The Little Stinger

Dress & Socks: c/o Oasap   Sweater: AE   Necklace: c/o Too Sexy Store   Skirt (worn underneath) & Boots: thrifted
Okay, how cute is this dress? Perhaps the word "cute" isn't what pops into your mind when you see bees, but come on, a bee print? That's what cuteness is made of!

However, this IS one of those "free size" dresses from Oasap, so I braced myself for the worst. After much sucking in of the stomach and wiggling around like a spastic worm, I finally squeezed myself into this dress. Much to my dismay, I found the hem of it MUCH too short. I couldn't even lean forward without feeling the edge of the dress riding up my butt. So, um, yeah, that wasn't happening. After a moment of perplexion, I knew right away there wasn't anything a little layering couldn't fix. I slipped on my lace skirt underneath, added tall socks and boots, and walked out the door confidently. This dress may be a hassle, but that bee print sure did get to me.

Also, if you didn't notice, I let the "sting" theme get to me, because I added some spiked accessories that I couldn't help giggling over. Seriously, spikes and bee print? Perfection.

So. In conclusion, if you are an athletic girl with some curvy hips and a wide waist, be warned - this dress is probably not for you. 
I'm happy I was able to get at least one wear out of it, but other than that, this little (emphasis on little) number is being shipped off to my smaller relatives in the Philippines. 
Anyone have a funny/interesting story about an experience with a bee (or worse, beeS)? 
All I can tell you is that when I was in second grade, I got stung for the first time. A monster sized, fuzzy bee had landed on my thumb, and I froze as I watched this fascinating, terrifying insect wiggle about on my hand. Then, a nearby classmate made a sudden motion, and I felt the sharp sting I'd been told so often about. It burned, and I felt tears prick at the corner of my eyes.
"Linda, are you okay!? Let's go to the nurse's office," my friend exclaimed when she noticed. 
We scurried off, and I blinked back the tears threatening to spill over.
"I can't believe you're not even crying," she wondered. "Doesn't it hurt?"
I nodded my head, but still refused to cry in front of anyone.
Even at that young age, I hated shedding tears in public. I'm afraid it's more due to pride than toughness though. Those two can often get confused, because while crying is often looked down on as weakness, I believe it can be cleansing. 
 "Perhaps our eyes need to be washed by our tears once in a while, so that we can see life with a clearer view again."
Alex Tan


Samantha said...

Oh, that bee print dress is awesome! The spiked jewelry is quite clever too.

I actually found a hornet's nest just outside my door as I was putting the laundry out on the line this morning. I got so scared I ran into the house without finishing!

Miranda said...

Oh, that print is so perfect!

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nancy @ adore to adorn said...

fun dress and clever way of wearing it when you weren't comfortable with the hem line!
How interesting your tale is about not crying...even with your bee sting! I remember my first bee sting but, I can't say for sure I didn't shed a tear. I was older than you but, I remember how painful it was. I remember that I never wanted to be near a bee again and to this day, I will make sure to stay still and not swat at them. =)


Veronika Novotny said...

That dress is freakin' amazing. I LOVE that print! Thinking I might need to grab it, can see it looking so cute with skinnies or tights... plus your styling is superb too! Wishing you a beautiful Wednesday, lovey!! xo

PS Bee stings? Terrified of them!

Femme Home said...

This look is so cute! Love the knot shirt!



Femme Home

Toks said...

This is a great layered look but yep, you're right about the sizing at OASAP. I had a couple of items from them and could only wear them once because of the sizes. I think they make their clothes for really short people and forget that girls in Europe are taller. xoxoxo

Sybil said...

you made it work amidst the length/hemline issue!!! cute layering job!!

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thehonorableMissDecaf said...

Can you just give me all your wisdom when it comes to layering shiz? Please and thanks? Sweet. ;)

For real, though, I love the punk and sweetness of this outfit. Your spiked socks correlating to stingers? Brilliant. As is your layering. But I already talked about that. But I don't care. :P

I don't have any bee stories. I actually can't remember being stung by one. I'm sure I have, me being the bare-footed homeschooler flopping around in my yard as a younging and all, but I can't actually recall it. XD


Carla said...

the layering was a smart move Linda, I actually thought that was part of the dress. you look really great! and speaking of layers, i'm jealous you can do that now. it's still scorching hot here in Macau. ugh..

anyway, have a great week!

P.S. Missing you on my blog =)

Kati said...

Thanks for your lovely words on my last post!
What a fun outfit - the layering is too good!

Have a great day,

rafa said...

That socks is da bomb!
And mixing it with the boots making it explodes really coooool!!!><

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Unknown said...

loooooveee this dress! it probably would not fit me since you say is running small but I love the print! you styled it to perfection and solved the too short problem in a very cute way!!! I have never been stung by a bee but I'm terrified of them haha I invite you to visit my blog and let me know if you would like to follow each other to stay in touch.


A Very Sweet Blog said...

Well you styled the hell out of it Linda! Looks great and I love the bee and spikes theme! HAHAHA I sat on a wasp getting in the car going to Kindergarten. My grandmother removed the stinger and sent me on my way. I thought I would get out of school that day. Not with her! LOL

erica marie said...

You are rocking this bee print. Oh and the layering is such a good idea. I had a dress from Oasap and it was extremely short that I never wore it. It's still in my closet so I'll have to see if I have a skirt that could layer well with it. Loving your hair as well girl.

xo erica

Unknown said...

Such a cute print! Layering a skirt under a short dress is one of my favourite tricks ;)

Jennifer Ashley

Sandra Leiva said...

What a beautiful print!


Hoda Katebi said...

I had to come see the full post when you posted a photo from this shoot on Instagram, and oh my gosh, you definitely well-managed to make this dress work for you (& it was totally worth the effort because it looks lovely on you)!
Also, while I don't have a bee story (*knocks on wood*) my cousin one time stuck her head full out of the window when we were driving at high speed and just happened to pass by a bee-keeping place, and a bee flew into her face and stung her right in the middle of her forehead! It was so hilarious!

<(') Hoda | JooJoo Azad

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog earlier! This is a great post. Love how much personality you put in. Also loving the outfit! Great use of layers :)

Jasmin xx

Blooms on the Hill said...

How cute are the bees!!

czarianonuevo said...

so nice how you worked with that short dress! styling skills at work!! the bee print is interesting :)

czarina :)

Maiken said...

oh Linda, this has to be one of your fiercest looks ever. I just can't get over the chic glasses and your ponytail looks lovely too. when it comes to the "dress" the bee print indeed is awesome but the piece itself looks more like a blouse, hehe. by the way, I remember I once received a freebie pair of lace shorts from Oasap and they were also "one size". I'm size S so they were perfect on me but if a size M girl would have ordered those shorts then... you know the outcome. that's why I don't like Oasap's size system. it should definitely be more obvious and logical.

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