Denim Daze

Dress: AE   Jacket: Forever 21   Boots: Nasty Gal   Necklace: c/o Lylif
I cannot express the delight I got when I spotted this dress on the American Eagle clearance rack. The ironic part, was I was being such a good girl until my friend invited me to go to the mall with her. She ended up not buying anything while I walked out of there with a bag or two. Sigh.

The amount of comments and questions as to where I got this dress were numerous the day I wore this outfit. All of which were from older ladies, funnily enough. This acid wash, skater skirt is totally reminiscent of the 90's (which is making such a comeback in the fashion world), and I love it combined with my white leather jacket and insane Nasty Gal boots! With a swipe of red MAC lipstick, I felt like I could take on the world. Isnt' that such an awesome side effect of a good outfit? I love it!

If you follow me on Instagram (@dragonfruit_diaries), you probably know about the Monumentour concert I went to on Wednesday. Yes, that's right, I saw Paramore and FOB live!! Oh my word, it was the best show I've ever been too; which may not be saying much, since I've only seen four in my lifetime, but
My friend Ruth and I were late due to the insanely long line, and we walked into the event center right as New Politics finished up their set. However, we located another mutual friend and slowly wiggled, slid, and shoved (nicely, with muttered apologies) our way to the section of the sweaty body mass that she was at. About ten minutes later, Paramore took the stage in an explosion of lights and the screams of fans all around us. Still Into You started playing, and Hailey's aqua blue head bobbed furiously as she danced, kicked, and energetically worked the stage - which she proceeded to do for the next hour. Girl must be a cardio beast!
What else can I say? That's the best thing about live shows - you can't quite sum up into words what the experience is like. You have your favorite bands and artists, and you spend so much time hearing their songs as background anthems for whatever you may be doing. Then when you see them live, you feel that song to your bones. It moves you in a way you didn't think possible. The energy level of the crowd swells around you, carrying you with them and helping you reach a heart drumming exhilaration at the feeling of being there and connecting with both the artist and their fans.

It's an amazing feeling. One that I'd happily invest in again and again.

Anyway, they had some crazy confetti going on throughout their set, and towards the end, we were dancing, scream-singing, and waving our hands in the air as literally thousands (millions, possibly) of shreds of paper rained down on us and stuck to our sweat soaked bodies.
Unfortunately, Paramore's set had to come to an end eventually, and they said goodbye to us singing my favorite summer anthem, "Ain't It Fun."
Another wait ensued once they departed, and the set change took about twenty to twenty-five minutes.
I saw why it took a bit longer once the fireworks went off. Yes, Fall Out Boy's set began with a bang.
It startled me, but only for a moment once I realized what was going on. Fireworks had exploded up from the stage, and the hazy fog machines revealed the slow appearance of FOB as they rose from beneath the stage. They started their half of the show with "Phoenix", and I have to say, it's probably from their entire fist pumping setlist that's caused this ache in the base of my neck.
Apparently, I am capable of head banging. When induced with the correct music, strong emotions, and fiery adrenaline, it can happen.
There were more fireworks throughout, pillars of fire (which I could feel even from my spot in the crowd), and flashy graphics popping on the huge screen behind them.
Then the most amazing moment happened. Pete Wentz, one of the popular dreamboats from the band, made direct eye contact with me and smiled. Moments later, I felt something hard and plastic knock against my outstretched hands. After a bit of scrambling around on the confetti littered floor, I dug up the bass pick he'd thrown at me.
Night = made

So I could wax on and on about the concert, but I suppose I've shared enough in this post, eh? Haha, hope you enjoyed the photos! 
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Miriammm said...

Fun boots! I love the color! and it looks like you had a ton of fun!

Great post!


Unknown said...

Okay, the amount of envy I feel that you went to their show is IMMENSE!! Haha I totally regret not buying tickets to see them when I first heard they were coming to my city. Lesson learned!

I also recently bought a denim dress and it's my favorite thing in my closet right now! :)

Daydream Frenzy

Bellezzefelici said...

Great dress! Happy that you has so a great time :)))


Toks said...

I love this denim dress and it really looks great on you, I like the way you've styled it with the jacket and booties. The photos are really cool, looks like you had the best time. xoxoxo

Unknown said...

Love your dress and boots.
As always, your are rocking the red lip!

A Doll Without Style

thehonorableMissDecaf said...

I saw some of these pictures on facebook! I'm glad the concert was such an awesome time for you. :D

THIS IS SUCH AN ADORABLE OUTFIT. I love the acid-washed texture and how you completed the 90's saga with sweater tied around the waist. And the light color scheme of your accessories perfectly mirrors summer. :)


Mica said...

Such awesome boots, they pair nicely with your dress :)

Glad you had fun at the concert too! I still remember a gig I was at with my sister when we got guitar picks and a drumstick, was so much fun!

Away From The Blue

Only Yesterday Blog said...

