Music Monday: Verite

I've been really into indie-pop tracks lately, and this latest one by Verite is quite catchy. She's a New York singer-songwriter, who's delicate voice is weaved throughout a sweeping hook.

Hope you enjoy, and that it perks up your Monday!

PS: I've been having some frustration, as the past week I've had my laptop in the shop getting fixed, and it's been irritating going into the school library to do blogging and what not. Hopefully this week I'll be getting it back and uploading the photos I've been taking in the mean time. Just wait - I've got a creeptastic filled shoot that's been sitting on my camera just waiting to be transferred. I can't wait to show you!

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The Elle Diaries said...

wonderful suggestion. but i couldnt download it, I am sure it is a "me thing", or maybe a cookie thing, I will will look for her when i get to itunes next. I love discovering new artists!
I am sure your are frustrated, i would be too, but I am looking forward to your spooky new post!
xx, Elle

Unknown said...

I should have lowered the volume on my headphones before playing this, haha! It's pretty catchy though :) And I've never heard of this artist before!

A Very Sweet Blog said...

I would be frustrated too! Hope everything gets back to normal. I don't know why I'm not getting your posts through bloglovin. Weird.

Sybil said...

you totally got me with the female vocals, indie vibe and catchy pop tune! i love this!!! :D

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Kati said...

Yeah, I bet it's odd sitting in the library doing the blogging stuff!


A Possible Fantasy said...

love indie vibe! thank you for sharing!

a possible fantasy
if you follow me via bloglovin', please let me know so i can follow back. thank you ♥

katie said...

Oooh, bummer about the laptop problems, that's got to be hard with school and everything going on. This is another girl I haven't listen to, I'll have to give her a try. (If I can break Away from my Volbeat cds, I just discovered that band a few weeks ago and I'm so hooked, I just keep playing them over an over. I'm sure Ev would appreciate it if I listen to something new!)

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