Halfway There

Tank & Skirt: Target   Bag: c/o August Wrinkle   Necklace: Forever 21
As you can see, I decided to wear my colored contacts from Spooky Eyes while out and about. This outfit is actually what I wore to one of my barista shifts, so sorry about the lack of color - hopefully the yellow wall made up for it! Despite it's black and white theme, I felt rather at home in this thanks to the half sheer maxi skirt, tribal print, and bohemian jewelry stacked on.

With summer school finally over, I feel as if I can now enjoy what little of summer is left. Of course, most of my hours are now sucked up by work. I have precisely one day a week of absolute freedom - otherwise, I'm at one of my two jobs. However, I don't mind too much since I've got quite a bit of money to raise to prepare for my move to Boise. It'll be here before I know it, and I want to be ready! I'm halfway there, guys!

Anyway, these contacts really are fun to play with, and I too often forget that I even have them in. However, one night, my roommate let me know she was heading back to the apartment, and I decided to surprise her with my new contacts. I popped them in, then curled up on the couch to wait for her return.

For about 20 minutes, she didn't even notice, although I kept noticing her glancing at my eyes as if second guessing what she was seeing. To her defense, it was rather dim by this point and without daylight, the striking blue is difficult to see.

Finally, we wandered to the kitchen, the part with the best lighting, and while turning to grab something in the fridge, she finally caught a good glimpse of my eyes and froze.
With mouth agape, she furrowed her eyebrows and yelped, "What is that!?!?"
I busted up laughing at that point, amused by her reaction.
"They're my new contacts!"
I explained to her, and she kept staring into my eyes in bewilderment.

Bahaha, man, if everyone I knew had a similar reaction, I'd never take them out!

(Read my full review of these Spooky Eye contacts here)
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Heidi's Wanderings said...

I love the outfit, and the response to those contacts is too funny. Hope you have a great day!

Ali Hval said...

Those contacts really are fun and I'm glad that you're surprisingly people by wearing them! ;) Man, I would totally dig some pink ones! Also I must say that your hair here looks SO GOOD, girl. It's all fluffeh and beautiful.

And that skirt! I love how it's sheer near the bottom only and not all they through like some that I've seen.

I feel you on the working thing--one day a week sounds like somethjng to look forward to, at least! I know which my illustration job and charcoal portraits I've not had any free time on my own, either, even if I can schedule my own hours. Alas! We shall try to enjoy what little of our summers we have. And like you said, THE MONIES!!!!

Toks said...

Please don't be sorry for "lack of colour", nothing is more chic than a black and white outfit, you look great!!. Love the skirt. Glad you're having fun with the contact lenses. Have a great weekend Linda. xoxoxo

Sarah Mian said...

Love this necklace!
I'd love to stay in touch via Google Friend Connect :) Legally Brunette

Kati said...

Haha, so funny how she reacted! But I would have probably done the same...
What a cute look today, I love the bag so much and the skirt is pretty, too!

Have a fantastic day,

Sohostyless said...

Lovely outfit you are wearing! YOur bags looks amazing, such a nice colour!

czarianonuevo said...

such a chic outfit Linda! LOVE the bohemian vibe, the skirt especially is amazing!! i like this outfit!

i enjoy seeing your Summer Adventure photos on fb!

czarina :)

Veronika Novotny said...

This outfit is SO cute!! Love all the layered jewelry - absolutely stunning on you!! And two thumbs up on the contacts - what a fun change! I've always wanted to try a pair. Hmmm, might have to!! xoxo

A Very Sweet Blog said...

They look really good Linda! Great outfit! So chic :D You'll rack up the money in no time. That will be a great change for you!

Keit said...

Hahaha, I would be freaked out a little at first glance, but then I would be like "DUuudee, cool!". Your eyes are striking!
Love this bohemian outfit you've got going on, so gorgeous!

Chloë, Wardrobe Quarry said...

I love the maxi skirts with the sheer bottom half. They are just so elegant.

Wardrobe Quarry

Yoko Nguyen said...

nice maxi skirt ♥

Check my blog YOKO NGUYEN BLOG

Nicole Aguinaldo said...

Wow this is such a gorgeous outfit!! I love your skirt and bag especially <3 you look fabulous! :)

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Unknown said...

I love the outfit, you're channeling your inner boho-chic! The contacts are really nice too, I wouldn't notice either and would probably act as your roommate did. I never notice people's eyes even though I make eye contact while talking. I'm not sure why!

Sarah xo | PolkaDotLemon

erica marie said...

Ha! What a funny story. I've attempted to wear contacts once but had the hardest time putting them on and gave up. Love the blue color you went with. I love black and white outfits so I'm loving your look.

xo erica

erica marie said...

Ha! What a funny story. I've attempted to wear contacts once but had the hardest time putting them on and gave up. Love the blue color you went with. I love black and white outfits so I'm loving your look.

xo erica

thehonorableMissDecaf said...

I don't mind the black and white at all! It's one of my favorite color schemes and it looks fabulous on you next to your lovely shade of brunette. I'm incredibly jealous that you have such flexibility in what you wear to work. You always rock it. :D

Yay for being able to save money! I'm happy for you! Every little penny matters. :D


Amanda said...

Sometimes a black and white look is all you need.I think you did well by adding a little bit of turquoise here and there. And omg, your story about you and your lenses had me smiling the whole time... I love how your ability to describe things in away that you almost feel like you are in the room. Thank you for that =)


I like the black and white contrast outfit. The sudden glimpse of the contacts caught my attention too, spooky indeed, hehe. Enjoy your week. /Madison
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Maiken said...

I like the pop of turquoise in the middle of all the black and white. nice touch! and of course the spikes are very you ;) by the way, good luck with your two jobs! I know it can be pretty hard sometimes. but then again, the money is worth it, haha.

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Mica said...

Great black and white outfit! I really like the printed tank :) Glad you're having fun with your contacts!

Away From The Blue

Sam said...

I also only noticed the contacts in the last picture mostly because of the lighting but you carry off this blue hue so beautifully, love this stunning skirt, the sheerness is very chic and trendy! Thanks for your fashion input…Have a great start to the week!

Lisa said...

Those contacts make your eyes look amazing! Love the outfit!


Unknown said...

cute outfit! loving your skirt and your necklace is just gorgeous!

Elizabeth said...

Haha, the response to your contacts is hilarious. Love your skirt!

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