comforting when you just throw on layers and layers of clothes :D

katie said...

Oh man, how is it october already? I'm not ready!
Your tip about a plain black circle skirt is spot on, i thrifted a wool gap skirt last year and its perfect for those short dresses! Ots fun to see a collective of your outfits, you have so much varity with your style but everything you wear is very "you"

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