Bohemian Bride

Dress: American Eagle   Necklace: c/o Shop Lately   Floral Crown: c/o The Halo
"Whoa, I love your braids!" my co-worker said to me. "I don't see fishtails enough."
"I know, right? And now you get to see two of them! At once!"

I've taken to wearing my hair like this more often, and when I waltzed into American Eagle one day, the bohemian influence was strong. My arms were filled with some clearance finds, one of them being this gorgeous dress! The maxi length and white color do make me think of wedding season, but I couldn't resist trying it on anyway. Naturally, I ended up loving it so much I had to take it home with me.

So this summer has been going along splendidly, and I'm happy to have such wonderful people in my life to spend it with.

There's one particular night where Caleb and I decided to scramble on the top of a roofed, bench area on our college campus. The wooden slats on top were spaced so that when we lay down, we felt like our bodies were being turned into Ruffle chips. However, when gazing up, the view of the stars was fantastic. Not to mention it was always a fun zing of excitement when ducking down to avoid security.
We weren't harming the property by any means, merely taking advantage of the marvelous view it offered, but those security guards can get fussy at time, you know?

Anyway, my Astronomy class that I'm taking this summer has been eye opening in the way I view the stars. I enjoy knowing the tales and myths that go along with the constellations immensely, and sharing them with others is always entertaining. Those Greeks were some seriously perverse story tellers - which is probably why their raunchy tales are known to this day! Haha, they certainly can be entertaining!

However, as a Christian, I do enjoy learning the scientific aspect of things as well. It makes me wonder at His design and how perfectly it was created. Not to mention, beautiful! So much beauty is in this world if you stop and look.

When I look at your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place, what is man that you are mindful of him, and the son of man that you care for him?
Psalm 8:3-4
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Rory said...

That flower crown is so lovely Linda! :) I love the dress too. Your friend is a good photographer!

Your astronomy class sounds so cool. I'm so excited to go to college just so I can take classes like that. High school is all APs and boring, standard classes. I am excited for the freedom and variety that college classes will offer :)


Elizabeth Hisle said...

Such a gorgeous look for you. Love all things bohemian! Sometimes I wish I had gone more boho for my wedding, but since I didn't really plan it (courthouse), guess it is what it is. Best part is still being able to enjoy the fruits of marriage!

Sampada said...

What a cool maxi -- the AEO clearance section is usually amazing :)

Greek myths are quite interesting. They are entertaining in the sense that their stories are unique...but some of them also perpetuate this warped view of masculinity and femininity that can quickly become problematic. Either way, fascinating to learn about their explanations behind natural occurrences!

Amanda said...

You look gorgeous with your hair like this =)...I m really liking this look. Oh and thank you for your kind words and for stopping by my blog =) Thank you Linda.

Midwest Muse said...

You look so pretty! This is one of my favorite outfit of yours! Seriously, I want to wear this entire look.

Shes Dressing Up said...

Beautiful photos! I love your daisy crown :)

Jodie said...

That would totally suit you as a wedding gown- or you coukd wear it like every day as you look awesome :)
Your climbing escapades sound a like fun, security are always trying to ruin people's fun.

nancy @ adore to adorn said...

love the vibe of this outfit. It's so awesome! =D


wow that dress looks so beautiful on you linda! and i just love the way you styled it with the floral crown!


♥ Ellen #NZblogger
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Alexandra Zakharova said...

I don't know how did it happen, but we really look very similar, you are right))) No wonder, I love such style too and summer is also such a season when we can wear gentle maxi dresses and flower crowns:)
I've got to say you look amazingly beautiful in white, and that flower accessory makes the whole attire looks complete. I really enjoyed those photographs of you, Linda! Hope to see you more often in such feminine gowns;)

Kim Alston said...

You look beautiful Linda! I love your hair, floral headband and dress. What an interesting course! It sounds fabulous.

libys11 said...

that daisy crown is adorable on you!! you really look so good in boho!!! :)

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Toks said...

Lovely dress, I love white maxi dresses, and the daisy crown looks sooo sweet. I love the bracelet on your left wrist, where is it from?

Justine Prabucki said...

