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Necklace: c/o ShopLately   Shirt: Debs   Skirt: Rue 21   Bag&Heels: thrifted
I've always been all about making a statement with fashion, so you can imagine my enthusiasm in receiving this gorgeous statement necklace from ShopLately! Isn't it stunning? I absolutely love it! Combined with a cleaned up, black and white outfit (what else do I wear lately?), a bold red lip, and a slicked back ponytail, I felt positively chic. 

I've worked with ShopLately in the past, but I feel as if they've revamped their website and are even more efficient than ever. In case you've never heard about them, they're an online market featuring unique designers and brands that you won't find on every other girl on campus. This has always been my issue - living in a small town that doesn't place very high priority on personal style, I often find multiple people wearing the same, tired, sole trendy piece that's being sold at the local mall. As someone who's always desired having her own, individual style that stands out from the average, college girl look, ShopLately is a great marketplace that does all the work of finding unique and relatable pieces for me and puts it all in one place.

Plus, they have everything! Shoes, clothes, jewelry, name it. It makes for some fun browsing. And just in case the browsing gets old, they get new arrivals every Monday, with sales going on every Wednesday! Seriously guys, I'm gonna have to try and restrain myself from window shopping too much...because you know where window shopping leads to...

In case you're a major shopaholic though, and you know you'd end up spending all your allowance money there, they've created an Insider Program that allows you to get access to special sales, and my favorite thing in the world for online shopping - FREE SHIPPING. For $9 a year, I'd say that's quite the membership.

So basically, ShopLately is awesome and if you're looking to revamp your wardrobe for the fall season, I highly recommend you check them out! 

Oh that's right, and it's officially autumn, ladies. Let all the pumpkin spice, fall leaves, pumpkin carving, and apple picking craziness commence. 

As for me, I'm taking my picnic basket and heading out for a hike today. I'm certain I'll have photos to share for a future post from this. 

What are your opinions on statement jewelry? Any favorite pieces that you like to wear?

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Carla said...

that necklace is statement indeed! i do love myself some sparkly gigantic necklaces. great job working with shoplately!

i also love your take on black and white. the outfit is pretty and chic. =)

xo, Carla

Andrea said...

loving statement jewellery I couldn't own anything other!

Vale ♥ said...

I love statement necklaces and yours is wonderful, j'adore !

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Unknown said...

I love black and white! You look stunning! great outfit and accessories to die for!!

Unknown said...

I love black & white with a pop of red! And you found the perfect backdrop to shoot the outfit against.


nancy @ adore to adorn said...

great statement piece. I adore how it looks with your look. Fun!
I definitely will incorporate my statement pieces as much as I can. =)

Toks said...

I love statement jewellery, but I think you know that hahaha. Great necklace and I love your outfit, very chic. Being a total shopaholic myself I shall certainly check out the site, although if they ship from the States it's difficult to buy because we have to pay import duty on packages coming from the US and so it can work out quite costly. I bought some shoes from Jeffrey Campbell online from the States and the import duty cost me half of the cost of the shoes. Never again hahaha!!! BTW, loved you comment about flowers on dark backgrounds. Love. A

thehonorableMissDecaf said...

Such a gorgeous statement is it! You look very classy and stunning, and I will definitely be perusing that website. :D


Imogen said...

This is really beautiful and stunning. I love your whole outfit and also this lip colour on you.

Sampada said...

Love this look! The red lip with the black and white is so classic.

Kati said...

Thanks for your lovely words on my last post!
What a classy look today - love the black & white!

Have a great day,

Anonymous said...

The black and white look is amazing on you, what with the bold red lips and beautiful statement can be a challenege to be in a small city and still look NY ready..and you surely accomplish that..

Toks said...

This is the first time I've been in Paris coinciding with the Fashion Week and it was totally amazing. I will definately be going again. I'll be posting about it in a few days, when I get the photos sorted. Thanks so much for your comment Linda. xoxoxo

Mica said...

Such a cute statement necklace! :)

I like that skirt too, really nice piece on you :)

Away From The Blue

Unknown said...

Your looking too pretty and i love the way you have styled the look overall.

Unknown said...

Your looking too pretty and i love the way you have styled the look overall.

erika sorocco said...

Nothing works better with a black and white outfit than a red lip and statement necklace. Gorgeous!!


Only Yesterday Blog said...

You look gorgeous in your outfit Linda! At first i really thought that you're wearing a dress, i love how the two pieces combined together with a result of harmonic look! And your necklace is just spot on!

Anyway, i am inviting you to join my giveaway. Join it here!

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Sandra Leiva said...

Wow! You look amazing, dear!
Great skirt and beautiful necklace <3


Satin Diaries(SD) said...

I love the mesh sheer detailing of your dressand the hair adds an extra touch ofsophistication. Love it


Chezka Cenon Li said...

What other color do we need right? I adore this outfit Linda, definite fave! The necklace is perfection :)

- Che

Unknown said...

Love you in monochrome!


Kym said...

This is phenomenal! Seriously chic, with a bit of an edge. I'd say you're channeling Gwen Stefani all the way. I'm completely in love with how amazing you look!

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