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Slip Dress: Rue 21   Jacket: thrifted   Hat: c/o Oasap   Boots: Just Fab   
So remember that slip dress trend for the summer?
Guess who finally bought herself a slip dress right when fall's started arriving? I waited until I could snag one for a measly $9 though, that's why!
So yeah, just being economical here. Plus, you can totally style these pretty little things for fall. That's the beauty of this season - layers, layers, and more layers!

Anyway, for this particular day, I didn't need much layering. A simple, floral print, silk jacket paired with booties did the job. For fall, I imagine myself wearing this dress with black tights, boots, and plaid tied around my waist. Ooooh, and a beanie. Guys, I'm ridiculously excited to start breaking out my beanie collection.

You know, this summer has pretty much ended, as far as activities and freedom go. It's been one filled with new friendships, joyful moments, experiencing what it's like to work somewhere I love, and reaffirming my faith. I don't regret a single second of it.

However, there are portions of it I puzzle over and fret about.
Why is it that people are so fickle? How can someone so easily switch a flip from being invested in you and your interests to becoming cold, distant, and having zero interest in you as a human?
I suppose that saying about discovering your true friends rears it's ugly head.
Let's just say I've been disappointed and hurt by the disregard shown to me by a certain someone I thought had an actual interest in me as a person, not just a romantic interest (which I firmly made clear was not an option). I suppose I was wrong though.

It's been a while since I've felt so hurt and upset with another person for this, but really? Am I worth so little value as a human, that I'm not worth the effort of knowing if I don't serve a romantic purpose in your life? It's incredibly revolting just how belittling that is to me.

If there's anything I've learned in my short 20 years of life, it's that people can talk a pretty speech and shower your ears with flowery words till they're blue in the face. However, those lovely promises and words can quickly decay into rottenness with their actions in mere seconds.

Don't just talk the talk, walk the walk.

Whoever says he is in the light and hates his brother is still in darkness.
I John 2:9
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Toks said...

I love this lingerie dress and it is so perfect paired with the jacket and booties. I have noticed over the months how you have changed your style and this look is perfect. Regarding your "false" friend, just get up, dust yourself off and go on honey. Unfortunately you're gonna find a lot of that on your way, if you're not interested in the romance then you're not interesting enough to know. Don't let it get to you, really. Do you really think that anyone who thinks that way is worth it?? NOOOO!!!! And you're worth people a whole lot better than that. Have a great weekend. xoxoxo

Melissa Ortiz said...

beautiful dress & you got such a good deal as well! you're definitely right about the fall season being all about layering- that's one of my favorite parts about the whole season- I get to use every part of my wardrobe!

Sorry to hear about that person who disappointed you :( That situation sounds familiar to me because i've been through something like that too. It's heartbreaking to realize that people could act so sweet one second- then cold & cruel the next. I don't think anyone who acts that way is worth your time! I hope you feel better soon. <3

Jodie said...

Amazing slip dress- I tend to wear my mostly layered in autumn so you're not alone in your time of purchase.
Sorry to hear someone has treated you so badly by someone but inflate you've learnt frontage experience. Some people just aren't worry your time.

Megan Butcher said...

Love this, you look wonderful! The 4th photo from the bottom is so great :) A slip dress is so fun, I so want to try that someday now!


Unknown said...

You look fantastic!! that slip dress is so pretty!


Alexandra Zakharova said...

You are beautifully gowned, Linda. The whole attire is so special and original! You definitely have a very bright individuality, which is easy to trace through your outfits:) Besides, those snapshots are so beautifully done!
Have a fabulous time!

Keit said...

Soooo, from what I get, you friendzoned someone? :D I think it's natural for that person to feel angry and to ignore you, it's a normal human reaction. I basically hate the guys I had romantic interest in, but they didn't return it, I want bad things to happen to them... :D I know it's stupid, and this is not how I should react, but when your feelings are hurt you get crazy.. :D
Love this slip dress, love love love! It's so gentle and sexy and you styled it so tastefully ^_^

czarianonuevo said...

