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In my last post I mentioned that I was going to see Ellie Goulding live, and I'm finally reporting back on how it went.
Everyone always told me that she is amazing live and how flawless her voice is, and I can now testify to that. It's unreal how on pitch she remained throughout the entire concert. To see her perform live is definitely an experience! Plus, the location of where we saw her was pretty awesome too. It's called the Revolution Center and it's located right outside Boise. Corina and I had general admission tickets, so we crowded our way forward in the standing section to get a good view.
However, before the concert...we had to get there.
And we had some fun on our way! Here are some photos I felt like sharing.
I've shared about this place before, called Freak Alley, in a previous Boise post. I always enjoy visiting this alley because of the amazing graffiti and street art that's painted on the walls. Not to mention it's continually getting changed, so it's a shifting alley of art!
While downtown, I insisted we find Urban Outfitters (which led to hilarity since we were completely lost, just wandering the beautiful downtown streets of Boise). Eventually we found it, and parted with some pretty pennies to get some new pretties for ourselves. Sadly, the two photos above do not consist of what went in my shopping bag. You'll see soon though - I'm quite excited about some Coachella-esque shorts I scored on clearance! 
Haha, the above collage consists of our roadtrip diet. Halfway there, we made a pit stop at a Walmart to grab snacks since neither of us had eaten yet. To make ourselves feel better, we threw in a couple healthy apples to our junk food mix. Hehe, we had to make fun of ourselves for that.
The concert was supposed to start at 8, and when we got to the Revolution Center at 6, the line was just starting to wrap around the building. We hopped in line, and got stamped. My hand was X'ed since I'm not 21 yet...sigh. Haha, next year, concerts will probably get more interesting for me ;)
However, we finally got in and crowded towards the front of the stage.
Ellie's opening acts were spot on (Lovelife and Conway = amazing!), and built the energy of the crowd beautifully for her entrance. When she appeared onstage, everyone went fairly berserk. Thank goodness I had Corina with me in the crowd - she was an awesome bodyblocker and pushed for some room for us. 
I'm honestly surprised that Ellie would make an appearance in Idaho - at such a tiny concert house no less. I had no idea what to expect from the place since I'd never been inside, but when we stepped into the dimly lit floor, I immediately loved it. There was a nice set up in front for the stage and lights, and upstairs seating for the VIP. However, most everyone was on the floor or in line at the bar in the corner. Blacklights were on, casting eerie glows off colorful and white clothing. The crowd was slowly forming at the stage, so Corina and I set ourselves up in the middle and slowly, more people arrived and pressed at our backs. Thank goodness we had gotten there so early! That's the only reason we had such a good spot.
I feel so lucky to have been able to attend two concerts already this year, and recently, I made the decision to attend a third. You know the Paramore and Fall Out Boy Momentour? Looks like I'll be going to Utah with two other friends in August! Haha, this year is shaping up to be a fun one.

Overall, I can definitely see why Ellie Goulding is a girl so many people develop fan crushes on. She's my new woman crush, that's for sure!
Oh, and random fun tidbit: Aaron Paul was at the same concert! :D
I think Ellie's face sums it all up.
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Alexandra Zakharova said...

Oh wow, you are a lucky one to visit this show! I love Ellie Goulding music, she is such a wonderful singer! Thank You for sharing such a nice post, Linda! I like your photo collages:)
Wish you a blessed day ahead!

By The Shore, Life + Style said...

Oh my gosh, what an amazing night. I love, love concerts there's so much energy and creativity... I always leave feeling super pumped. And what?? Aaron Paul, love him!! xoxo


glad to hear that Ellie Goulding will held her concert in Indonesia. I wish i could come.

I like this post! especially those vintage-look photos


Nicole K. said...

I'm so envious that you were able to attend Ellie's concert! I love her voice- it's beautiful ! :) Glad you gals enjoyed your time there! xx

Chic Nikkie&rnbsp;

erica marie said...

Oh gosh, this sounds like so much fun. I'm glad you had such a good time. I've always loved going to concerts and she's is someone I'm definitely interested in seeing. Oh and by the way those shorts you scored are amazing!!

xo erica

rana nadjib said...

awh! you are so lucky and i am so jealous of you! i love Ellie so much, i wish i could see her live too! ♥

Fashion Lover said...

Great pictures!! It seems you have a funny time!


Fashion Lover said...

Yuuummmy!!! Delicious breakfast dear!


Zaha said...

Aaaaw, you're so lucky!! Glad you had a great time. Ugh, I wish I could hug Aaron Paul like that!! Haha

Lace and Lipstick Stains

Sam said...

Aw wow Linda, I cannot even begin to imagine how amazing the concert was, I am a huge fan of hers, her voice is so unique and beautiful. Looks like such a fun trip! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me...Have a great Friday!

Kim Alston said...

You all had a blast! I loved her outfit! Glad you had a great time.

Carla Florendo said...

I am so jealous of you Linda!!! I bet Ellie was amazeballs!!! I really wanna see her live too! gahhhh

xo, carla

Peet said...

You got apples?? You're awesome. I my mind a road trip equals junk food and only junk food.:) Oh, I can just feel the atmosphere, I'm pretty jealous of you, I need to get to a good concert soon. And I LOVE her outfit, that cut out top is HOT.

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