Summer Dreaming ft. Dresslily

I received some goodies from Dresslily as part of our collaboration, and when it came time to pick out some items, my mouse kept clicking on the swimsuit section.

This palm tree print bikini (see HERE) stole my heart. If you follow me on Instagram (@the_dragonfruit), you'd know I have a slight obsession with these tropical trees. And when it comes in a black and white print, you know I couldn't resist adding it to my cart! However, I've always been hesitant about wearing a two piece. I've never felt comfortable in  them, and I still don't feel 100% confident. The first time I rocked a bikini in public though  was very recently in Belize (see HERE). Yep. I never wore a bikini out in public until the wizened age of 22.

I still love my one pieces, and they make me feel extra secure and comfortable when I know I'm going swimming and planning on being active on the beach. However, it felt so freeing to have the breeze tickle my stomach as I lay out on the dock and sunbathed.

I'm not saying all my self conscious fears completely evaporated. But it helps when you have a cute swimsuit on! I know my body is far from what the world says is perfection, and its only gotten bigger over the years. Despite that, my confidence really has grown, and I realize that other's thoughts and opinions only hold as much value as I give them.

So while we may be heading into fall and winter, my head's still in summer, and I can't wait to bust out my new swimsuit for an actual day in the sun!

Till then, you can totally do your summer dreaming by checking out some Dresslily goodies.
Reflective sunnies (found HERE and HERE) are some of my favorites in case you couldn't tell! And be brave - wear something you usually wouldn't. You never know - you may just surprise yourself with what will feel good on you.

Yes, we are of good courage, and we would rather be away from the body and at home with the Lord.
2 Corinthians 5:8

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