Pineapple Craze

Crop Top: Romwe (via Catsuit-Latex)   Skirt: Rue 21   Heels: Just Fab
So pineapples are a thing this summer, aren't they?
According to this, this, and this at least, the pineapple craze has inspired some feverish followers. Now, you can count me as one of them! This crop top is the perfect piece for these hot, summer months. Plus, when dressed up with a skirt and some classy heels, it creates a rather cheeky, chic look.

So I can hardly believe we're in the middle of July. Excuse me? Where is summer going? I still have several days left of summer school to finish up, but after this, all I have to worry about is work. I'm hoping to get a few days off to take some time to do the things I've been wanting to accomplish with friends. First and foremost on that list? Go camping!

Haha, sounds funny when meshed with today's outfit, but I really want to pack up the car, drive to the middle of nowhere, dive in a lake, and go on some hikes. Plus, since I'm finishing up Astronomy, it'll be fantastic to do some star gazing and actually know some of the constellations and the stories behind them!

There is something magical about star gazing. If you get some friends together, spread a blanket out in the middle of nowhere, and stare up at the sky, it can inspire awe and wonder in even the most jaded person. I would hope, at least, that we can still marvel at the beauty of the night sky. We truly are blessed to live on such a beautiful planet.

When I look at your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place, what is mankind that you are mindful of them, human beings that you care for them?
Psalm 8:3-4
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Chezka Cenon Li said...

Seriously Linda, love the crop top - I am so obsessed with pineapple prints too :)

Unknown said...

This is so cute! It's my favorite look so far!


Alexandra Zakharova said...

I think you look really different with this hair bun, Linda, which is great. Such a feminine, original outfit turned out, I do love it. Besides, those snapshots are so chic:D
Have a fabulous time!

Toks said...

Wow, great look Linda. In your previous post you wrote about how much you feel you've changed and I don't know about inside but you have certainly changed your style. Love this skirt with the crop top. Although it's true that pineapples are very trendy this season and I like this print on others I can't really see it for me.
Havee a great weekend.

oijgerakhjnfleklj;af;jlkea said...

That pineapple print is just adorable and making me wonder why I don't have anything pineapple print.


Chloë, Wardrobe Quarry said...

That top is so awesome and fun! I'm so in love with pineapple print too and I'm not even the biggest fan of pineapples. Go figure!

Wardrobe Quarry

Sam said...

Hi Linda, love your styling of this fruity fresh trend, the top is so cute and adore that skirt. stargazing sounds amazing!Thanks for your kind visit, have a great weekend!

A Very Sweet Blog said...

That's a really cute top! I love pineapple motifs on everything. I think it's so cute. Pack each day with FUN! The Summer is passing quickly!

Mica said...

I like the print mixing with the pineapple and the stripes! :) Such a cute striped skirt :)

Away From The Blue

Unknown said...

Awesome outfit! I Amin love with your shoes and skirt! I am also strongly considering buying that top, pineapples are the thing right now !!!!!

Nikki said...

Wow, thanks for a head's up on an upcoming trend there, haha! I am so in love with the outfit and your hairdo! You look chic and great in this outfit :) I'd loove to gaze at the dark sky and stars with friends. It sure sounds relaxing and romantic; wonder when will I get the chance though, in this busy city life right now.. we are definitely blessed to be in this beautiful world- totally agree there! X

Chic Nikkie

megcasson said...

You look absolutely gorgeous.

Unknown said...

Fab outfit, pineapples are so cool and you you can never go wrong with monochrome stripes

Midwest Muse said...

What a perfect summer look. Love everything about this!

czarianonuevo said...

Love your pineapple crop top!! the color is perfect with your skirt!! indeed so classy with your heels! you are so chic here Linda!

we will also start school this August, i can't believe we only have few weeks to bond with our friends and make the most of summer :)

czarina :)

Rebecca said...

Cuteness overload the mix and match you did with the crop & the striped skirt!


ro said...

tu top es precioso!

Sampada said...

