Over Time Too

Dress: Romwe (via Catsuit-Latex)   Hat: c/o Oasap   Wedges: Just Fab   Belt & Bag: thrifted

What does one wear to an art exhibit? Why, their new, slit-sleeved dress from Romwe of course! I'm quite pleased to say that unlike that Oasap bee print dress, this one is flowy, comfortable, and had me twirling about in happiness. Paired with some brown accents (who in the world said black and brown don't go together?) and leopard wedges, I felt pretty classy for a low key exhibit.

Ross Coates' show, entitled "Over Time Too" was an absorbing collection of mixed media pieces, with my favorite being the neon lit chairs. His collages had me peering closely at the wooden boards, pondering what he was trying to communicate through the brusque brush strokes, dismembered dolls, and taped on photos of flowers.

Kirsten looked them up and down, and with a wrinkled brow declared, "I think he is a very confused man."

I had to laugh at that. Isn't that what most art causes? If the message on the canvas doesn't practically spell out it's meaning, it is confusion and nonsense to the viewer.
Perhaps that's what I like about the varying forms of art. There are the basic, pretty paintings that are beautiful snapshots of life. There are dreamy abstract pieces that make you reconsider perspective and color. Then there are the morbid, doll-dismembering collages that have you tilting your head and wondering what the artist is trying to communicate.

I love it. In my opinion, art doesn't have to be beautiful or pretty to be considered art. Sometimes, the best art is discovered in the ugliness. It's easy to snapshot the aesthetically pleasing things in life, frame them, and call it art.

You could compare it to the way we frame only the best attributes in our life and hang them to display on our social media walls. We present such a narrow, enclosed representation of ourselves to the world in order to maintain a "pretty" appearance. However, some artists come slashing through that flimsy sheet to reveal the dirt and grit that's been swept under the rug.

Our culture is obsessed with appearances, with a standard, and with maintaining those.
However, as humans, we are inherently flawed.

While Mr. Coates' style isn't mine, and a lot of his pieces had me scratching my head, I could still appreciate it.

What's your opinion on art? Does it need to be pretty to be considered worthwhile?

So you also outwardly appear righteous to others, but within you are full of hypocrisy and lawlessness.
Matthew 23:28
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bashashhazbaz said...

yowza! this outfit is freakin' awesome! you look amazing!

esosandra said...

Not much of a art lover but I think I can appreciate something simple and pretty. Lovely LBD.

Unknown said...

Great pics! Love the shoes and jewelry, super cute!!!! Great outfit :)
Check out my blog and maybe we can follow each other? Hope to hear from you!

Unknown said...

Love your glasses, you look amazing!

A Doll Without Style

A Very Sweet Blog said...

Linda, you look absolutely amazing girl! I love your dress and shoes. I love art exhibits. People should keep it real. People also like a little fantasy. I hear so many dreadful things each and everyday it's nice to read & see pretty things.

Ali Hval said...

Look at you gettin' all down and artsy with an outfit post centered around a gallery visit! Hehe, I love it when the galleries around our campus gets a new show for friends and I to visit (especially on the opening nights when there's fancy cheese and grapes... Heheheh) and adore that you chose to take some pictures at one. I agree that it's pretty inter ston to see pieces that are a little less beautiful and inspire a little more questioning--I've always admired works like that since they're more attuned to the concept opposed to the aestetic value.

And of course you are looking like an absolute doll. I love those shoes and that hat Miss Linda!! Have a lovely rest of your weekend!

Keit said...

Main reason I don't appreciate art that much is because I can spit a juicy sputum on a pink piece of paper and tell people it represented my broken childhood and they'd be like :"why yes, it does!"...
I simply love this dress, it's so boho and comfy, the rings are awesome O_O

Unknown said...

Soo Fabulous <3 Love the accessories <3

xoxo Chaicy - Style.. A Pastiche!

Kati said...

Love the idea of a little shoot in an art exhibit!
You look perfect today, Linda!

Have a great weekend,

Unknown said...

Pretty shoes!

The Fashion Heels

Blooms on the Hill said...

I really like your jewellery, it is so funky!

czarianonuevo said...

you look so stylish!!! i LOVE this visit-to-an-art-museum outfit!! i couldn't agree more, Black and Brown is a raddd combo! so stylishly put together Linda!

Looking at paintings or any other form of art will always give different reactions. I agree that art sometimes doesn't come in beautiful packaging. Sometimes, what hurts and distracting will exhibit more impact to the viewers.

czarina :)

Unknown said...

cute outfit! love the hat!

xo Stephanie

Unknown said...

Thanks for checking out my blog! I followed you on gfc, hope you'll follow back!

JANICE G said...

so chic!

the STYLE Fringe BLOG

Unknown said...

I love this look!

Veronika Novotny said...

Firstly, you chose the perfect outfit for your gallery day. So full of charm and flare!!

As for art? You've posed such an interesting question, I definitley love art that's gritty and has a certain rawness to it. But, I'll be honest... when it comes to the art I hang in my home I prefer something that's soft, pretty and uplifting. But I absolutely admire and respect all of it! <3 Wishing you a beautiful Sunday!! xo

PS - So glad you enjoyed my "tips" post. Excited to see what you have planned too!

Midwest Muse said...

This dress is so amazing on you. Love how unique it is! Perfect setting for it!

Sampada said...

What a cool dress! Also loving the jewelry :)
I love the chairs piece!
Art is definitely very subjective and vague...totally open to interpretation so yep, "ugliness" is art too.
But that poses the question of what ugly actually looks like...
Or if it really is about looks.

joy said...

This dress is gorgeous and I love all the boho accessories! And wow this art exhibit looks amazing. I definitely don't think art needs to be "pretty" to be amazing and meaningful.

Sybil said...

i love this!! perfect look to the exhibit you went to! :D really unique bag!

Animated Confessions

Amanda said...

for some reason I thought about the sex and city... Hehe Im so silly... But Im totally in love with your dress... this look is just so on point!!

Alexandra Zakharova said...

This slit-sleeved dress is really chic and fits you perfectly well, I'm not surprised with your choice. It accords with your personal style, to my mind;)
The art exhibition is interesting as well, not to my taste, though. I'm not going to judge it anyway, it worth seeing at least once:)
Have a productive week, Linda!

Only Yesterday Blog said...

Awww i love your accessories and shoes! And your look does suit for the art exhibit. Well, ive never been to any exhibit. But you look great.

Visit my blog:

Sandra Leiva said...

Beautiful dress and great accesories!


Unknown said...

Your hair has gotten so long! I dig it. :)
Also, that bag and shoe combo is kinda perfect.

Unknown said...

I think there's room for both kinds of art-- some are pretty look at, and some make you scratch your head. Anyways, those shoes are so fab! I love the cheetah print and lace up style :)


Tanja Jojic said...

That's quite impressive post! I love reading your thoughts. And the outfit is so adorable, I want every single piece of it. The ring party you have out there is just amazing. =^.^=

jeanne christine said...

Gorgeous! Love this look!

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