I love maxi dresses and the boho look that you're rocking so well. Ive never taken an astronomy class but I have taken a mythology class and I always found it interesting how the stars played a part in some of those stories

Rinako Camellia said...

Aww, so lovely look! Love that style **

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Renae of Simple Sequins said...

Oh Linda! So nice to see you posing and have fun and showing your creativity. That necklace is DIVINE. I love it.

I am better but not well enough to pose. My skin is yellowish-green now days and that is not to be blogged about, seriously.

But I had an awesome five hour nap today. AWH ~~~

czarianonuevo said...

i love your outfit!!! your white dress is perfect for just a day in the park and the flower crown adds so much character to the ensemble :) chic as always Linda!

czarina :)

Kym said...

What a beautiful, bohemian, little stargazer you make. These photos of you are simply gorgeous; they have such a pretty, 70s, Free People catalog vibe.
DXMall Giveaway

Kym said...

What a beautiful, bohemian, little stargazer you make. These photos of you are simply gorgeous; they have such a pretty, 70s, Free People catalog vibe.
DXMall Giveaway

Anonymous said...

Aw you look so cute:) I love boho in the summer and your outfit is perfect for it! So in love with your daisy headband-I hope to make one myself soon:)
xo Olivia

closetdream said...

cute look ☼

Novarinna Tan said...

you look pretty in white <3

Chic Swank

Imogen said...

Bohemian is my favourite look on you! I also super love daisies right now

Amanda chic said...

love it

Sam said...

When the time is right, you will make the most beautiful bride Linda. Love this stunning dress and the accessories make it that much better. Your class sounds so interesting. Hope your week is going well :)

Vô Tâm said...

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Love and Ace said...

Linda! You are such a babe in that boho dress and floral crown! xx Kat

Love and Ace

Kati said...

Oh, that dress is so lovely and I love that you wear yellow nails, matching the flowers on your head!


Carla Florendo said...

well this hari style suits you so it's just about right that you wear it like this often. and summers are alwasy best spent with the best people in our lives, isn't it?

by the way, you do look like a Bohemian bride, Linda. the dress us so neat and pretty!

xo, Carla

Marlen said...

woaaah that dress is amazing! and clearance you say? hmm we might end up having a twinsies moment, haha. and you're so lucky you see a starry night. there's no chance of that in chicago, ever. haha

xo marlen
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By The Shore, Life + Style said...

Love the photos, your hair and that dress!! So bohemian bride, and in fact, if I was getting married a look I'd love to wear! And yup, we've had a few run ins with security guards too, oh my gosh, I always feel so bad ass! Happiest Thursday, love! xo

PS Thanks for your rad words of support on my blog. Totally made my day!

Ali Hval said...

I saw this on Facebook AND GIRL YOU ARE WORKIN' THAT FLOWER CROWN! This is definitely a romantic outfit and white works for you. I think that you and I need to be fairy princesses someday and meet up and take fairy princess pictures in a deep woody forest and yeah. SOUNDS LIKE A PLAN AAAAWRIGHT

ps) you're pretty
pps) marry me
ppppppS) oOoooooOoo STARGAZING ON A ROOF. That sounds absolutely magical and hehehe that's funny about ducking to avoid the security girls. So daring you are, Miss Linda!

Rebecca said...

What a lovely bohemian look....the floral crown & the white dress both look so divine on you!!


JANICE G said...

you are way too cute here

the STYLE Fringe BLOG

Chloe, Wardrobe Quarry said...

Really gorgeous photos, you look like a goddess. Love the floral headband and the eloquently matched yellow nails.

Wardrobe Quarry

Sarah P said...

You look like a true bohemian princess :), the flower crown is lovely!

The security guards were probably worried about health and safety too. If you fell down and they had seen you up there maybe they'd be questioned as to why they didn't tell you to come down from the roof. I'm just speculating though, as security guards are often sticklers for certain things!

Sarah xo | PolkaDotLemon

katie said...

WHite maxis for the win! Wow, how'd I miss this beauty at ae, its super pretty and white just looks amazing on you. These pictures are so swett and dreamy as well, you totally have the whole bohemian princess look going on.

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