I really adore your white slip dress!!! it goes perfectly with the bohemian vibe! i love your floral jacket and your ankle boots!! i can imagine myself wearing an outfit similar to this :) so stylish Linda!

czarina :)

Hoda Katebi said...

Such a pretty look! I love how you doubled a button-up as a cardigan--it goes so well with the lace dress (and what a deal, too!)
As for the "certain someone" in question, don't let it get you down, love. We've all been in that position before and it's never pleasant. Just know you're beautiful and above it all and that the person in question is irrelevant to living a happy and successful life (I quite remember a post you wrote about being independent?) ;)

<(') Hoda | JooJoo Azad

oijgerakhjnfleklj;af;jlkea said...

That slip dress is so cute and such a good deal! It looks really comfy. And I've already broken out the beanies, haha.


Midnight Cowgirl said...

This is such a cute look!

A Very Sweet Blog said...

Linda, always remember this! Words mean nothing, ACTIONS mean everything. I have been so misguided by listening to people and their promises. People have to show me! So keep your chin up! Love your dress and jacket.

Unknown said...

You look so beautiful!


Maiken said...

oh I've been in such situations, too many times when I was probably as old as you are right now. but those guys don't deserve your attention. just rip them off from your head and heart and forget. it's the only right thing to do and when time passes you feel nothing towards such people. it really works! now, when it comes to your outfit my favourites are this light jacket-like thingy and definitely your glasses. those look amazing on you!

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Sandra Leiva said...

Great hat and jacket!


Ali Hval said...

Ugh oh NO! I am so sorry to hear that you're feeling hurt over another person's actions--seriously, what is WITH people not being able to communicate properly? If you're hanging out with someone that much and showering them with poetic words and sweet whispers and such, surely that points to something. Like can people not make up their mind orrrrr...? Man, I was just nodding my head at everything you said. I'm sending big hugs your way because when people can't make up their minds with friendships or relationships or just how they feel around you, gosh darnit, it's really a shitty feeling.

*big hugs*

On the upside, you are looking cute in that slip. I keep missing out on trends on the internet, but this is one I would love to invest in.

Chin up, my sweet Linda; we here are all for you and love you so much! Thinking of you. <3

Veronika Novotny said...

Oh no, sorry to hear things went cold with someone. It's tough I think, people, relationships... whenever I can try to talk it through with people, well, providing their open to that! And lingerie inspired you say? Oh my gosh, my absolute favourite. Love free people for that... so many gorgeous slips! <3

thehonorableMissDecaf said...

Hey dearie.

I love this look, especially all the little details that fall into it. Your necklace against the lace is my favorite shot. :D

Yay, I do know all about friends who suddenly up and leave and pretend like you, as a human, don't matter anymore. I know all. about. that. Remember when I wrote those whiny three-part blog posts? Yeah. Feel free to whine-blog about it. It's a great outlet and the world needs more perspective from women. <3


katie said...

Awww, I'm really sorry about that. I think I know who you're talking about (just from your posts this summer) and if it is that person, I'm really sorry, it sounded like you guys were having a really fun friendship. Guys are pretty weird about that stuff though, sometimes even though they know there's no chance of romance they'll get into a friendship hoping stuff will change and when it doesn't they get really hurt, fell rejected and they bail. I hope this doesn't put you off having friendships with guys though, they can be great friends, it can just be hard to get past the romance thing - especially with today's mentality. At least you have a great group of girlfriends to be there for you!
I did want to say that I LOVE this outfit and would totally steal it from you, that jacket was such a good find!

Izzy said...

oh I'm sorry to hear that! :( yeah it can be quite difficult to trust some people, where their actions don't match their words. on another note, you look lovely (I'm a sucker for anything boho-esque)! :)

Metallic Paws

Lyosha Varezhkina said...

that's just solo cute! can't help it!

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