5 Tips For Going To A Concert

I almost feel like it's obnoxious for me to write this post when I've only been to four concerts in my lifetime (though that number will only continue to grow, as I'm absolutely hooked). However, at each one, I've learned a few things that I've felt like sharing, especially since the most recent one (MONUMENTOUR, AHHH!!). Yup, still fangirling over that one.
Next up? Bastille in November!

Anyway, next time you're heading to a concert, here are a few tips that I'm sharing from experience so you'll know what you're getting into.

1) Wear comfortable shoes
Whenever I go to a show, I always want to be on the ground floor. When you're there, you know you'll be surrounded by the fun people. These are the people who pay for their ticket and intend to have a good time, not lounge about in chairs and look on passively. However, this means you will end up on your feet for two or three hours, so whatever you consider comfortable shoes, please wear them. Now is not the time for five inch heels.

2) Your personal bubble doesn't exist - embrace it
There was one woman who got so flustered by the movement of the surrounding crowd that she started throwing elbows screeching "Stop f*cking shoving me!" to everyone around her. I felt the need to shield my friend (who's built much tinier than I am) from her dangerously flailing limbs. The currents that flow through a crowd at a concert can be just as powerful as the ocean. You honestly don't have any control over where you're pushed or pulled, and the best choice is to just go with the flow. So if you go in with that mindset, you'll be fine.
And please, no throwing elbows. That's just wrong.

3) Don't hide behind your phone
What I mean is, don't spend the entire concert just Snapchatting video clips to everyone. You spent this much money to enjoy the live performance of your favorite artist - try and be present in the moment. Get your snaps in, record a few snippets, but don't forget to slip your phone in your pocket, dance along, and watch what's in front of your eyes, not through a cell phone screen.

4) Search for the setlist
I usually like to Google up the band's setlist so I can start listening to all the songs and get even more familiar with them than I already am. Nothing beats belting out the lyrics along with your favorite artist!

5) Get there early 
Never, never, never underestimate the length of time you may spend in lines. Line of cars, lines of people...being redirected to about three more lines before you actually enter the event center. So if you want to avoid much stress, get there at least an hour early!

Did this short little list help you?
Hope it does, and if you have any tips of your own, share in the comments!
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Carla said...

i totally agree on these tips! comfy shoes are number one, and yep, going with the flow. I went to a paramore concert in Manila and the crowd was terrible, we had no choice but to just stand still or we'd get into a fight or something haha. best let it be.

and OMG, bastille?!!! now i'm jealous! haha

xo, Carla

thehonorableMissDecaf said...

I am not much of a concert lady myself, being afraid of crowds/hating people in general, but these make it actually sound fun! I only have two bands that i can think of that I would tolerate a concert for -- and I would not wear heels. ;)


Amanda said...

I totally agree with your tips. Last time I was at a concert I wore my chunky plattform boots. They were super comfy and it was perfect for me sense Im so short =)

Amanda said...

I totally agree with your tips. Last time I was at a concert I wore my chunky plattform boots. They were super comfy and it was perfect for me sense Im so short =)

Stanislava E. said...

I haven't been to a concert for so long... Guess I have to fix that soon! Yes, I agree comfortable shoes are a must when going to a concert. At the end no one is watching at your shoes! Personal bubble doesn't exit indeed. I don't know what people are those who don't understand that. Like the lady you described. Cool post! Have fun at the concert in November!


Unknown said...

Yes to all of this. The first time I went to my first real concert I was like, "why are all these people touching me?!" lol! Now I just know it comes with the territory. My advice is to drink plenty of water! I always get dehydrated from all that jumping around/dancing :P

Rachel Lately | Austin Style Blog

Toks said...

Good advice although I don't go to many concerts but I'll certainly keep your tips in mind just in case. xoxoxo

Candy said...

I totally agree about searching the set list! It's a great idea to know what's going to be played! I love singing along! :)

Owl Girl | A London lifestyle blog

Natalie said...

Love these tips! I never thought about trying to find the set list! (:

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katie said...

Your tip about going with the flow is spot on, if you have a problem with personal space dont go in the mash pit! My best friend and I saw areosmith when we were 16, we went alone, ended up in the mash pit and it was nuts. (but insane fun). I'm so happy you're going to so many concerts, they are too much fun! We dont get a ton of groups up here so we try to follow as many of the local groups but i'm jealous of some of the concerts you've been to! They sound fun!
Dude, I dont even get the phone thing. Whats even the point of going if you stay on your phone the whole time?

Unknown said...

Great list, wish number one existed in my wife's world.

Tanja Jojic said...

Great tips! I do everything you listed above. I like when you write different kind of posts <3

Unknown said...

I totally agree with all your tips, I'm not at concerts frequently but when I do I definitely think about exactly the same points!

Much love xxx

Alyssa said...

These are great tips! Especially #3 and #5. I'm sort of annoyed with people who films the entire concert with their phones. If they're just going to watch the entire concert on a small screen they should just waited for a special DVD release of the concert, just saying.

And I also hate getting late on a concert. When me and my brother arrived late on The Killers' Battle Born Tour concert in Manila (because his emergency meeting from his school's military service program took too long) our good seats was taken by other people XC


Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Great list! Though I don't mind skipping nr.4. I definitely enjoy singing along, but it's also very special to hear things for the first time when you're at a concert.

I've been to a lot of concerts and have definitely learned a thing or two from it as well. So here are a few more tips in case you can use them;)

-Perhaps obvious, but try to get either an unobstructed view (front row or on a platform/step somewhere) or pick a group(just one is no guarantee at all, because people move) of shorter people to stand behind. It always sucks getting stuck behind the tallest guy in the venue.
-Bring a backpack and put your coat in there to avoid the coat check and save lots and LOTS of time both before and after the show.
-Bring a bottle of water. It can be super hard to get a drink during the show. Also, you'll lose your spot if you go alone.
-But don't drink anything before or early on in the show to avoid bathroom breaks.
-CDs are usually very cheap on concert nights, so bring some pocket money;)

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

P.S. Concert ear plugs might have been the thing I ever bought!

Elle said...

Very good advice. It is wonderful to enjoy live music , so these tips are vital!
XX, Elle

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