I'm An Independent Woman

Happy July 4th everyone!
I don't know what your traditions may be, but I hope you have a wonderful and safe patriotic day. The American spirit hit me, so I've busted out my star spangled tank and Russian Red lipstick for the day. Of course, I'll have to change in a few hours into my waitressing uniform (sigh), but at least the red lips can stay! 

Since it's Independence Day, I started thinking about how I've slowly changed in the past year into the independent woman I am today. Reflecting back, there have been moments, no matter how subtle or dramatic, that have changed me. I'm still plenty childish in ways, but there is a shift within that I can't quite put my finger on. All I know is that I'm different. I feel older, wiser, and more in charge of myself. It's a wonderful feeling! 

Even though that's not necessarily what today is about, the word independence has always been an adjective I strive for. To be strong and self reliant is something many can fail at. However, if successful, you'll find yourself less worried with the opinions of others and more focused on yourself and your goals. 
So on that note, have a Happy July 4th everyone!

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Maiken said...

well, that sure is a perfect look for July 4th and actually for every right summer day. it's simple but definitely makes a statement. and your red lips are especially fancy!

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Joyce said...

I love that shade of red, it looks amazing on you :)

Happy Fourth of July! I think that's a really great perspective to think of Independence Day as not only the historical holiday, but a day of self reflection as an independent person!

Instant Milk said...

Very cute!


Instant Milk said...

Very cute!


Emma Fleener said...

Your makeup is gorgeous!

<3 Emma

Ali Hval said...

I'm feeling those independent feels with you, girl. It seems like we're parting from those around us in a intellectual and mental sort of way. Losing friends, gaining a few others… it means we're changing. *whoa that was deep*


Aaaah those red lipstick shots of you are absolutely glamorous!! Work that red, lady! Have a superb Fourth. :)

Toks said...

Happy 4th of July. We don't celebrate it in Europe but I hope you have a great day. Love the tank and the quote.

Sampada said...

Love the idea of expanding the meaning of independence on the 4th! I feel like people get too wrapped up in the gimmicks of the holiday that it's easy to forget what being independent means. Great post, and you look smashing as always :)

Keit said...

Yay for independence! And yay for red lips! :D You look stunning my dear! ^_^
It's hard building a character, building your own strength and fighting your way through growing up, but it's quite rewarding when it finally happens, no? :D

Hannah Murphy said...

Very inspiring quote. I love your Independence Day look, very classy makeup with an edgy outfit!

Would you like to follow each other? Let me know :)

Sam said...

The makeup looks stunning on you, love that shade of lipstick, suits you so beautifully. I think we all don't immediately realize as we change but its good to know that we are evolving...for the better. Thanks for your insightful comment Happy 4th of July weekend.

Eline said...

Great look for the 4th!

Michael Macalos said...

Very beautiful and inspiring post! enjoyed reading it! ♥

New style post on the blog dear! ^_^

Nicole K. said...

Happy July the 4th (late, but the thought counts)! Love that last quote you added in the end. Definitely agree with you there.

Have a great day!
Chic Nikkie

Kim Alston said...

Happy 4th of July Weekend Linda! It's the best feeling to be independent. To have total control of your life and not have to depend on anyone is the best feeling. Keep it up! I love your tank and your red lippie. You looked great.

katie said...

You look so glam, the Mac russian red really looks striking on you. (hah, one of these days I'll have to give in a try the mac lipsticks.)

Sabrina said...

I'm actually a bit jealous of all the patriotic print that you Americans get! I've only started seeing a bit of Canada/maple leaf attire, but even then, the variety is no where near as trendy.


Alexandra Zakharova said...

Oh, what you've written there is so true! I'm trying to live according to this rules as well. We should always focus on our persona goals and improve ourselves, instead of worry about the opinions of other people or even worse criticize others.
I also like the way you look, Linda! That make up is terrific, I highly recommend you to wear it more often:)
Have a lovely day ahead!

Mica T said...

Fun themed outfit!

Hope you had a great 4th July, even though you had to work.

Away From The Blue

JANICE G said...

very cute :)

the STYLE Fringe BLOG

Jump Into Puddles said...

Happy fourth! Ill def post about that in the future! And go you for being a strong woman!


Natalia | Fashioned by Love said...

Hope you are having a fantastic weekend! Happy 4th July! x

Kati said...

What a matching outfit and you seriously look stunning in the left photo!!

Have a lovely Sunday,

Lily Fang said...

Girl, you're always on a roll! I always miss so much in what I feel is such a short time haha. Props to you for keeping that blogging ball rolling--I aspire to be like that!

The homicidal hike name totally got me laughing. I'm so glad the whole crew joined you this time!

The fall in summer look is also one of my faves--the burgundy tights paired with pastel pink and eggshell white is on point. Of course that cross necklace is the perfect edgy touch and I'm sure has greater significance as well :)I also totally agree that the cooler seasons allow for more fashion freedom--as much as I love it summer, its style can feel monotonous!

That lace cardi is also a great find, and I completely resonated with your thoughts on the heartbreaker top--I have one that says the same thing and while I'm not a huge fan of the text, the top is so comfy! And drive-thrus are the best :) I hadn't been to the movies since the orginal Hunger Games, but suddenly this month, I went twice within two weeks! Summer and movies are just perfect together.

I also totally agree with your thoughts on independence--it's refreshing a personal application of the holiday. The outfit and your makeup is fab as well!

Have a beautiful week, Linda! Hopefully I can keep up a little better this time :)

Kat said...

love love love that red lip! hope you had a wonderful 4th of july linda! :)

Fine Art and you said...

Love this top,
Wonderful pictures sweetie :) hugs

Alice Young said...

Perfect 4th of July outfit! You look lovely

The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

Amanda said...

Oh wow your make up looks stunning!!!!

By The Shore, Life + Style said...

Happy belated 4th!! I love your sentiments on being a strong and independent woman... it's honestly one of my favourite things about getting older - having the self assurance and confidence to face our lives is incredibly empowering! And my gosh, I love your heart breaker outfit. SO lovely!! xo V

Marlen said...

I loooove when people dress super patriotic for the Fourth- it doesn't feel quite right stepping outside without red white and blue on during that day. And that's so great that you're starting to hit your stride with growing up. It's a constant experience, but it's always exciting noticing those strong changes :)

xo marlen
Messages on a Napkin

czarianonuevo said...

i couldn't agree more with the quote you shared. recently, i've been thinking a lot of this; of being independent. I've been wanting to get a job and start earning my own dough. It's my last year in my undergrad course(hopefully!) and i'm thinking of being more responsible for myself. I guess, to be more prepared for the future.

honestly, you'd always been a constant inspiration for me. not just in fashion, but being a young woman as well. thanks a lot :)


Pop Champagne said...

hope you had a great July 4th long weekend! love the outfit, and i'm sure the fireworks were amazing where you lived!

Anonymous said...

I am sooo in love with your 4th outfit! The red lips and flower crown additions officially make your outfit my favorite Independence day outfit I've seen:) I hope you had a great one. And isn't it funny how we can reflect on the past year and think-wow so much has changed and how much I have changed!:)
xo Olivia

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