OOTD: Why Bother?

I've always been sensitive. Even as a child, I could pick up on others emotions all too easily. I used to daydream about having a superpower that would allow me to absorb others pain and take it as my own. If only I could suffer for them instead, I would think. Bizarre, I know, but I suppose I've always had a bit of a masochistic streak in me. 

I got into a conversation over the phone recently that really upset me. 
But having to reign in my topsy-turvy female emotions in order to be taken seriously, I stifled back the snotty tears and evened my voice out from the trembling tone it wanted to take on. 

I'm not going to recap what was said to warrant such a response, but it raised a question that made me wonder what could happen to a person over time to numb them to others.

Don't get me wrong - it's so much easier to hang back and ignore wrongdoing in the world. If you peer too closely and get so emotionally involved, you could break yourself. The weight of evil is a crushing thing to feel. So much so, most of us prefer to ignore it. To turn a blind eye. As long as it doesn't affect you directly, why should you care? It's easier to live your life and not give a damn about others, especially if you actually have a pretty good one. Why bother caring about others when you can't possibly change what's happening anyway?

We live in a broken world. It's a sinful one where evil wreaks havoc on a daily basis. Over time, the longer you live through this, the easier it gets to become numb to such things - to ignore devastation as it blares through radios, tvs, and laptops. Why care anymore? It's just going to keep happening.

I hope I never reach such a state. That my heart will continue to break for others. That wrongdoing will always weigh me down. Because if we all became indifferent, how can we ever hope to see change? It may not be right away or even in our lifetime, but should immediate satisfaction determine what actions we take? It may be more tempting to allow that to dictate our lives, but I pray for a spirit of perseverance.

Bear one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.
Galatians 6:2

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