Pineapples are so summery, it only makes sense that they'd be big on clothes too during the season haha. Love your top here. You're so right about the cheeky, chic thing.
And ugh nature is so beautiful. I don't do well with bugs and critters but they can't stop me from admiring what the earth has to offer. I recently went on a road trip with my friends and I am having withdrawal symptoms from the experience. I need to do that again! Stargazing does sound amazing...hmmm

Carla said...

Oh my, Linda, you look so pretty!!! this outfit is my new favourite from you by far! the skirt and the pineapple printed top is perfect with a capital P! You should wear this kind of combo more often, it suits you! and yeah, i know, the pineapple trend, i almost gave in too - this excact same top from Romwe. but i chose otherwise. maybe i shouldn't have. anyway i hope you have a great week ahead.

Oh and, pff, I don't live a fabulous life like you think, darling... i just try to make it seem like I do hahaha.

xo, Carla

erica marie said...

Girl you are looking gorgeous! Love the pineapple crop top and your top knot!! Oh gosh, I love star gazing. I guess I'm pretty lucky to live out in the country and have this huge sky above me with nothing in sight but stars.

xo erica

Kat said...

ooh that crop top is so duper cute! i love this look so much! it a mix of fun and quirky with the pineapple print but chic and classy with the skirt and heels! loveeee it! :D ugh and i know right! summer is going too fast! hopefully the end of july can drag on a little bit longer because once august hits, i won't be able to help stressing about going back to school! :(

joy said...

I think this is one of my fav outfits of your's! The top is SO CUTE and I love the print mixing with the stripe skirt :)

That camping trip sounds like it'll be a lot of fun. So cool that you know the constellations and the history behind them :)

thehonorableMissDecaf said...

What? What? What is this? This is amazing, that's what this is. The pineapple complemented by stripes, cheeky heels, and spiked jewelry is perfect. If I saw you IRL I would probably freak you out by how much I complimented your outfit.


Kati said...

What a sweet combination - the skirt is totally my thing! And paired with this pineapple top, it does create a fantastic outfit.
Hope your summer plans will all fulfill!

Have a lovely day,

Eline said...

The top is so cool :D


Wow, at first, I thought it was a dress, but the pineapple top is even more adorable. Great outfit!
Fantastic Flavourings


love love love this outfit, the pineapple looks awesome paired with strips, great styling! haha i need to get me some pinapple print! ;)


♥ Ellen #NZblogger
Facebook + Instagram

Sandra Leiva said...

Great top, love that cute print!


Maiken said...

I had no idea about the (possible) pineapple trend (oops) but your crop top is definitely a fierce piece of clothing! and I love it how you have styled it here. cool but classy! one of your best outfits for sure, Linda!

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Sam said...

Its always nice hearing your comments...Have a great week ahead!

Lara Rose said...

You look amazing! Great style and blog you have! keep up the good work!

Ali Hval said...

YES AND YES TO THE STARS THING! Bahaha, I love just staring up at the sky or nature in general. Lakes are truly peaceful and I forget we have one in our backyard. Gotta use that more... Sometimes I will stare up at the clouds with my dad when the weather is cool, but then my dad says a cloud looks phallic or something and it gets dirty from there. Fun times.

But yes, here is that classy look I saw on instagram! Sorry for getting to this commenting so late (3 DAYS LATE AAACKK!!!!) but girl, you look so lovely. That pineapple top is different from what you usually wear but I absolutely adore it on you. You definitely made it your own!

Have a wonderful rest of the week, my sweet Pokemon trainer!!

Samantha said...

Sexy lady over here! I cannot explain how fab you look :) I love thE black and white and that crop top is too cute with the pineapples.

And yes to camping! Nothing beats sitting under the clear sky and bright stars with people you love having wonderful conversations :) Oh, and swimming! I hop you get to go, girl!

Megan Butcher said...

So fancy - love this! Great confidence rocking the heels too!

<3 Megan

Sybil said...

omg!! look at you rocking the cropped top trend!! you look sooooo good!! :D

Animated Confessions

liz said...

Call me weird, but I like your the way you make your hairbun. Perfect for summer trend :)

Liz Secret Rendezvous

Lauren said...

Pineapples are hitting the scene fast! This is such a cute look girl.

Lauren xo
Sophisticated In Style

AVY said...

Adorable, reminds me of what D&G are doing right now.

/ Avy

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