The Bitchy Barista: Understanding Cup Sizes

Hello everyone! Time for another round with the Bitchy Barista.
Since my last post was so well received, I've decided to continue randomly posting about my coffee experiences and hopefully help readers out along the way!

So Katie asked me to explain cup sizes in the last post, and that's exactly what I'm going to do.
It happens almost every time someone new is ordering their coffee.
"What size would you like?"
A pause ensues, as uncertainty for the correct term overcomes the customer.
"Uhh...the middle one. Grande?"

First off, did you know that the Starbucks size labeling is not universal terminology for coffee everywhere? That's right, they came up with that all on their own. However, due to their incredible popularity, I am all too familiar with hearing orders that include terms like "grande" and "venti" (or God forbid, "trenta" now). However, if you're visiting your local coffee shop, you can avoid a mental eyeroll from your barista by using more appropriate terms. Here is what you can safely go by wherever you order:
A small = 12 oz
A medium = 16 oz
A large = 20 oz

It's that simple. Our regulars always ask by the ounce terminology when ordering, which is a safe bet to use in any coffee shop. However, if you can't remember that, the fallback is to simply use small, medium, and large! Starbucks just wanted to add some Italian flair to their cup labels apparently, and it's taken hold around the world. 

Does anyone else have some questions about coffee? I'd seriously love to write these up and not only let them be mini rants, but be helpful ones! Haha, so any question, no matter how small you think it is, ask it in a comment below!
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Chiara T. said...

wow and the large size is really large!
Bonjourchiara Facebook Page

Mili said...

Ahh I remember the days when I was a starbucks newbie. The names really are confusing. Now I'm all-- venti iced caramel macchiato with an extra shot, 4 pumps sugar free vanilla syrup, and light ice baam. I'm not even going to lie, having a complicated go-to order makes me feel like a pseudo adult lol


Alexandra Zakharova said...

Seriously, I love reading about coffee, the way you write about it is also appealing:) here in my city, we don't have Starbucks, I guess you can hardly understand how we manage to live without it, but believe me we can:) we have many other lovely places where a well made cup of coffee is served. At the same time I would really love to taste a cup of coffee made by you, I believe you do it just great:)

Kati said...

Haha, bitchy barista - great name for that series!!

Thanks so much for your comment, it means a lot!

Have a great day,

Kim Alston said...

They make things so complicated! HaHaHa Thanks Linda! That way is much simpler.

Sarah P said...

Haha I just ask for either a small, medium or large even at Starbucks. None of this tall, grande and venti terminology ;).

Sarah xo

caffinatedlove said...

The only place around here that I can go is Starbucks because they have soy milk available for me. So I'm pretty much stuck inmy starbucks ordering ways now. XD

Man, I love these posts. And that name still makes me giggle, because you are the total opposite of bitchy.

Actually, I have a question! I want to know what drinks are the most annoying to make.


Nathy F. said...

You sure know your coffee well! And, for what it's worth, you don't sound bitchy at all. Lol.

Sabrina said...

Sometimes, I want to walk into a Starbucks and ask for a "medium", just to see if the smug barista will correct me...


subham rai said...

When I go to starbucks I am mostly concerned about the coffee & not the cup but still a good read it was! Amazing post & would you
like to follow each other on GFC, Google+ & Bloglovin? Lemme
know & please keep in touch!


Margarita M. said...

I love these post of yours!
To tell you the truth Starbucks sizes still freak me out:)

A Doll Without Style

Pop Champagne said...

yeah thats true that starbucks have their own labeling system. i didn't think of that until you mentioned it. how pretentious hahaha. sometimes maybe I will go to starbucks and ask them to supersize my drink...

czarianonuevo said...

i'm loving this coffee-related posts! i learn something every time :)


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