New Years Wishlist (ft. Zaful)

New Year's resolutions? I know I have my fair share - one of which being to get back into blogging! As you can tell I've pretty much dedicated my entire social media efforts into Instagram (if you're not following me, check me out @the_dragonfruit!)

So as a way to dip my toes back into my blogging roots, here's a good ole, simple wishlist featuring one of my favorite sites, Zaful. Their prices are always exceptionally reasonable and actually have decent quality. Ready to strut into 2018 in style?
for those of you looking to make a bold, one-piece entrance.

if you're brave or don't live in typical winter weather, this show stopper's for you!

the perfect bling to add to any statement-making outfit that shows you reach for the stars - and get them!

my personal favorite, an edgy, leather skirt with feminine details like pleats

Tell me, what are your New Year's Eve plans? Any special outfits?

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