An Open Letter About Halloween

Okay, this is something I try not to emphasize too much on my blog, simply because my main focus is to keep The Dragonfruit Diaries as a fashion blog. However, most of you know that I am a Christian and am a person of faith. It's been an important foundation that I've built my life on ever since I was young. 

Now, because of this, many people in my social circles are similar types. It reflects on my Facebook wall, and as Halloween encroached upon us, I saw a lot of posts that were rants about the paganism of October 31st and the evil that it entails. 

As someone who never saw the harm in Halloween (thanks to my parents' influence - thanks mom and dad!), I remained verbally silent and instead posted photos of my makeup looks inspired by the "pagan" holiday. To clarify, I find Halloween a time of creativity, and as an artist, I view it as an opportunity for me to create a living art project. I had immense enjoyment in creating this year's looks! 
I understand where they're coming from, but personally? I don't see Halloween as something that is pagan anymore. It may have roots in that somewhere, but to reach what most Americans refer to as "Halloween," it draws on multiple roots, from the Christian holiday of All Saints Day to a Celtic tradition of wearing masks to scare off spirits during the harvest. 

So that should tell you where I stand on the issue. 

I find it funny how anti-Halloween many Christians are, but they raise no fuss about celebrating Christmas, which falls on a day that isn't really Jesus' birthday anyway. Even those who despise Santa Clause and the common lore tied to him ("He's just another false god!") still partake in the joys of December 25th. Did you know that the traditional Christmas tree is steeped in pagan tradition? Many pagan cultures used to cut off boughs of evergreen trees, take them into their house, and decorate them. Today, many modern pagan cultures do the same thing to celebrate the winter solstice.
Guess what? I have yet to run into a Christian who scolded me for putting up a Christmas tree.
So, you're picking and choosing what aspect of the holiday you celebrate?
Guess what? That's what I'm doing on Halloween too. I'm not a Satanist in any way. I don't strip naked, poor blood into a fire, or mutter demonic spells under my breath.
God knows what's in my heart and my purpose in partaking in certain Halloween themed events such as dressing up or getting creative with my makeup.

I find hypocrisy to be the strongest trait found in far too many Christian circles, which has probably influenced my decision in not attending church (*insert horrific gasp from every good church-attender here*). But I find my faith is often stifled instead of grown in such settings. Perhaps one day I'll find a church I would like to attend regularly, which I would love to discover. Until then, I prefer my private devotions and have seen my faith grow more firmly that way.

So tonight, I'd like to end this semi-rant/letter with a quote I found humorous and all too true from an article online:
"I’m not saying you have to celebrate. But we do, and that doesn’t mean we’re Satanists. We’re God-fearing people who happen to like candy."

 Colossians 2:16-17
16 So let no one judge you in food or in drink, or regarding a festival or a new moon or sabbaths, 17 which are a shadow of things to come, but the substance is of Christ.

PS: Sorry if you picked up on the excessive sass underlying this post and it offended you. This is what happens when Linda stays silent on something for too long. It comes out slightly bitchy...
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Marcia B. said...

Great photo!

czarianonuevo said...

this is such a good way to say what's in your mind about these issues. i'm glad I've read your side. Btw, love seeing all your spooky Halloween photos on fb :)

czarina :)

Nicole Aguinaldo said...

Great insights and I totally agree! :) awesome post! :)


Nicole Aguinaldo said...

Great insights and I totally agree! :) awesome post! :)


Jo said...

Hey Linda, That's a great look you've created! I love it. Initially when I read the title and when I read that you are a Christian, I thought "Oh no... There goes another Christian preaching about how Halloween is bad." I'm glad to read your view coming from a Christian. Well, I believe in God but many Christians, their way of thinking, their thoughts all turn me off. They pushed me away from Christianity, from going to church... though I still believe in God.

Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

PiotrowskaPaulina said...

great idea! cool post pretty :)

Jodie said...

Go Linda! Fantasticly written article- and great points made. I went to a catholic high school and they where so anti Halloween it was stifling. I love a good pumpkin.

The Elle Diaries said...

I appreciate your intelligent and nuanced opinion about Halloween vs. Paganism. I applaud you for having a faith and yet being open minded, so that your faith is your own, and no one else's, nor anyone's business, for that matter.
I also think this post is your most visually artistic and creative. I am very impressed!
xx, Elle

Unknown said...

Haha, this is why I love you Linda! Speak your mind, girl.

I think you know I'm an atheist (you're a regular on my blog and I've mentioned it before), but I was raised Catholic and attended a Catholic school all my life. Our "religion" teacher (it wasn't religion; it was really Bible study) DESPISED Halloween and used to tell us we would see the devil before going to bed if we celebrated it in any way or if we liked it. And sure enough, I did "see" the devil on Halloween in 3rd grade, and I had crazy anxiety and difficulty falling asleep for days after that. Poor old woman. She was a nice person, but so dogmatic that she was willing to scare children into being her particular brand of Christian.

And you bring up such good points about Christmas. Or should I say, Mithras? Christmas and Easter and Halloween all share pagan backgrounds. The church simply adopted many of the elements already present to ease the transition into Christianity.

I've always loved Halloween-- it's my favorite holiday right after Christmas. I think that's probably true for you too. You did such a good job with your looks this year!!

Longest comment ever. Lol. I do that sometimes.

Toks said...

Great insight Linda, I'm Catholic too although I don't attend church regularly and I agree totally about the hypocrisy. Great photos. xoxoxo

Mica said...

Looks like a fun costume! :)

I find that the world would be a better place if we all did what we wanted an didn't judge each other for's sad, and I know what you mean about churches. I like my Church Online, no pressure, I can attend in my PJs, and fellowship with people around the world! :)

You do what you want for Halloween, and enjoy it. Don't let someone else's opinion take your joy away :)

Away From The Blue

Sybil said...

i hear yah, girl!! i enjoy giving treats to kids come halloween time and i just find it as a way to celebrate something that has been seen as rather a sad holiday. don't get me wrong, i still make it a point to visit the cemetery for our relatives who have passed away, to remember them and pray for them. i just think that there's also some simple joy with halloween itself.

Animated Confessions

Sandra Leiva said...



Unknown said...

hey! you're so cool in that ensemble!! i love it ♥ ♥

New post on the blog sweetie!

katie said...

High Five for this! (In my mind, you're one of the best kinds of Christians, you're kind to other people and their beliefs but you seem very secure in your own faith.) I love Halloween and always have, we went to a very conservative church when I was younger and they were all about "Halloween is for SATAN!" My parents are awesome though and always took us trick or treating and were really big on teaching all of us to come to our own decisions about the world. (Haha, we wee the only kids allowed to read the Harry Potter book when they came out!) Halloween seems to be a lot more about family and fun anyways, families all try to get together for carnivals or trick or treating and it seems pretty positive to me. I did just read that scaring ourselves is really important to managing stress levels, apparently after a big "spooky" scare our brains totally relax and it puts us in a happy state so Halloween seems kinda important in that context. So yay for Halloween! (And it's the only time you can really do cosplay and not look silly and I just really have a lot of fun seeing how excited my kids get for Halloween.)

katie said...

Ha, forgot to mention that I like your spooky photos as well, those are awesome! You just keep getting better and better!

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