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Sunglasses: Romwe via Latex Catsuit   Hat: c/o Oasap   Shoes: Just Fab
"What do your sunglasses say??" my dad asked in disbelief.
I chuckled and stood still so he could read the frame.
"That's disgusting!"

Haha, I personally think they're cheeky. I remember when I saw fellow blogger Mary Kate wear these sunnies, and immediately wishing I had them. So when Latex Catsuit offered me a coupon to Romwe, I jumped at the chance. They made for a fun twist to a fairly casual outfit. That and these shoes from Just Fab! I've been noticing the lace up style and wanted a comfier alternative to heels. Hence, wedges!

You know how I mentioned having fun experiences throughout the summer? Well, here's a new one. Last Friday, I tried cow tongue for the first time. I've been hanging out with a new guy friend lately (yes, mom, he's just a friend), and he introduced me to this little hole in the wall Mexican place that has the best authentic food in town. As I perused the menu tacked up next to the "Order Here" window, my eyes widened at some of the taco selections.

"Does that say tongue!?"
When we went up to order, he placed ours together and added, "Oh, and one lengua taco."
Apparently, I was going to try it. Haha, so I did, despite the appearance of taste buds in the meat, and overall, it was chewy...but wasn't too bad. I just couldn't think about what I was eating.
"I'm honestly surprised you ate that..." he said in disbelief. "I didn't think you'd do it."

So I can cross that off my list.
Cow tongue? Check.

If anyone thinks he is religious and does not bridle his tongue but deceives his heart, this person's religion is worthless.
James 1:26
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czarianonuevo said...

another amazing pair of sandals!! i LOVE the contrast between the stripes and the animal print!! paired with those jeans, tres chic!!

ooohhh,,cow tongue, i remember, i've tasted it once :)


czarianonuevo said...

another amazing pair of sandals!! i LOVE the contrast between the stripes and the animal print!! paired with those jeans, tres chic!!

ooohhh,,cow tongue, i remember, i've tasted it once :)


Elana said...

Once again, you have the coolest shoes. I'm in love with these. And how fun are these sunglasses? So great.

That's so awesome that you're having a fun summer and trying new things! I can't say I've ever had tongue, but great for you for trying it!

james said...

haha your pops is cute. i love those shades and your shoes are also really cute! hope you are well sweet girl

Kim Alston said...

Those shoes are fierce Linda! Love the print and style. Love your sunnies and bag too. You are so good! I couldn't do it girl! Ewwww, cow tongue.

María Rubio said...

Great look! =)


Diana Cloudlet said...

Dear, I found your blog randomly and I’d like to say it’s fabulous! You have amazing photos & style! Everything is perfect!

will be happy if you’ll find a minute to visit my blog)

Samantha said...

This outfit is just as awesome as you are! I love the striped shirt mixed with the animal print shoes. And those sunnies are pretty stellar! And good for you for trying a cow tongue - I don't know if I'd be able to!

Rinako Camellia said...

Such an awesome look! I love your sandals! <33

❤ ✿ MY BLOG ✿ ❤

Kelsey Bang said...

these sunglasses are so dang fun! love these photos and cute outfit! and those leopard print shoes are fab!

Zaha said...

Haha your dad is hilarious! Love the mixing and matching of patterns - and the contrasting background makes all that much better! Great post, hun. Xo

Lace and Lipstick Stains

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

I'm loving your sandals so much! This outfit is perfect! x

By The Shore, Life + Style said...

Love a good dose of pattern mixing and yours is perfect! AND those sunglasses, so fun & sassy, absolutely adore them on you!! xo

Alexandra Zakharova said...

oh, what a pretty girl you are, Linda! You keep surprising me with your positivity and charm:)Those sandals look amazing,indeed:) Lovely snapshots as well!
Have a fabulous time!

Toks said...

Love mixing patterns and, of course, the lace up wedges are so cute.
Cow tongue?? Wow you are really brave hahaha!!!

Alessandra Mazzini said...

Stripes and leopard!! I love i love!!!! Cool look Linda! :D

Beatrice Gutu said...

Really cute look! Love your hat! x

Sam said...

Hi Linda, can't tell you how much I adore this outfit, I am inspired to wear it myself...its totally my style, love those shoes! Thanks for sharing your opinion with me. Wishing you a warm and wonderful weekend!

nancy @ adore to adorn said...

Ah...I used to order that when I went to a specific taqueria spot in SF all the time. I'm actually going there tonight! haha. How ironic!

April Cheung said...

LOVE the striped top paired with those gorgeous heels!

Ali Hval said...

hahaha, oh those dads. ;) Those are some seriously neat sunnies though, Miss Linda. I like how you've got such quirky accessories. They really add something to an outfit, don't they? From far away, they almost look like the ends of batteries. I'm not sure why I made that association.

So... you ate tongue. Was it anything like french kissing? HAHAHA okay sorry. But yay you for trying new foods. ;)

I'm glad you're makin' some new friends! It's nice to be able to meet a guy and just be friends with him. I'd like some guy friends. I thought I met one the other week but then things got suddenly weird. It's sort of disheartening, hahaha.

Have a wonderful weekend, LINDA MY LVOE!!! LOVE! Love. <3

Kati said...

I like how your pattern mix is fun yet subtle enough to not look totally crazy, haha!


Sarah P said...

I love the stripes and your leopard print shoes :). The glasses are funny too! You're so brave trying cow tongue haha, I don't think I could!

Sarah xo | PolkaDotLemon

Diana Ashuayem said...

Cool and fun look! Love.

MODE LAB said...

Lovely outfit!
MODE LAB editor

Antonio M. A. Raffaelli said...

Nice post!

My lost post on

Midwest Muse said...

In love with these shoes and the pattern mixing!

Joyce said...

I looooove those wedges! So cute with the rolled up jeans. And hahahaha the sunglasses are so awesome, they definitely make a statement :)

cow tongue?! dang you're so fearless! I would probably think about it too much and just never bring myself to eat it, haha.

JANICE G said...

love that sunnies on you!

the STYLE Fringe BLOG

Sam said...

Thanks for stopping by, its always great reading your opinion!

Sandra Leiva said...

So cute! Love your sandals <3


Sierra Calah said...

Loving the animal print and stripe combo. It adds a fun vibe to your outfit <3
ßerry ♥ Stylish |Sierra Calah  

Michelle said...

Nice shoes and I love the stripe shirt.

caffinatedlove said...

My word, what an amazing pair of sandals. They go very well with the other patterns at play here -- the fact that they're all neutrals makes it even better. ^_^

Cow tongue? Er, um, yeah. I don't have much to say about that. ;)


Sandy a la Mode said...

your shoes are hot hot hot!!

Sandy a la Mode

Margarita M. said...

OMG, the shoes!!!!

Margarita M. said...

OMG, the shoes!!!!

Laura Whitman said...

Your outfits are always so fun! I love that striped shirt so much and your bag is adorable.

Cow tongue, huh? Interesting.


Nathy F. said...

Came here from your 2014 review post, because I totally missed this AMAZING summer outfit when you originally posted it! Loved everything about this! Especially those shoes!!

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