You look gorgeous in this dress, and you had so much fun!

Visit my blog:

Chloë, Wardrobe Quarry said...

Cute outfit! I really would love to own a denim dress. It's been on my agenda for awhile now. I love this one, it's so flirty. The boots go perfectly with it.

I saw Paramore at the beginning of the year and they were fantastic. I love Hayley Williams!

Wardrobe Quarry

czarianonuevo said...

i LOVE the dress! the light wash of the denim perfectly matches your white leather jacket,,so chic and greatly put together Linda!

it looks you really had fun! haven't been in a concert before and i want to experience it too :)


Samantha said...

Ouu, it looks and sounds like you had an absolute blast! Concerts are the best - you're so right about the feeling.

And I love this denim dress and you look great in blue! Those boots couldn't be anymore perfect for this outfit either.

OrigamiGirl said...

I love hearing about the concert. There really is something magical about live music, especially when we are used to the recorded stuff all the time. When you actually hear it in the flesh it's electric.

Veronika Novotny said...

Ah, that concert looked amazing!!! Plus, a big YES, to that dress. I may have shrieked in delighted when I first glanced this post. Gorgeous! And perfect with your beloved boots. I never tire of seeing those beauties!! xo

PS Thank you for the health well wishes & prayers too. Keep em coming. This arm thing has been so frustrating!

Jo said...

It is a pleasant feeling when everyone enquires about your outfit. And how I love those nasty gals shoes!

Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

Ali Hval said...

Dude, I have been following you along on your adventures and I can just day eeeeek! I'm glad that you've had such a fun time and have managed to get some you time in along with all those jobs you're working, you amazing girl. That blue denim dress reminds me of Alice in Wonderland with the black and white everythingelseness, hehehe. You are just a gem!

Hope you continue to have an awesome week, my lovely Linda! Maybe you'll have time to make a Pokemon cake. If we meet were definitely gonna make that cake AIGHR?

Sybil said...

that is awesome!!!! what a great night! :D
i love your hair and makeup here! :D

Animated Confessions

A Very Sweet Blog said...

Linda, that picture by the pump is just too cool girl! Awesome dress.

Alexandra Zakharova said...

Hi, Linda! I've got to say I always like the way you look with this red lipstick on, so chic and feminine to my mind. The outfit is also really cool and stylish, you look so special on those photographs! Such a great post turned out, I enjoyed it very much:D

joy said...

I love that dress! The cut out in the back is so cute. AND WOAHHH. Those shoes are fab.

AHHHH you go to so many awesome concerts! I'd love to see Paramore live. I think they are in California now since a lot of my friends are going to see them today!

Sandra Leiva said...

Nice booties!!


Carla said...

Hi Linda!

i get that haha, happens to me all the time. a friend asks me to go shopping and i promise not to buy anything only to end up buying more that him/her. hahha..

that dress is a great find! but of course i love your shoes even more, as always!

and OMG OMG, Fall out boy and Paramore?!!! two of my favorite bands!!!! what? I am crazy jealous right now! i'd die to see them again play. seems like you had the best night ever!!

xo, Carla

Nikki said...

That denim dress is soo cute and I love how you matched it with a white jacket for a flirty feminine look :) om gosh, I totally miss attending concerts and just screaming and having fun with friends there!! I can totally feel the spirit just looking at your pictures!! I'm so envious of you!! Have a great day!X

Chic Nikkie

Sam said...

His bass pick!!!! What wow!! Thats so cool Linda, lucky you. Love FOB and Paramore, the concert sounds electric, great photos. Love your denim dress, i have a different version of it but your fabulous boots makes yours so much better! Thanks for sharing your views. I will be on a technology free vacation for a few weeks and unable to comment on your blog until I get back. Take care until then hun and have a wonderful week!

Midwest Muse said...

You look awesome! I love the way the denim matches the shoes.

Maiken said...

I looove that denim ensemble! the dress and those booties make an excellent combo! and your concert experience was fun to read about since FOB used to be one of my favourites during university years ;) oh and nice job with the bass pick! such a cool thing to happen. definitely made your great night even greater ;)

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Keit said...

Oh man, one of my best experiences EVER was on a Rammstein concert. I think I screamed my guts out, I was like in a trance O_O
Hahaha, my sister always invites me to go shopping with her and she never buys anything, but I come out of the store with three or four bags...Why would she even want to go shopping if she's not gonna shop!
That dress is priceless, I love acid wash! ^^


love this outfit Linda, the denim is awesome! and wow looks like you had so much fun!


♥ Ellen #NZblogger
Facebook + Instagram

Izzy said...

omg it looks like you had so much fun! I need to go to another concert again. looking fab in the denim! :)

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Chezka Cenon Li said...

Linda dear I could ask you where you got all your clothes! And we have almost the same problem, nowadays I'm so afraid to go out anywhere with clothes because I know I can't help myself! Hahah :) Amazing dress sweetie!

- Che

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