OOTD: Dancing or Grinding?

Bet you weren't sure what kind of outfit you'd see with a title like that, huh? Haha, well first off, let's talk about the outfit. These ripped up jeans are becoming a staple in my closet. It pairs well with a fitted, sporty tank and snapback. Dresslily collaborated with me, and a few items they've sent me have been making their way into my everyday outfits. Such as these purple reflective sunglasses (get them HERE)! How fun are they? The pop of unexpected color in an unusual place makes them so fun. 

Also, the world print watch? Um, how appropriate is that? In case you didn't know, I only have traveling on my mind all the time. Now this just adds fuel to the fire by reminding me of all the places I have yet to see! It's super cute, and it came with a battery already in it. For less than $2, this watch is a steal for the stylish travel addict (nab yours HERE)!

So why did I title this post Dancing or Grinding? Because in this day and age, they've become practically synonymous, despite my belief that they're two completely different things. Allow me to share a short story from my most recent dance floor predicament.

"You don't have enough paint on you!" he shouted back at me. 
"Well maybe if I was in the front I'd look like you too!" I volleyed back.

I was currently shoulders deep in a rave, with pink and green paint being sprayed mercilessly down on the masses. And we loved it.
Life in Color. AKA: the largest paint party in the world. EDM combined with paint and rave culture. It was definitely an experience to say the least! Corina and I had bought these tickets back in June, counting on this shebang to be the perfect kickoff for her birthday. 
And here we were, three months later with paint-drenched shirts, deafened ears, and heartbeats that thumped in time to the overwhelming music.

The tall guy in front of me was at the rails, and it was a miracle he could even see through his paint-smeared glasses. 
"You want to stand here?" he asked.
I made a noncommittal shrug, uncertain of how serious the offer was. Apparently, very, because he shifted down to my ground level and helped me up.

Well, why say no to that? I figured, and started bouncing up and down to the music again. 
Then at one point, he leaned up to my ear and shout-asked me: "Do you mind if I dance with you?"
Immediately my eyes zoomed in to the couple to our left, who had basically been having sex through their clothes the entire time. 

Hell yes I  mind, because "dancing" isn't really dancing anymore, and I'd prefer not to have a stranger's penis pressed up against my butt, thank you very much.

I made a face, said no thanks, and promptly switched places with him again. 
"I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable earlier," he shouted back to me sheepishly.
"It's fine, I just came here with my friend, so I'm gonna stick with her!"

Seriously ladies, I'm in love with dancing and having music move through my body. It's freeing, empowering, and happens to be a fun, killer workout.

 However, it always makes me uncomfortable when someone wants to dance with me. Because I NEVER KNOW IF THEY MEAN DANCING OR GRINDING. In this culture, it's become one and the same thing. If you've ever gone out, you can bet that at one point or other, some male is going to come up to you from behind and try to squeeze a free humping session out of you.

Um, no thank you. Not for me at least.
What was the point of this story? I don't know. All I know is that if a guy can actually face me, twirl me around, look me in my eyes, and dance with me, he immediately gets way further in my book than humpty no-face man from behind.

What are some of your dirty dancing tales? I'm curious what your thoughts might be on this topic! Share in the comments below.

PS: You can check out the rest of the day at Life in Color in my vlog HERE! Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more.

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