OOTD: High Waisted Shorts & Tights

[Disclaimer: I found another ancient outfit post just sitting in my drafts! So here ya go. Original writing from this two year old post and everything].

I decided to be brave and try venturing out of the protective cover of the bridge for today's outfit. Now it's in the background haha! For an overcast day, I decided to layer up on top with two different prints - and I really love how it turned out. Stripes and polka dots work together for a harmonious look when using the right color palette! 

You know what I've decided I love the most about Boise? There's no wind. Seriously, I can wear my dresses, skirts, and shorts with tights this winter and not feel uncomfortable! You have no idea how excited I am about this silly fact...

For a laid back weekend, I wore this look out and about downtown while perusing a local boutique and popping into a coffee shop. Nothing made me feel so content as that hour spent sitting in the busy coffee shop, tucked away in the corner with a mug full of delicious caffeine and a good book in hand. It was quite lovely, and I intend to repeat this occasion multiple times in the future. 

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