Music Monday: Laura Welsh

Today's Music Monday features the enchanting Laura Welsh and her single Break the Fall, which I currently can't get out of my head. I hope you enjoy her voice and sound as much as I do! The one line that can't stop ringing through my mind is: "I want to love you but I'm just too cynical."
For some reason, it resonates with me.

Another well known song by her is Cold Front. Take a listen to it as well!

Hope you liked this week's selection!
As for a summer update, here are some photos to give you an idea:
 So on Thursday, my night class got cancelled (AHHHHHHHHHHHH, SO HAPPY!!!!!), and Kirsten and I took an impromptu trip to the lake to soak in the dying rays and get our swimming in. Plus, as you can see, we are just natural babes no matter the circumstances...
Earlier that week, I'd gone to a downtown clothing store's 1 year birthday, where they were doing free henna. I couldn't resist getting this beauty on my back. It's very faint, which makes me sad, but I love how it looked when the henna was still bold. Perhaps I'll just have to get a more permanent version...?
 And before that, Corina paid me a visit, and we ended up taking a spontaneous hike where we did yoga poses on random boulders. It was great, and I miss her already.
Hope your summer is going well! 
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AnaReyna said...

great music selection!
New Post: STROLL


nancy @ adore to adorn said...

love that you took advantage of a night off and did something fun! =D woohoo!

Cece Coffeshop said...

Your summer looks awesome and your henna tattoo is amazing <3 I'm thinking to do a real tattoo very soon ;D and Kate Welsh is amazing, she is always on my playlist.


Only Yesterday Blog said...

Lovely post, love the henna tattoo <3

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Only Yesterday Blog said...

Lovely post, love the henna tattoo <3

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katie said...

Ooooh, more good music! you've introduced me to a couple new artists that have been really fun to listen to and it's been fun to read about the concerts you've been to and are going to! (Ugh, so jealous that you'll be seeing paramore at the next one! I use to really dislike them but the past few years they've kinda matured as a band and I loved their last album! You're going to have so much fun!)

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