OOTD: My Very First Blowout

Jacket/Dress/Sweater: thrifted   Tights: H&M   Boots: Just Fab   Lipstick: "Russian Red" by MAC
I stepped into a hair salon for the first time since I was seven years old. And that previous time had only been because I'd gotten gum trapped in my hair and mom didn't want to deal with it. That's right, I was a 22 year old woman who had opted out of getting her hair done professionally for years because my mom had been cutting it for me.

But finally, after living in the big city for almost two years, I had to admit defeat. Mom's at-home hair salon (aka: the kitchen and a bar stool) was too far away for easy access. 

That's how I found myself at the Paul Mitchell Beauty School. As I sat in the plush leather seat and leaned back, I felt extraordinarily uncomfortable. I've always tried to compensate for my lackadaisical attitude towards hair by putting more effort into my fashion. I haven't used a heating tool on my hair since high school days, and I barely use a blow dryer.

So that day, as I finally had my head of unruly hair worked on by a person other than my mother, I had my very first blowout. 

"You have hair just like me," the girl muttered under her breath. 
"Oh good, so you know what you're getting into," I laughed.
"Yup. A lot of it." 

That's probably the biggest reason for my laziness. The sheer thickness of my hair makes doing anything with it a real chore. It's much easier to throw it up into a few space buns or tuck it under a cap than try to wrestle it into an actual style.

However, as I walked out of that salon with silky smooth locks for the first time in my life, I decided it might be worth it every now and then to take some time on my hair.
Or just go see someone else and have them do it, because let's face it...I'm way too lazy. 

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