Music Monday: Delta Spirit

I stumbled across Delta Spirit when I randomly listened to their song, California, and fell in love. In that one song, I heard so much of what I desire and understand. 

I want you to move to California for yourself,
I want you to find whatever your heart needs,
I want you to move to California for yourself, but not for me.

How often have you made a decision based around other people? When have you done something for the sole purpose of yourself and your wishes? I would like to meet someone who makes choices based on themselves, and not to please others. Because that is the person that I'd like to become.

Anyway, have a listen, let the upbeat summery tune take you away, and check out some of my other favorites from Delta Spirit!

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Kati said...

Uuh, the one in the middle is cute! ;-)


Sybil said...

haven't listened to them, but they sound incredible. thanks for sharing! :D

Animated Confessions

Unknown said...

That California song is totally catchy. Thanks for the rec :)


Alexandra Zakharova said...

The song is really great, thanks for sharing!
Have a good day, Linda!

Gems - Fashion Well Done said...

How catchy, i will be humming the California song all day :)

Gems x
Fashion, Well Done

Sam said...

Another great musical monday! Good tune!

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